chicago marathon 2010-in pictures

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my previous post.  I do intend to get a longer report up, but don’t want to rush it…just got back to NYC this evening and definitely want to put a bit of thought into this one!!

But since a picture can tell a thousand words…here’s a few of them for ya 🙂

at the expo-kicking the $hit out of mile 21. literally.

race day!! just past halfway.

as my friend who took this pic said, I was "making it look easy at mile 23." i beg to differ.

around a mile to go...just fight it out!!

Lam and I with our medals and Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat ales after the race. Yay for free beers, especially to celebrate 2 PR's!


madness, indeed

well first off, thanks very much to everyone for their comments on my last post!!  Really appreciated 🙂

So I was sure that once Kansas lost, that my bracket was done for?  In addition to 90% of the brackets in this nation?  Guess again!!  Thankfully, this was the Tournament of Upsets…and others had worse bracket scenarios…and I actually picked Cornell to go to the Sweet 16!  Whatever the series of events, it meant I actually wound up 2nd in my office pool, and winning a cool $200!!  And-even funnier-my brother wound up in first!!  And NO, we were were NOT in cohoots!!  Did not copy each other’s brackets or anything like that 🙂  But I’m glad I kept up my streak in the even years, of finishing in the top 4, hence in the money…

And that fate was decided before the final game…so Monday’s final was sorta anticlimactic in terms of the final pool standings.  (Though Butler fans would think otherwise-oh, SO close to beating Dook at the buzzer!)  Did the usual “First Monday” thang with the Flyers…thankfully there were a coupla others who were up for a shorter route, as my legs were still tired from Saturday’s race.  But the Blackberry Wheat beer at Chelsea Brewery was worth it.

What else…oh yeah, my WTF work moment of the week (well actually a carryover from last week.)  Tell me, who actually says when they email their group that “due to deadlines and priorities, I will not be taking today as a vacation day.”  Guess what-we all take days off during crunch times.  Nature of the beast.  No need to invoke a guilt trip or anything like that…

And another WTF moment on Dancing With the Stars.  How-I repeat, HOW-did Kate avoid the bottom 2 AGAIN?  Whoever is skewing the votes in her favor…you’re on my list!!  And if Evan ever gets cut to save her, there will be hell to pay!! 😛

Finally, Brightroom actually got decent pictures of me from a race for a change!!  Check it out…

in the last mile and working hard!


the "after" pic

being a mid-packer

when it helps being a mid-packer…
surprisingly enough, the office march madness pool. i thought my bracket was dead in the water by the final four. however, i forgot that whoever winds up smack dab in the middle gets a small payout. and guess who that was? yeah, the payout was pretty small compared to the top 4 (especially the winner, who won $675!) but can’t complain about getting my entry fee back. 🙂

when it doesn’t help being a mid-packer…
OK, i’ve been annoyed at brightroom in the past for never getting any pictures of me at NYRR races, most disappointing being the 2006 NYCM, since that was my first marathon. But MarathonFoto didn’t get a single running picture of me from Cherry Blossom!! And honestly, I don’t understand it, since they seemed to get a ton of pictures of my other friends. And I was hoping for a nice running picture with the cherry blossoms in the background. talk about adding insult to injury…guess it really wasn’t my day!!

done writing for now. time to get back to watching the Dancing With The Stars results show!! 🙂

party girl

Tis the season…3 parties in 3 days (not to mention a holiday lunch on wednesday that wound up going til 4pm!) First one was last nite, the annual work party. Surprisingly, I drank much less than I did last year-I figured I’d leave that role to other people this year 🙂 As per tradition, the CFO ripped his shirt off near the end of the party (sorry…no pictures!! i know better 🙂 ) I decided to pass on the after-party…as I need to pace myself!! Was a good time-and I know a few of my colleagues thought so too, as indicated in their Facebook status updates this morning (especially those who are newer to the company and this is their first holiday party!)

Round 2 is tonite, the Flyers‘ holiday party…and I think I will be sticking to red wine tonite and not a lot of it…you know, because of that little 4-mile run tomorrow morning.

More pictorial evidence from Sunday!!

nabbed by NYRR!!
Yay, NYRR finally got a picture of me actually running!! Not chatting, posing with teammates, hanging out in lasker pool, dancing or any other assorted goofy things. Pretty cool 🙂 Man…I’m all business here!!

nabbed by brightroom!
My sole brightroom picture, and they just had to get me stopping my watch 😛

more nycm pics

remember a coupla years back when i was a little annoyed that brightroom really got no pictures of me from my first marathon? this time…i guess be careful what you wish for…

i think this is early, like brooklyn or queens as i look too happy here.

did i forget to mention that i loved passing people who were in wave 1? especially in the last mile or 2? especially those that were in the local competitive start, like this dude in front.

“now i, i go for mine, i got to shine, now throw your hands up in the sky”-from “good life” by kanye west
perfect quote for the finish line!! 🙂
(though dammit, so close to having a clock time under 4. but if that was the worst thing to happen to me that day, i have no complaints 🙂 )

more pictures are here