on a different track

So 2 weeks down in Chicago training.  I’ve been getting the miles in, but hasn’t been pretty as of late…

13 miles were on tap for my long run this weekend, and Saturday was the better of the 2 days to get it in.  Of course, I had to do it in the mid-afternoon heat, as I did not feel like setting the alarm…and this was after crashing early on Friday nite!!  Slept around 11 hours…hmmm think I needed to catch up on sleep or something?  Anyway not much to report except it was hot, I had to fight for the last coupla miles…only took a gel and water, should have taken Gatorade during the run too…know for next time!  That left me with 4 miles to finish off the week, which were done on the roads around my parents’ house in NJ on Sunday morning…and good god, it was awful-my slowest run in a long time.

So the fact that my legs seem to be stuck in “slow mode”…part of the reason why I decided to pass on the track meet at Icahn tonite.  Besides the fact that getting there from work may be cutting it kind of close, I just don’t feel capable of running a time-especially at a short race-that won’t leave me disappointed and embarrassed.  And my other option for a workout this week is tomorrow nite, at a “different track” indeed…East 6th Street.  I love that track, but I haven’t been there in over a year…so how could I pass up a chance to do a workout there? 🙂 

Oh and why did I have to do my run in NJ this Sunday?  Well was there visiting la familia for Father’s Day…and bonding a little bit with the newest member of my family:

(this pic was from mother’s day actually, but the only good one I had with my parents’ new doggie!)

Tell me this isn’t the cutest dog you have ever seen. 😀

Being in NJ this Father’s Day meant that, for the first time, I wasn’t either running in or spectating the Father’s Day 5-mile race in Central Park-the guyz’ points race (since us ladies had ours last week.) Sorry Flyer guys!! I wish I could have been there to cheer you all on. But I see you did great even without me!! yeah, I was cheering from afar 😉


2 thoughts on “on a different track

  1. That’s a cute puppy! I like mid day training runs in heat, if you can run hard in the heat you run even harder in milder weather.

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