My PR’s

The best of the best…current as of 12/17/11.

Distance Time Race/Date
1M 6:33 Fifth Avenue Mile-8/14/04
2.5M 19:25 Downtown Dash-5/18/04
3M 22:50 AHA Wall Street Run-5/22/07
5K 22:25 Party With Purpose 5K-7/14/09
3.5M 26:21 Corporate Challenge-6/17/10
4M 28:43 Central Park Conservancy Run for Central Park-7/16/11
8K 37:35 NYRR 8000-3/14/09
5M 36:00 NYRR Club Team Championships-8/6/11
10K 47:06
Joe Kleinerman 10K-12/7/08
10k split of PDR 2009
7M 55:50 Frostbite 7-miler-1/22/05
15K 1:11:40
Ted Corbitt 15K-12/17/11
15k split of PDR 2009
10M 1:17:30
Broad Street Run-5/4/08
10 mile split of PDR 2009
20K 1:38:51
New Haven Road Race-9/6/10
20k split of NYC Half-3/18/12
Half-marathon (13.1M) 1:37:36 Philadelphia Distance Run-9/20/09
18M 2:35:38 NYC Marathon 18-mile Tuneup-9/19/10
Marathon (26.2M) 3:43:06 Chicago Marathon-10/10/10

And to humor me, you can also check out my “Submasters PRs“…yep, for a while back in 2008-2009, I was keeping track of my best times since turning 30, until I got another lifetime PR! 😛


One thought on “My PR’s

  1. Those times don’t live up to how fast you look in the picture of you…

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