adios part dos

So as mentioned previously, I was looking into getting another pair of Adidas Adioses…whether I was gonna stick with the watermelon candy color or try the new one was to be determined.  Which one did I go with?  Without further ado…

this pic doesn’t even do justice to how neon-y these shoes are…

Yep, I decided to go with the pink…or as I was informed, the color was called “turbo.”  OK, maybe that doesn’t scream “look at me, look at me” as much as “neon pink” does, but “turbo” does sound fast.

And believe me, these do get noticed.  I broke them in at my track workout and when just waiting around some random stranger says that she spotted my shoes halfway down the block.  Plus just walking to/from the subway I felt they were getting looks.  I like it though!  Glad I went with these instead of the greens.

Last nite had short stuff on tap-10 x 200.

Interval Time Pace
1 0:45.30 6:04.52
2 0:45.89 6:09.26
3 0:44.70 5:59.69
4 0:45.03 6:02.34
5 0:44.40 5:57.27
6 0:44.55 5:58.48
7 0:44.17 5:55.42
8 0:44.28 5:56.31
9 0:43.69 5:51.56
10 0:43.32 5:48.58

Given my target was my normal VO2max pace of 50 secs per 200 (with the blessing to take it down to 48-49 if need be) I guess these were a bit on the fast side.  But still felt good, and hey at least I was consistent, and didn’t blow out the first interval and get significantly slower for the rest of them.  200s may sound easy (especially compared to the previous week’s 1200s!), but the quanitity, plus the short rest, makes it hard.

So glad the shoes are still working for me…I’m actually debating whether to wear them for my upcoming half.  Or do I stick with my performance trainers (the Brooks Launches)?  Decisions, decisions…

And though it may be just the middle of my running week, thankfully my workweek is over!  Yay for 5-day holiday weekend.  Tomorrow I’m hitting up some hills…then hitting up the US Open!  It must be love… 😛


One thought on “adios part dos

  1. Love those pink shoes!!! They seem to be working for you so far 🙂

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