derailed by the cold

Despite what the title says, this is not a post about how the cold weather is interfering with my Boston training.

Actually, the first two weeks went pretty well, despite some cold snaps thrown in there…

The first week included sub-freezing temps the night of a V02max workout.  But I still showed up and got it done-yes, my times were slower than the summer and my lungs hated me afterwards, but I got through 4 x 800.

And last weekend brought another cold snap-though I planned for it strategically by doing my long run on Saturday-the warmer of the 2 days, not by much.  And of course I brilliantly planned my route along the West Side Hwy and the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges…perfect for a cold, windy day, right?  But actually it was fine, I was dressed for the conditions, my water bottle didn’t freeze, the music on my iPod kept me going through 15 and a half miles.  I bundled up even more on Sunday to knock out a short run-and witnessed some girl running in Central Park wearing a sweatshirt and shorts (not even running shorts, more like boxer-type shorts) and her legs were bright red…SMH…

I think this weather not making up its mind caught up with me this week, as the week got off to a decent start with an easy run Monday and a speed workout Tuesday but the latter half of it, a nasty cold knocked me down.  Meaning sick day from work on Thursday, no running since Tuesday.  Yeah, maybe one could argue i could have run through it, but I wanted to kick this thing out sooner rather than later…

Then I was signed up for today’s Manhattan Half-Marathon.  Not to race (I’m saving that effort for the NYC Half!) but to just use as a supported training run.  And wouldn’t you know it, the 2nd snow of the season (or really officially 1st?  As the previous snowstorm was in the fall?) once again messes with a NYRR race.  I did pick up my bib and shirt just in case yesterday-and boy were the NYRR offices mobbed!  And they ran out of small shirts right before I got mine!  (But honestly, I didn’t love it enough for the size to make a difference.)

Very early this morning (around 5 AM), NYRR did make the call to turn the half into an uncompetitive, unscored “fun run.”  I made the call to go back to sleep.  It was still snowing, I had a feeling Central Park wasn’t plowed yet, and it really was not worth jeopardizing my “A” race for a mid-January training run.  One more day of rest, and I can get my long run done and done tomorrow.

So week 3 of training will be a cutback week, not by choice.  Hopefully with 12 weeks to go, this won’t hurt me…too much?



week 17 wrap-up

ahhhhhhh!!!!! it’s now race week!!!  when did this happen??? 😮

So of course, taper week 2 is not without being packed with excitement…yeah if you can call it that.

So track was 8 x 400…no more 1000’s or 1200’s, just short stuff from there on in.  I hit my usual 1:35-1:36 with a 1:34 thrown in there….so while the workout was status quo, of course drama has to come from the loose soccer balls, which one unfortunately nabbed me in the shin-thank God I had my compression sox on!!

Wednesday I knew I had to get my recovery run done in the AM, as between an all-company meeting and the annual celebration of Oktoberfest at work, I knew it was gonna be a wasted day, no pun intended, and that no workout was gonna happen after work.  Sure enough, after sampling all 4 of the CFO’s varieties of home brew I hit the bar afterwards with some other colleagues…yep that was a late nite.

Thursday nite was cold and very rainy.  Cold I can deal with…but no need to be a weather hero so close to game time.  So I bailed on that nite’s workout in favor of some much-needed rest.

As for the weekend…did anyone imagine that it would snow in October?  Yeah, when I saw the forecast a coupla days out I didn’t believe it.  I mean, I didn’t see a low of 32 degrees or lower anywhere.  Boy we were in for a surprise on Saturday!!  My original plan to do a short run including the 5th Ave hill was scrapped in favor of the dreadmill and a yoga class.  On the topic of the dreadmill, I’m finding I actually don’t mind the Woodway brand too much…there’s usually 1 or 2 at the NYSC locations, so if I absolutely have to resort to the dreadmill, I hit up one of those!

So as Central Park was closed for part of yesterday, I hit up the West Side path for my last long run-8 miles with 7 @ MP.  The conditions on the path, post-snowstorm were pretty good.  It wasn’t too cold (I was actually wearing shorts!) though it was pretty windy-the big downside to running along the water, as it meant running into headwinds…and I’m sure you can tell which were the headwind miles.

Running into the wind, those first coupla miles were slower than I wanted.  And even though overall I hit the time, of course I couldn’t help but panic that if it is windy on Sunday, then I am screwed… 😛

Oh yeah how does that weather look?  I know there’s time for it to change, but…

Actually-a little warmer than I would like (ideal for me would be in the 40’s) but compared to this past weekend-I’ll take it!!

snow day slacker

Well, for the 2nd time so far this winter, our office was closed because of the snow…this time for the full day (that last time a coupla weeks back, was just a half day)…and yeah it was nice to not have to go into the office but part of me wishes that the office hadn’t closed, or at least not for a full day, since this chick has a lot of shit to do…

But seriously, I am so over this winter already, it’s just totally messing with my social and running life…which are one and the same I guess.  My mileage total for this week so far has been zero.  Maybe I should have gotten in a run on Monday, but I felt cross-training was the smarter thing to do after my race on Sunday.  Tuesday I couldn’t work out in anticipation of my VO2 max test on Wednesday (I’ll write more details on that in a later post once I get the full results, but I’ll say the “topline” results I got were a bit of a surprise…but in a way not.)  So Tuesday and Wednesday were out.  And then the snow came yesterday…and even though reports today said that Central Park was plowed, I was still a wuss, thinking there was still a big possibility of black ice or any other type of ice and not wanting to chance things.  (Not to mention that my dad heard about the man who got killed by a falling branch in Central Park and had to give me a mini-lecture…)

Whatever.  I guess all I can do is write this week off as being a failure and just try and start again next week.  Plus, next week I won’t have the Olympics monopolizing my TV viewing time (I still haven’t watched my DVRed episode of Survivor from last week-and considering Stephenie got voted off, I thought I’d be dying to see it!) or keeping me up late at night so maybe I may be able to get in a morning workout?  (though something tells me thats not very likely…)

Oh and I leave you with another pic from the Cherry Tree relay that showcases the Gossip Girl outfit even more.  (Thanks Moz for the pic!)  Is it me, or do I never look like I am running in any of my running pics…

let’s play a love game, play a love game

it’s complicated and stupid
got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid
guess he wants to play, wants to play
a love game, a love game

(who knows, maybe Lady GaGa knows what she’s talking/singing about…)  I would be lying if I didn’t say I was happy that today is February 15th.  Meaning the most dreaded day of the year (and indeed complicated and stupid)  is behind me again…until next year.  And every year I say “next year will be different”…never is.   Of course, the everso lovely Facebook didn’t exactly help matters much, as the theme of the week was “change your profile picture to one of you and your significant other and tell how you got together.”  Or as one of my friends put it “Remind all your single friends how alone they are by showing us how happy and in love you all are in your profile pic…”  Yeah, thanks SO much, Facebook!!

I think I really started to hate Valentine’s Day back in 2001, when the Ex-Boyfriend emailed me on that day, and in the process was sorta bragging about how great things were for him-at a time where things were not going well for me. (like jeez, great timing…)  It takes a lot to make me cry at work…well congrats to him, he achieved that.  And I guess ever since then I’ve been reminded of that.  And for the record, I could care less about receiving actual gifts on February 14th.  Flowers eventually die.  Candy will just make me fat.  All I want is companionship…is that honestly too much to ask?  I know its hard to achieve…but can’t a girl believe?

So instead of sitting at home with a bottle of wine or going to some meet-market type Jewish singles event, I just went around the corner to my fave Mexican place and had a coupla margaritas while sitting at the bar and watching the Olympics.  Not exactly the ideal way to spend the evening, but I just didn’t feel like being alone at home.  And there was indeed a Jewish singles event that night but I really wasn’t up for it.  Oh, and I discovered that I really need to be banned from drunk texting and/or emailing on February 14th.  Think I need a breathalyzer for the CrackBerry…or something like Gmail’s “Mail Goggles” feature.  Anyway, sorry about that, “certain person.” 😉

Anyway, different topic…oh yeah, the Olympics.  Can’t say I am as emotionally invested in these games as I am for the Summer games, but still nice to watch.  And gotta love NBC and their spotty and/or tape-delayed coverage once again!  (Did they not learn anything from Beijing 2008?)  And poor Canada…between the techincal malfunction in the opening ceremonies and the not-so-winter-like weather…they’ve got their work cut out for them for the remainder of these games.

And speaking of winter weather, can Vancouver please take all the snow that we’re getting here in NY?  Seriously, they need it, we don’t want it-there, perfect solution.  I mean yeah, it was nice to have a shortened work day last Wednesday (our office closed early that day due to the weather) but enough is enough already…can you all tell that I’m not a winter person? 🙂

And thanks to everyone who voted in my poll and commented on my last post…I’m pretty sure I know what I am gonna do but I’ll just leave you all in suspense a little while longer 😛

it knocks you down

Blame the weather.  Lately just been feeling knocked out, knocked down…thankfully not knocked up 😛  Or maybe it’s a bit of the holiday blues too.  I don’t know.  (And on that note, why does “blue” have to be associated with being sad?  Blue is a pretty color…my favorite color!!  The color of the sky!  The color of this blog!)

Well to catch up a little, I started with my new PT last week…thankfully this one is much more knowledgable than my previous one. (treats/has treated a lot of runners.)  This one pinpointed a lot of hip and core weakness…which is the bulk of what I am going to need to work on for now.  Thankfully, running is not on the banned list for now-but I gotta keep the distances relatively short (e.g., no double-digit runs) and make that the secondary focus.  I even asked if running a half in May would be possible and she actually thought March would be possible (though I still think March is too soon.)  So maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel…I guess as long as I am a good little girl…

But I think what has me down is the “right now.”  It’s just so damn frustrating not being able to really run.  I mean yeah, I can do a few miles here and there…but I can’t do anything social.  No long runs, fun runs, group runs…and it’s got me feeling a bit lonely.  I even feel bad that I can’t even help out my own team since I don’t know when I’m going to be able to comfortably run the 6-mile loop on a regular basis.  But seriously…does everything social have to revolve around actually running?

Then…I think this weekend’s snowstorm was the last straw.  I’ve said it plenty of times before, I am not a winter person at all.  As much as heat, humidity and I don’t mix, I just find summer, the warmer temps, the longer days to be a saving grace.  Snow days just lost their novelty once I joined the working world and had to deal with “adult” responsibilities like a full-time job.  Can’t play in the snow, I’ll get sick and well, I can’t afford to get sick and miss work.  Not to mention how the subways cease to function when one snowflake falls.  And I don’t even want to hear that Central Park is a “winter wonderland” and that running there in the snow is “magical.”  When you’re really dependent on the reservoir being runnable and every snowstorm seems to knock it out of commission for weeks…you get what I’m saying.  (Not to mention the “resolution” peeps who will crowd the gym come January, meaning I’d be lucky to get any treadmill time.)

Which makes me wonder if it is time to make 2010 my escape from NYC.  I’ve said before I’m really not sure this city can actually be my home…I’ve given it 10-plus years.  And maybe this is something I should have done a long time ago.  I mean, just because this area is where my parents chose to make their home, does that mean the same has to go for me?  I’m not my parents.  I’m not a winter person, the job situation isn’t great here, and the dating scene is even worse.  So maybe a change in scenery and climate is what I need to really find a “home.”  Something to think about in the new year…

not doin’ the shuffle

so i stopped by the Apple store by work today to check out the much-hyped new Shuffle.

Now it may be little and cute, but I dunno…don’t think I’m sold on that. I don’t like how the controls are in the headphones-since I hate the white headphones and wind up using different brands. And I even tried out the controls…meh. If I needed to play with the order, it could get annoying. Sorry Apple…as with certain other things, smaller isn’t always better 😛

In the meantime…getting a new iPod nano is very tempting…I do like the 4th-generation upgrade…

Other news-March Madness so far is breaking my heart…my bracket ain’t faring so well. Yeah it’s still early, but I’m doubtful my bracket is going to repeat last year’s glory.

And was Mother Nature f*cking with us today? First day of spring? Snow? Haven’t we suffered enough in the Northeast this winter…

12 more days…

off-season, in-season

oops, another week has gone by and no other posts. well, at least it was a relatively low-drama week. (and thanks again for those of you who left me comments, both on and off the blog.)

with the exception of the weather!! i was very happy to dial the IWH (inclement weather hotline) on Monday and find out that the office was closed due to the snow. But apparently, since I didn’t check my email, I didn’t know until the next day that I was supposed to be online and accessable. Oops.

Running-wise, did feel a little “off-season” in a way. 5K pace/effort is 7:30-7:40 as opposed to 7:15-7:20, etc. Which was demonstrated by Cherry Tree and a track workout last month. However, a workout this past week that included 5K paced-timed pickups was a bit faster than that. Maybe off-season is coming to an end sooner than I thought!! But then again, as I said to JS when we were discussing the workout post mortem…maybe it was the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing…like I just know the effort even if i dont know the pace/distance til afterwards, as opposed to the track where you are locked into “x:xx per lap” At any rate, I do have definitely 1, possibly 2 short races on the horizon before Cherry Blossom-I figure I need to test things out on a more traditional distance (and without that killer Prospect Park hill!)

And these last 3 days were such a nice spring teaser…or hopefully a preview of what will be sticking around in about 2 weeks or so!! I celebrated by breaking out the running skirts for both yesterday’s long run and today’s shorter run 🙂 The park was absolutely mobbed, but the park drive time was minimal yesterday…and stuck to the bridle path today (yay for it being runnable again in record time after a snowstorm!)

And today was a “spring forward” day…yay for it being light enough after work to run on the bridle path now!! Though it was tough to lose the hour of sleep…as I didn’t get home last nite til after the time changed…so didn’t get til sleep til about 3:30-4!! Blame the fact that wine (especially riesling!) is just so damn easy to drink…needless to say, my run didn’t happen til mid-afternoon. Such a waste of a nice day…

And for my token reality TV mention-The Bachelor. The finale this week brought a whole new meaning to “most dramatic rose ceremony ever.”

One final note-I have decided on what my fall marathon will be!! It will be revealed next month, but I will keep the poll up in the meantime for fun 🙂