remember when?

Came across this in an article…this little tidbit about the summer of 1998…

Remember what it was like? Cell phones were just becoming everyday accessories. E-mail wasn’t the primary mode of communication. Texting barely existed. Newspapers were the main source of sports knowledge. The water cooler wasn’t just a metaphor. It was where people gathered in the morning to giddily ask: See what McGwire and Sosa did last night?

Good god-has it really been 10 years?? Have I really been out of college and in the working world for 10 years??

And how did I ever survive without my cell phones, emails and text messages?


running more forgiving than life sometimes…

so, the baby bro finally broke down and joined Facebook (though he swore up and down that he never will.) and i was shocked to find on his friends list…was the Ex-Boyfriend. (and apparently the Ex found baby bro via the “email friend finder”…meaning they must still keep in touch. why my brother keeps in touch with someone i broke up with 8 years ago, i will never understand…) So yeah, I had to sneak a peek at his friends list…which of course included his wife…and some other peeps I remember from college, some with their shiny married names, others with their babies as their profile picture…

and it’s not just that, it seems whenever i browse the listings of people I graduated high school and college with, that’s all I see-peeps with married names, or either their babies or wedding photos as their profile picture. And I think “my god, that’s so many…what’s wrong with me that I’m just not there yet?” Yeah, no matter how much I may have accomplished so far, there’s a part of me that really feels like a loser that I haven’t settled down and started a family yet. I turn 32 in a month, it’s not like I have all the time in the world…

Then I get to thinking…ya know, we have runners in their late 30s winning Olympic marathons-as was the case this past weekend. Some runners run some of their best times as a masters or vet runner, in fact we’re told that improvement comes with time, especially in the marathon. Qualification standards are made easier for us, the older we get (at least for Boston and NYC.) Running is a sport, a way of life that seems so much more forgiving than…well, real life. There’s no “hurry up and do something by a certain time” (well, unless you’re trying to achieve Olympic qualifying standards, but that ain’t me!) Older runners are admired for their accomplishments, not looked down on. Guess in the race of life, I will always be trying to keep up, but maybe in this race, I’ll have more of a chance of winning…

how fortunate

from a fortune cookie the other day:

“Your present plans are going to succeed.”

marathon training, perhaps? (not like I have any other plans in the works!) Four weeks down, and it’s been drama-free so far. Feeling too easy so far (well at least compared to this time 2 years ago!) and that worries me-because that’s when I get cocky 🙂 Hopefully, I will be kept in check somehow 🙂

Like today…the yoga class I was gonna take was kinda sorta canceled (regular instructor not there, sub was a no-show)…maybe that was God’s way of telling me to take a rest day. 🙂

And in other random news, I finally joined the ranks of the DVR owners!! Yeah…my VCR has been broken for over a year and being that VHS is obsolete (or almost obsolete!) anyways…need a new way to tape shows and movies…and of course, the Olympics!! And the NYCM broadcast too…

this brings a new definition to "annoying junk mail"

And may I add insulting to the description too? Yes I will.

OK, we all get those random junk mails addressed to “Our neighbor at” or “Resident” or something else.

But the one I got today? It was addressed to “Mr & Mrs (my name)”

OK-why is the assumption that every residence needs to have a couple living there, a family or whatever? Is it not unheard of-and may I add, normal!-for single people to live by themselves? Or forget the “live by themselves” part, how about the fact that not everyone is a part of a “Mr. and Mrs.” jeez….

Well, Pinelawn Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleums-you ain’t ever getting my business. (Not that I was in the market for…that…right now anyway!!)

disclaimer: it is that time of the month.