pumped up kicks

And on the topic of pumped up kicks, I haven’t had a shoe post in awhile!

Well first off, a warning out to those who love the Adidas Adioses as much as I do.  I heard awhiles back that the “upgrade”-the Adios 2’s-would be more of a lightweight trainer and less like a racing flat.  Not wanting to deal with having to deviate from the perfect racing flat, I immediately stockpiled a few pairs, which should last me til next year I think?  And it was a good thing, because I actually got to try out the Adios 2’s a coupla weeks back when an Adidas rep came to our workout.  My suspicions were confirmed-felt like a totally different shoe…more substantial and not as flexible.  (of course, this was also 2 days post-NYC Half…)

And my marathon shoe?  Well even though I talked about the Brooks Launch here as being my marathon shoe…i dunno, for whatever reason I fell out of love with them.

Enter the Brooks PureFlows.

I had heard very good things about Brooks’ PureProject line, and I actually had my eye on these shoes even before NYCM (but figured it was too late to switch then)  These felt awesome from the minute I tried them out-like how they had the feel of a racing flat but are substantial enough for a marathon.  And yes, these will be my Boston shoes.  Well not this pair exactly…as I had to get a fresher pair for the big day and so I had to go with the color update…

I guess these shoes won't clash with the hot pink socks? 🙂

And of course, one of those shoes will be wearing my lucky Yankee charm on race day 🙂

Shifting to running fashion-I got to give a shout to lululemon for my new favorite shorts-their Shorty Shorts.

yeah, this obviously ain't me.

These have the stamp of approval to be my marathon short-I wore these on my Palisades 20-miler and they worked liek a charm-I had wanted a pair of fitted shorts with pockets, and these have 5!  (well actually 7, but I don’t quite trust the 2 on the front of the legs)  Plus they did not ride up once (thanks to some grippy silicone at the bottom.)  So I got the shorts and shoes-jury is still out on the pink socks-if it’s warm I may ditch them, just gotta decide on the top.

And I have my post-race apparel all ready to go…right now just hanging up in my closet, waiting 12 more days to be worn 🙂


adios part dos

So as mentioned previously, I was looking into getting another pair of Adidas Adioses…whether I was gonna stick with the watermelon candy color or try the new one was to be determined.  Which one did I go with?  Without further ado…

this pic doesn’t even do justice to how neon-y these shoes are…

Yep, I decided to go with the pink…or as I was informed, the color was called “turbo.”  OK, maybe that doesn’t scream “look at me, look at me” as much as “neon pink” does, but “turbo” does sound fast.

And believe me, these do get noticed.  I broke them in at my track workout and when just waiting around some random stranger says that she spotted my shoes halfway down the block.  Plus just walking to/from the subway I felt they were getting looks.  I like it though!  Glad I went with these instead of the greens.

Last nite had short stuff on tap-10 x 200.

Interval Time Pace
1 0:45.30 6:04.52
2 0:45.89 6:09.26
3 0:44.70 5:59.69
4 0:45.03 6:02.34
5 0:44.40 5:57.27
6 0:44.55 5:58.48
7 0:44.17 5:55.42
8 0:44.28 5:56.31
9 0:43.69 5:51.56
10 0:43.32 5:48.58

Given my target was my normal VO2max pace of 50 secs per 200 (with the blessing to take it down to 48-49 if need be) I guess these were a bit on the fast side.  But still felt good, and hey at least I was consistent, and didn’t blow out the first interval and get significantly slower for the rest of them.  200s may sound easy (especially compared to the previous week’s 1200s!), but the quanitity, plus the short rest, makes it hard.

So glad the shoes are still working for me…I’m actually debating whether to wear them for my upcoming half.  Or do I stick with my performance trainers (the Brooks Launches)?  Decisions, decisions…

And though it may be just the middle of my running week, thankfully my workweek is over!  Yay for 5-day holiday weekend.  Tomorrow I’m hitting up some hills…then hitting up the US Open!  It must be love… 😛

it’s gotta be the shoes…

OK, I don’t really think the shoes are to thank for my running lately, but I realized I haven’t had a running shoe post in quite awhile and since this time last year, most of my rotation has been pretty much overhauled.  So I present to you, the the footwear that will get me through this NYCM training season:

Brooks Defyance 4 (8.8 oz)-the “workhorses” aka my go-to training shoe.  God bless Brooks for not messing with a good thing (yes, I’m looking at you, Asics!) as this is the third model of Defyances I’ve worn and they still work and work well.  To be used on easy/recovery days.

Brooks Launch (7.5 oz)-my “in-between” lightweight trainer.  Pretty much a lighter version of the Defyance, I’m really liking these so far.  Great for longer tempo runs and I’ve used them on my last 2 long runs as I’m hoping on making these my marathon shoe.  (and didn’t those last 2 long runs go very well?  hmmmm)

Adidas Adizero Adios (6.1 oz)-my wicked fast and flashy racing shoes, also used for track workouts.  LOVE THESE.  If you remember correctly, i did try these on last year and they didn’t fit right, well what a difference they make with a women’s-specific fit.  Minimal but stable-perfect!!  And unlike any of the previous racers I’ve used, I’m already looking into getting another pair-now the only question is do i get another watermelon candy green pair like the ones I have now or the flashy neon pink (on the shoes in the link?) 🙂

So this terrific trio of shoes are working very well together-and I can only hope they stay in perfect harmony for the next 3 months and longer!! 🙂

And of course, I gotta give some credit to the recently retired shoes that are gone but not forgotten…

Brooks Defyance 3-I went through several pairs of these and they did me good.  These aren’t completely “retired” just yet, I have one pair that’s used on bad weather days (or if I’m running on muddy terrain)

Adidas Tempo-I don’t know why, but this year I kinda stopped liking them.  I wore them in the Brooklyn Half and honestly wasn’t feeling the love for it.  They have since been replaced with the Brooks Launches but still have a place in my shoe closet as the shoes I wear to the gym 🙂

Saucony Fastwitch 3-my first pair of racing shoes.  Good for my first pair of racers, but I always felt something better was out there.

Nike LunaRacer 2-they may have looked pretty, but after awhile I felt like my legs/ankles were too wobbly when i was wearing them…not enough support, even when wearing my orthotics.  (you can sorta tell in this photo…especially on my right side)

Saucony Kinvara-oh man….I really, really wanted to like these shoes.  After they’ve gotten such great reviews from teammates and friends.  They have less than 30 miles on them and yet…I have no desire to put them on any time soon.  Just another one that I wasn’t really feeling the love for.  That said, when I was wearing them it was wintertime and I wasn’t in the best of shape…wonder if I should give them another try?  (but why mess with the equation if I don’t have to…)

I sorta feel like Carrie Bradshaw, talking in such depth about the merits of all my different shoes! 🙂

Finally, this is blog post #800!!  This time it took me a year and 3 months to get from #700 to 800…maybe I don’t need a life as much now than I did when I went only a few months between century posts? 🙂

testing, testing…is this thing still on?

Oh hi there!!  Yep, I have been MIA in blogland for the past 2 weeks…even better than my recent slackerdom of one post a week 😛  Between the holiday craziness at work (2-day workweek before Thanksgiving?  Still have to do 5 days worth of work since the show must go on, even on Thanksgiving when almost every office is closed!) and running blahs, just hadn’t had much to report.

Oh yeah, that thing…running.  I feel like I really haven’t had consistent mileage since Chicago.  It’s getting tougher with the colder weather, more darkness and people choosing to stay indoors.  (I actually made it to a Flyers group run in Central Park last nite-first one since moving to Midtown…and only 2 other people were there!)  Plus apparently speedwork is on hiatus in December.  I guess I understand the need for a break but part of me is like “well I already had my break in October…I want to keep going, build back up!”  And speaking of speedwork, the hill workouts I’ve had the last coupla weeks showed me that I have committed a serious training error the last few months-too many West Side Highway runs, not enough Central Park runs…hence I am not hill trained.  So even though the West Side Highway is closer to my place now (and has less crowded streets to run through to get there, unlike Central Park where I have to run up 8th or 9th ave…which can be a zoo at times) I’m gonna have to limit those runs and run more in Central Park.

And I hope this doesn’t hurt me too much in the Joe Kleinerman 10K on Sunday.  At the very least, we get Harlem Hill out of the way in mile 1, but Cat Hill in mile 5 may give me trouble.  We’ll see what happens, I’m really not expecting to PR, I’ll be happy to get under 50 minutes.  But I actually have a bottle of Blue Point Blueberry Ale in the fridge…maybe I should drink that Saturday nite.  As I did have that the nite before the Kleinerman 10K 2 years ago…and I didn’t have a bad race at all.  Still deciding on the attire as it looks to be chilly Sunday morning.  Shoes-it’s a toss-up between my Saucony Fastwitches or the Lunar Racers.  Yeah…don’t think I’ll be utilizing the Kinvaras on Sunday-sorry, Kinvara Mafia 😛  Even though they felt good on a regular easy run, I haven’t really loved them in speed workouts, therefore sorta iffy about using them in a race.  Maybe I should just use the Kinvaras on short, easier runs…?

That’s it for now…want to save material for other posts!!  But before I go, I just had to post this:

My dog brother’s first visit to my apartment!!  And he was incredibly well-behaved.  Amazing how much he has grown since you all saw him last about 6 months ago…but he’s still the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! 🙂

shoe porn

(prediction-spam comments will go through the roof after this post.)

Ahhhhh nothing like a brand new, snazzy pair of new shoes.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Such a guilty pleasure sometimes…umm all the time 😛

So I guess I was gonna join the Saucony Kinvara bandwagon eventually.  Though I didn’t think that was the case back in June, when I tried them on and wasn’t crazy about them.  But over the past few months I have heard more rave reviews about them and last weekend when I stopped by the downtown Urban Athletics store after the race I decided to give these a second chance, and for whatever reason, they felt better.  Maybe the orange version is a better fit than the originals (which I have read may be the case), or maybe the legs felt better trying these on in cooler weather instead of after a hot humid run.  Either way, I liked em, and took them on their maiden voyage this past week and passed with flying colors (no pun intended.)  Looking forward to integrating them into some speedier workouts in the next few weeks, in addition to whenever I race again.  (And my next pair will definitely be these hot pink ones…hehe!)

Speaking of racing, thanks for all the comments on my last post-I’m glad to know that I’m not alone and that there are others who have been/are in the same boat as me 🙂  In terms of the last few weeks, I have trying to build back up…I have done 2 speed workouts, but as the workouts catered more towards those tapering for NYC, it was tempo and not really anything that would benefit shorter races.  It’s possible my legs have also been in long distance mode for so long that they don’t know how to do anything but distance, speed-wise…

And speaking of long distance (again, love all the transitions, hehe!) I actually got another email back from the B.A.A. which looks like a form email that they’ve sent to anyone with an inquiry about 2012:

Thank you for your email and your questions regarding the 2012 Boston Marathon. Following the unprecedented interest for the 2011 Boston Marathon, the B.A.A. has begun a full review of entry procedures. While it will take some time to consider our options, please be assured that the B.A.A. is giving the comments and questions that we have recently received full consideration. We are currently working on the qualifying and entry procedure for the 2012 Boston Marathon. We feel confident we will be able to announce our plans by the beginning of the new year. Feel free to contact us again at that time or refer to our web site a http://www.bostonmarathon.org for further details.

So. That’s where that’s at, hoping that they are true to their word about when the 2012 guidelines will be announced so that I could salvage a spring marathon if need be.  And actually, a plan just may be in the works but I will not divulge any details now…very beginning stages.

And speaking of marathons, it’s NYC Marathon weekend!!  The city will be one big party celebrating all things running 🙂   As for me, I plan to hit up the expo after work today since even though the expo has had better years, its such a candy store for a runner.  (And plus, I need to get compression sox that coordinate better with the Kinvaras.  The hot pink ones just won’t do.)  So of course, will be dropping money on stuff I probably don’t need but really really want 🙂  And I’m sure my neighborhood is gonna be filled with the out-of-towners with their UPS bags (as I’m within walking distance of both the Javits Center and the NYC Public Library.)  Tomorrow, I plan to run in Central Park so I can see the finish line and some of the mile markers up 🙂

Race day?  Once again, will be at the PowerGel station with the Flyers (exact flavor TBD.)  I hope to see a lot of you bloggers and other readers out there!!  Gimme a shout so I know to look for you!! 🙂

And best of luck to all on Sunday!!  Trust your training…you got this…now go get it! 🙂

flipping quarters

Nope, not calling “heads” or “tails,” but more what Thursday’s workout was.  The theme for this week with the heat wave coming back was to cut the volume but keep the effort level as high as possible.  So Thursday would be “quarters”…about .25 mile with full recoveries, and I was cut off after 5 intervals (which was definitely a good thing!)  And it was…

Distance Time Pace
0.24 mi 1:29 6:10
0.24 mi 1:33 6:31
0.24 mi 1:32 6:24
0.24 mi 1:32 6:26
0.24 mi 1:31 6:25

Way too fast at first, but settled into some consistency. I still don’t like short intervals!! I can honestly say I’m looking forward to running a “nice, easy 20K” on Monday…that pace seems much more to my liking.

Went home to recover with a beer and the US Open (skipped Shake Shack unlike Tuesday nite though-grabbed a burger and fries after Tuesday’s workout since, well, I do pass it on the way home 😛 )

And tore into my “bag of goodies” that had arrived for me a day earlier…

OK I have to say, Running Warehouse rocks. Great prices, great customer service, super-quick free shipping and they throw in this cool bag for me to carry the goods home from work 🙂  So what did I have to buy?  First off, I was well overdue for a new pair of Brooks Defyance, as my current ones are over 400 miles and are close to retirement…plus I need to start breaking in the pair that I will be running Chi-town in (sorta leaning towards the Defyance instead of the Adidas Tempos, which I wore in the half)  And as for the other…

Ahh, a pair of awesomely obnoxious hot pink compression socks.  I have seen these CEP Compression Socks around before, and Shelby gave these a glowing review on her blog last month too.  And they felt absolutely awesome on my legs after the workout.  They are gonna get a test run during my last 20-miler…as they may very well be part of my Chicago Marathon “costume.”  More to come on that!

And in my next post…the last weekend of summer fun!!

love at first sight

“And everything went from wrong to right…It was love at first sight…”

Hmmm…there hasn’t been any Kylie Minogue on the bloggy for quite some time, so figured I’d bring it back for a post.  And how, you may ask, does that tie into things?  Obviously it doesn’t refer to me meeting Mr. Right (not holding my breath on that one), but actually refers to these pretty little things:

Ah, the Nike LunaRacer 2’s. I’ll admit it. I’ve had my eye on these for awhile.  And last week I finally gave in and snatched up a pair (nothing wrong with my Saucony Fastwitches, but the model I had has been phased out…so ya know.)  Of course, the burning question…will they run as good as they look?

Running the mile over to Urban…so far so good.  Now how will they handle a combo VO2 max/tempo workout?  As it turned out, very well!

2 x 600 @ 5K pace:

Split Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 2:33 0.37 6:58 147 171
2 2:32 0.37 6:51 151 173

Maybe a little fast for “5K pace”, then again the one chance I had at 5K was in almost 100% humidity…but the good thing was that I felt like I had to hold back a little.  Save the legs for the tempo portion…

  Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
Lap 1 5:13 0.68 7:40 153 173
Lap 2 5:01 0.68 7:24 168 172
Total 10:14 1.36 7:31 161 173

Still felt like I was running within myself, felt a helluva lot better than the previous week’s tempo.  Despite last week’s fiasco, I actually like tempo work, I feel like I can run at that pace forever (well not really forever but you know what I mean.)  So I was a little disappointed when the 2nd tempo interval got swapped for an all-out one…but gotta roll with it anyway. 

Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
4:35 0.69 6:39 167 175

Oh this one was definitely hard, but just kept thinking to suck it up for less than 5 minutes and I’m done.  And had a decent kick at the end…of course that may have been helped by the coach yelling to “catch her up ahead!”  OK, I didn’t know if he was talking to me, or to the girl in front of me but whatever, at the very least it’s good practice for the last 200-400m of the Team Champs 5M next weekend 🙂  Cool down, run home, knock back a Honey Moon 🙂

As for the shoes-I know I seem to say this about every single new pair of shoes I obtain, but these are definitely the best I’ve had in a long time…I will admit for the longest time, I didn’t think Nike shoes were meant for “serious runners”-I sorta blame the Shox line of shoes for that.  But the LunarRacers definitely live up to the hype.  And how exactly did they feel during the workout?  Well I’m gonna borrow what a good friend said once last year about another kind of Nikes…because these words definitely apply in this case too:

“…it’s like riding on fresh bed of air.  It’s like the best first date you’ve ever had…ya know when everything is going right and you are saying anything and she is laughing…well, that’s this shoe…it’s perfect.  I felt like it gave back more energy than I was putting into it.   It seemed like I was already setting up my next stride without even thinking about it.   I will be interested to see how this shoe does a month down the road, but for today I can’t say enough good things about the Lunar Trainer.”

OK, change the “she” to “he” and “Lunar Trainer” to “LunarRacer” and you got my description of the shoe.  And gotta love that someone else does the running shoes/dating comparison too…hehe no wonder we get along so well 😉

Can’t wait to be sporting these sex-ay new racers at next weekend’s race 🙂