day 1: done!

Well this marathon training season started off rather uneventfully. Approx 7 miles last nite with the downtown crew-first run I’ve done with these guys in awhile (either usually recovering from something or had some kinda conflict on Monday or there were thunderstorms.) Rained a bit before the run, but stopped just as we were getting started. Wanting to save my legs for more quality workouts this week, I didn’t go with the rabbits and instead stuck with the “easy does it” peeps. Kept a nice, consistent 10 minute pace-well except for one mile where Mr. Garmin went flukey and said it was 8:02 and that I hit a max pace of negative 0:44 per mile…um yeah, right. All the “funny stuff” in the world wouldn’t make that happen. Heart rate averaged around 130, which is actually really low for an easy run!! Well, I guess this means I didn’t trash my body and it’ll be good to go for the rest of this week!! 🙂

And yesterday, I unfortunately noted one downfall to my fave running store in the city…no refunds. I brought back my Cumulus 10s yesterday, hoping for a refund but unfortunately got a store credit. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll use it eventually, but considering right now, I’m gonna have to drop some cash to snatch up a coupla pairs of the Cumulus 9’s, it would have come in handy right now. What can you do…

The Olympic trials are seriously messing with my sleep schedule!! Thank god they are not on tonite, and that I am off from work on Thursday and Friday and can sleep in!! Yesterday was definitely an exciting day in track and field…

  • A “come from behind” sprint in the last 200 yards of the mens 800m for Nick Symmonds and Andrew Wheating to finish first and second…and third place-and the final Beijing spot-decided literally by a crash to the line.
  • The women’s 800m, the 3rd Beijing spot coming down to who could get the A standard…the third place finisher didn’t have it, so the 4th place finisher got it-and she may not have even made the final had there not been a protest after the crash in the semis…
  • The possiblity of the decathlon AR being broken in the trials…came down to the last event-so close!! Will it fall in China?

But-was not too thrilled about the coverage of the womens 5K semis and mens 5K final being interrupted for the field events…but I guess I do understand that not everyone finds watching running in circles as exciting as I do, and may prefer the field events. But it doesn’t mean that the breakaways weren’t poorly timed…like for example, they cut away when Jen Rhines took the lead near the end!! (did they take a cue from the 2006 NYCM coverage?)

But man…if this is any indication, I am gonna be useless during the Olympics if a lot of these things are being shown late at nite (on tape delay of course!) And it’s gonna be sooo tough to avoid spoilers…


3 thoughts on “day 1: done!

  1. JackRabbit told me they give refunds up to one week after you buy your sneakers…

  2. Interesting-I was told they only give store credit, and up to 14 days (and it said so on the receipt)…Anyone else?

  3. I should add that I’ve never actually returned anything. But I’m positive that’s what the guy said, because I was worried that I was leaving the day after I bought them and wouldn’t be back until after the 7 day limit.

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