week 17 wrap-up

ahhhhhhh!!!!! it’s now race week!!!  when did this happen??? 😮

So of course, taper week 2 is not without being packed with excitement…yeah if you can call it that.

So track was 8 x 400…no more 1000’s or 1200’s, just short stuff from there on in.  I hit my usual 1:35-1:36 with a 1:34 thrown in there….so while the workout was status quo, of course drama has to come from the loose soccer balls, which one unfortunately nabbed me in the shin-thank God I had my compression sox on!!

Wednesday I knew I had to get my recovery run done in the AM, as between an all-company meeting and the annual celebration of Oktoberfest at work, I knew it was gonna be a wasted day, no pun intended, and that no workout was gonna happen after work.  Sure enough, after sampling all 4 of the CFO’s varieties of home brew I hit the bar afterwards with some other colleagues…yep that was a late nite.

Thursday nite was cold and very rainy.  Cold I can deal with…but no need to be a weather hero so close to game time.  So I bailed on that nite’s workout in favor of some much-needed rest.

As for the weekend…did anyone imagine that it would snow in October?  Yeah, when I saw the forecast a coupla days out I didn’t believe it.  I mean, I didn’t see a low of 32 degrees or lower anywhere.  Boy we were in for a surprise on Saturday!!  My original plan to do a short run including the 5th Ave hill was scrapped in favor of the dreadmill and a yoga class.  On the topic of the dreadmill, I’m finding I actually don’t mind the Woodway brand too much…there’s usually 1 or 2 at the NYSC locations, so if I absolutely have to resort to the dreadmill, I hit up one of those!

So as Central Park was closed for part of yesterday, I hit up the West Side path for my last long run-8 miles with 7 @ MP.  The conditions on the path, post-snowstorm were pretty good.  It wasn’t too cold (I was actually wearing shorts!) though it was pretty windy-the big downside to running along the water, as it meant running into headwinds…and I’m sure you can tell which were the headwind miles.

Running into the wind, those first coupla miles were slower than I wanted.  And even though overall I hit the time, of course I couldn’t help but panic that if it is windy on Sunday, then I am screwed… 😛

Oh yeah how does that weather look?  I know there’s time for it to change, but…

Actually-a little warmer than I would like (ideal for me would be in the 40’s) but compared to this past weekend-I’ll take it!!


efficiency doesn’t pay

So I’m known for being on top of things, really on the ball (that’s what she said!)

Or hey, it helps to be ahead of the game at times.  When it comes to things like signing up for NYRR races that sell out months in advance.  Or trying to get ahead with workload in anticipation of days off you’re gonna want to take and not wanting to dump things on your already overworked teammates.

Well this week, I learned it doesn’t always pay to be so efficient.  First at the office, after working hard the last few months to stay on top of my increasing workload and even get a little bit ahead-due to something that someone didn’t catch earlier (ahh, gotta love when things are rushed!)…basically there’s stuff from the last month and a half or so that needs to be redone.  Not the end of the world, but just a pain.  And as I said “moral of the story?  efficiency doesn’t pay.”

Then I signed up for tomorrow’s race way in advance, i’m thinking early July?  With the way NYRR races are filling up, why chance things?  I went to pick up my bib today so I don’t have to deal with it tomorrow morning, wondering if I’m gonna be my usual yellow for this race, or if there is a possibility my new and improved pace from last month’s 4-miler would vault me into the red corral.  As it turned out-still yellow-but with my old, crusty pace still on the bib!!  And what’s the reason NYRR gave me?  Since I signed up for this race before I improved my pace, the old one has to stay for this race.  (The fact that one of my teammates who PRed at the 4-miler too did have his improved pace on his bib and he signed up for the race this week seems to back that up.)  Supposedly, it wouldn’t have made a difference in terms of corrals for this particular race.  But still!!  I think that policy makes ZERO sense, especially given how early we have to sign up for races now (hello, Brooklyn Half?  Sold out 3 1/2 months in advance?  The 18-miler tune-up at the end of September currently close to capacity?)  Thoughts…?

Wasn’t exactly the best way to get me psyched up for tomorrow.  (Thankfully, 16 Handles and a pedicure kinda counteracted that.)  As for the race, not sure what to shoot for, numbers-wise.  I’d obviously like to do better than last year, maybe get within striking distance of my PR from 2 years ago.  I’d like to also prove that the 4-miler last month wasn’t a fluke.  I dunno.  Will be all answered by this time tomorrow.

Good luck to all the local club runners out racing tomorrow!!  See you at the start and finish lines…

black and yellow (2011 corporate challenge report)

“black and yellow…black and yellow…black and yellow…black and yellow…”

OK, maybe the song isn’t necessarily a favorite, but I felt it went with my race bib for the Corporate Challenge 🙂

So.  Compared to last year’s race, there were some logistical improvements.  The biggie?  Everyone got asked for predicted times when they signed up, so…we all got assigned to start corrals based on our pace.  WIN.  This was a huge relief for me, as my yellow bib meant I would be in one of the “seeded” starts and I didn’t have to stress about getting there mad early.  And I could actually leave with my colleagues to go to the race and be in the team picture this year (as I had to miss it last year)

Oh and I have to say, I loved how our shirts came out…cute idea for a market research company, right?  This was the back of the shirt:

before I took a scissors to the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt

So 5 PM rolls around and we’re all getting into our race gear, pinning on our bibs, etc…and as my coworkers had either blue or white bibs (those were the 2 corrals behind yellow) I definitely got a lot of comments on my yellow bib.  Ahhh, the pressure of being the company ringer…though actually, I had to reclaim my title of being first overall for the company 🙂  We leave and hit the subway around 5:30…and of course the train is filled with other Corporate Challengers.  And I guess there was some chick giving our crew the stinkeye, though Dr. Insensitive said something to the effect of “yeah show off your bib, we have the power”…until the chick pulled out a red bib with a 3-digit number-meaning first corral.  Ummm yeah.

So we got to the park in plenty of time and found a place to drop our bags-one very nice coworker volunteered to watch our stuff while we were racing…though truth be told, he was rewarded with some, uh, refreshment while he was waiting 🙂  Anyway, we took a few pictures, then most of the crew went to get their T-shirts so I said I was going to the start and that I’d see them at the finish line (or after!)  Since there was nothing in the race day instructions that said what time we had to be in the corrals by, I didn’t want to take any chances…

And I got to my yellow corral in plenty of time and found a spot near the front of it.  Looks like red was in front, with green right behind, then us.  And the announcements stated that it was gonna be staggered starts-red and green go at the horn, we go 2 minutes later.  Good idea as well-they do that at the Philly Distance Run and I found it helped the congestion in the beginning.  So we just had to wait for the start…sit through (or actually stand through) the pre-run “aerobics” which a lot of us did not partake in 😛

And the horn sounded and the red and green corrals left.  And we waited a minute or 2 before we were allowed to move up.  And move up I did…and here was where I made a little mistake.  As I was in the front of the corral, I stepped over the first timing mat (the 2nd was at the actual start line), but the officials wouldn’t release us yet.  And I thought to myself “oh sh*t!!  this is gonna add to my race time”  But eventually they did let us go…

So the beginning of the first mile was pretty clean.  But wouldn’t you know it, not even 5 minutes in, I’m passing red and green bibs…that should NOT be happening if they have a 2 minute head start on me.  Guess some peeps were, uh, a little optimistic with their “predicted times?”  First mile was 7:31…hmmm maybe a little slow?  I knew I had to break a 7:30 pace to beat last year’s time…and I think to go under 26 minutes I would have had to run 7:25’s?

During mile 2 was the right turn onto 102nd…and I used some learning from last year.  Last year I had stayed to the inside on this turn, resulting in being quite boxed in and having to slow dramatically on the turn.  This time I stayed to the outside…tangents be damned, but it didn’t break my stride at least.  But damn, why did I feel like we were climbing this entire mile?  2nd mile was 7:38.

Mile 3 was pretty much like mile 4 from the Mini 10k…”The Climb” (apologies for the Miley Cyrus reference)  And I think my legs were still feeling the 10K race, as I took that one pretty hard.  This mile was 7:47 and  was glad it was over.  Last half-mile started with Cat Hill downhill but then we turn onto 72nd to the finish…uphill!!  How the hell did this course feel like we were constantly going uphill (with the exception of Cat Hill)?  I wasn’t looking at my watch and I didn’t know how close I was to a PR…did the best I could at the finish but my legs were spent…last half-mile was 3:40…not my best closing half-mile, not my worst.  Final time 26:36, 7:36 pace according to Mr. Garmin-though the actual results said 26:53…remember my starting mat mishap?  That’s where those 17 seconds went…not that it made much of a difference at the end of the day…

So as always, followed the masses to get water, once again skipped the nasty shit known as coconut water, got my t-shirt, and cooled down around the lower loop.  And even with sneaking in a cooldown, I was the first to make it back to our meeting spot 🙂  But soon enough the others started to arrive, all seeming very happy with themselves and they should be…we all brought it! 🙂  (and oh yeah, I reclaimed my title of finishing first for the company…yay 🙂 )  After everyone was present and accounted for, we all trekked up and down Amsterdam Avenue in search of someplace, anyplace what wasn’t mobbed with Corporate Challengers, so we could get some definitely-needed eats and “recovery beverages” 🙂  Took us a while, but we did find a place, so we all sat, ate, drank, chatted and had fun (and I didnt even get charged for my 2nd drink, cool!)

As for my race…I honestly didn’t have much expectations, but I thought sub-26 could have been doable.  I guess I underestimated how much a hard 10K can take out of you and that this isn’t the easiest double.  I don’t know how those elites who double in the 10K/5K do it! (then again, they are creatures unlike any other…)  All in all, I just chalked it up as my tempo workout for the week.  But on a positive note, I have to say having the seeded corrals was a HUGE improvement over previous years.  I just need to remember to stay away from the starting mats til they let us go…oh crap, I have to do this again next year? 🙂

obviously i'm smiling because this is post-race

maybe i should mentally write off races more often (2011 mini 10k report)

Hi again!!  Yep, I know this race report is 2 weeks delinquent.  Ya think life has gotten in the way or something? 🙂

Soooo…the Mini 10K.  It’s a race that, for me, was a “must run” for several reasons.

  1. It was my first race as a New York Flyer…way back in 2004!!
  2. It’s the only NYRR race that I have run every single year, without fail…so this year would be #8!
  3. Club points race for the ladies.  Even if I don’t score, I still wanted to be out there in some shape or form…
  4. Ladies-only race=blue race bib (yay for first corral!)
  5. Ladies-only race=lotsa men on the sidelines cheering 🙂
  6. Plus this year’s race had a coupla special aspects-the 40th anniversary of the race and was dedicated to Grete Waitz.

As for how I was gonna run…I seriously did not know.  I was having a conversation with Coach T a week or so beforehand and he asked me if I had any time goal in mind…I said “you know, I’m honestly afraid to make any goals.”  Between last year’s Mini, and the disaster that was the Brooklyn Half, may have been better for the psyche to not have any numbers pre-define my race day.

So what does the post title have to do with things?  Glad you asked…

So the nite before the race, I had gone out with some coworkers to celebrate a a birthday of someone in our group.  Original plan was to have 1 glass of wine, maybe 2 tops, and then go home early and rest.  Said original plan did not happen.  With the conditions for the race supposed to be crappy (either almost 100% humidity or raining), I thought “f*ck it, whatever happens tomorrow happens, I’m gonna have fun tonite.”  Hence me tipping back a few pints of Blue Moon and staying out later than planned (though I did carbo-load properly at home.)

So the next morning…no rain, but the humidity was indeed close to 100%-thank god it was cooler than normal.  Did feel it though during my warmup (boy did it feel different, warming up for this race by running up 8th Ave instead of down CPW!)  I headed to the blue corral and lined up with Flyers JS, EG and CK…within striking distance of the elites too!  cool!  Though when we are all supposed to move forward, me (and CK too) made sure we stayed behind the mats…for reason that we both forgot a few days later 🙂  but also I knew there were others who deserved to be in front of me, and I didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught up in a too-fast first mile.  Anyway, after a few speeches, some tributes to Grete, and one of the Harriers singing the National Anthem (and doing a great job too!) it was go time…

Mile 1 (7:28)-Similar to 2 years ago, I tried to hold back just a little…being a little cautious with both the conditions and knowing the hills were up ahead but also just knowing that a 10K is more of an endurance race than some give it credit for.  Others were flying past and I’d let them go…I sorta tried to keep JS in my sights, who was a strong runner making her first comeback race after injury.  I figured if I could stick with her I’d have a good day.  One treat for today was some of the men (and women not racing) from the local clubs cheering at the mile markers.  Looks like mile 1 was CPTC’s, as I saw a coupla familiar faces 😉  Thanks for cheering, guys!  And I was pretty happy with this mile split (and I think it may have actually been a second or 2 faster-was a little distracted at the mile marker 🙂 )

Mile 2 (7:41)-just kept going up CPW…smiled to myself as I passed my old block on the UWS, and all the buildings I used to walk or run by every day.  Entered the park at 90th and got to work on the hills.  Not time to make my move yet…maintain, maintain, maintain.  Even though this split was a little slow, I wasn’t really getting passed, and I had something left for the 2 biggest climbs of the race ahead.  (And thanks to North Brooklyn Runners for their great cheering at the mile 2 marker! 🙂 )

Mile 3 (7:37)-first climb.  Attack the hill, don’t look at the watch.  If I get passed here, catch ’em on the downhill.  And that was exactly what I did.  While running downhill, I actually heard JS chatting with Mary Wittenberg…and Mary passed me on the second uphill-she was running the race with Grete’s husband 🙂  I said something about how great the race was, the cheering stations were a fun touch…or something like that because seriously, who’s mind works well while running a 10K race in conditions resembling a swimming pool?  And speaking of cheering stations, Front Runners sure brought it at the mile 3 marker!!  Fun!!

Climbed a little more to the 5K point…which was 23:39.  Hmmm, pretty good!!  I know I’d have to run a major negative split to PR (and mile 4 always makes it hard to negative split), but maybe I could get close to my course PR from 2009 of 47:27.  That said, 2009’s race had much better conditions…and briefly, 2008’s race flashed into my mind.  Where I kept it together through the first 5K in bad conditions, only to lose it during the second 5K.

Mile 4 (8:06)-So I just kept climbing.  Up to 102nd, and up the sneaky incline to Engineer’s Gate and the mile 4 marker, where I saw Flyer SC and a coupla other clubs cheering.  I sorta breathed a sigh of relief here.  I’d still love to be able to get this mile under 8 minutes, but the fact that I was still keeping it together said a lot.

Mile 5 (7:32)-the same thought as every year…worst is over, all downhill from here.  And maybe not killing myself on the hills was a good thing, as I was able to pick up the pace more than usual this time around.  CPTC was back at mile 5 cheering, along with some others…I passed by CK at the end of this mile and was hoping she’d stick with me for the final stretch…

Mile 6 (7:28)-just keep on working hard…think of all those intervals at the track.  I’m still passing people, guess my strategy of holding back on mile 1 pays off again.  Hit the 800m to go sign and I think of running 800’s at the track, and Coach T telling me to “hit the pace”, and indeedy, hitting the pace.  Don’t think I’m gonna be throwing down any 3:20 half-miles as I have been doing during track workouts, considering I had 5.5 hard miles already on my legs, but it could help me close strong.  Finally, I see my team at a cheering station-yayyyyy!!!

Last .2 mile (1:32)-again, not looking at my watch, even though I hit the split button.  No idea if I’m near a real PR or a course PR or way off.  400m to go sign-I think “just a lap of the track”…though of course the track doesn’t include an annoying uphill to Tavern on the Green 🙂  I see Flyer DM up ahead and try and finish as close to her as possible…passed by just before the finish…gave it everything I had!!  (and gave it so much, I almost ran into someone who stopped short just after the finish line…)

Final time-47:24, 7:38 pace. 5K splits of 23:39/23:45-most evenly I have run this race in a very long time (with the exception of 2004, where I negative split by 1 second)…and 3 second course PR…not too shabby!  Not bad for a race I had mentally written off the night before…lol.

Got our medals (really nice ones this year!) and pink carnations, and did the usual posing for pics and mingling…thankfully everything was before the rains came 🙂

And I do not endorse getting wasted the night before a race…but maybe, occasionally, some Blue Moons won’t hurt…LOL.

Some piccys from the day!

Me and JS cruising up CPW in mile 1

mile 6-i totally look i'm walking but i swear i'm running

finish line!

near collision past the finish!

cute runner guy, will you accept this carnation?

running shoes, medals and flowers. guess which shoe is mine?

more flowers! with flyers in the background

the season of excess

oh hi again!!  damn, i’m not even keeping up with my previous “once-a-week” thang.  but the last coupla weeks have been the weeks of the holiday party and other assorted goodies (yet not much running)

To sum up the last coupla weeks:

 So there being lotsa eating, drinking and socializing.  Which also equals hangovers, late nights, not waking up til the afternoon, lazy weekends on the couch.  I’ll actually be glad when January comes around and the party season has died down.  but don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun.  Work party was a good time, though this time around the CFO wasn’t even there, so a certain party tradition did not happen this year 😦  But what did suck?  Party on Wednesday, work on Thursday (couldn’t take off like I usually do since our group had a vendor take us out to lunch.)  Flyers party was a good time as usual, though some peeps were missed.  Throw in others here and there…then last nite I crashed the Flyers speedwork session (as UA is on hiatus this month) and partied at Rathbone’s afterwards (yum 2-for-1 Blue Moons…love their 2-for-tuesdays!)…sorta late night for a “school night” but still fun.  But man, I don’t know what worked harder yesterday, my legs or my lungs.  Short repeats on minimal running are not the best…neither was breathing in that cold, icy air.  Thinking tempo is better for the winter months…?

On the topic of running, no races on the horizon right now.  After that crappy job at the 10K, I figured a 15K PR would not be happening and decided to pass on that race.  (Turned out to be a good thing-as I didn’t leave a party the night before til after 3 AM!)  I had tossed my name in the ring for the NYC Half, but I got rejected…as did 90% of the tri-state area

Needless to say, NYRR’s facebook page blew up, and rightfully so.  Did I know there would be a chance of being rejected?  Oh yeah.  Did I know I wouldn’t have a shot in hell of getting in?  Hells no.  i definitely think that NYRR did not handle this well.  Between pushing off the lottery to mid-December (and leaving many in danger of getting closed out of other spring halfs) to disclosing all this information after the fact…I do appreciate that they sort of “came clean” but it’s also “too little too late.”  (And yeah, the truth does hurt.  Meaning about how they’ve strayed so far from their “base,” local runners (no I don’t mean local elite.)  As a friend of mine said (very well, I may say): “NYRR needs to remember their Charter and that the club was formed First & Foremost to benefit runners in New York City; The club was NOT formed to host triathlons, pay rabbits for professional track meets in CA, or to donate money to professional clubs in Mammouth Lakes or Minnesota.”  (There’s a good post on Joe’s blog too.)

So next year will be interesting I guess.  Especially since now NYRR is offering a guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC Half for those who complete 4 out of 5 borough halfs in 2011.  I feel they are just going to cause another problem to try and solve another.  (Oh and don’t even get me started about the $70 registration fee for the More Half-marathon-which is 2 loops of Central Park!)  First off, given that 2 of the 5 halfs are on Saturdays, if someone can’t race on Saturdays for work or religious reasons, or other reasons, they’re automatically out of it (same thing for Sundays too.)  Secondly, those who want to run the borough halfs just to run them (and not caring about NYC Half entry) may get screwed.  Brooklyn is already tough to get into, I see it selling out in record time this year. (you can bet i’m going to jump on registration once it opens!)  Not to mention how they are always changing around the dates of the borough halfs…

As for me, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get in, but it’s not the end of the world (there’s always the Brooklyn Half I guess.)  I’ve only done the NYC Half once and it was a bad race for me, so I thought that like Brooklyn, this could be a good race to “get revenge” on.  Guess only way I will ever get to run it again will be to have a qualifying time under my belt-and please don’t tell me that it’s so easy and everyone should be able to do it.  Those qualifying standards are no joke, even having my best half-marathon ever I still came up 36 seconds short…

Anyways, back to work…man, they’re still expecting us to work?  Doesn’t everyone go away for the holidays? 🙂

challenge me

So after my worries about the start situation at the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, it actually turned out not so bad…well partially thanks to a little advance planning on my part. 🙂

So as the coworkers were planning on leaving the office at 5:30, and knowing their track record of actually leaving on time…my plan was to leave a little after 5, drop my stuff off at the nearby NYSC, stretch a little, warm up for about a mile, and then go to the start.  (and just meet everyone else afterwards.)  Oh and I have to add-we really had really cool t-shirts this year (picture is of the design on the back, then the front had the name of our company in what looks like the same font as the NYC Half logo!)  It’s almost a shame that I had to “alter” it with the scissors.  But first off, it was a little long on me with the shorts I’d be wearing…I’d look like I had no pants on!!  Plus it was definitely sleeveless weather for me. 🙂

So I got to the start area a little after 6…and was able to line up right behind the barriers separating the “open” start from the “elite” start corrals.  And I saw that they were definitely policing the corrals-no one who didn’t have a red or yellow sticker on their bib was allowed past.  However, I wonder how many of those were really honest when it came to predicted times.  Yeah, I was looking on with envy at those in the red and yellow starts who had the freedom to move around, warm up a little more, where I couldn’t go anywhere in fear of losing my spot.  And for what its worth-that corral was more than half empty…they would have had room for me, I shoulda been there!  Finally around 6:45, they took down the barriers and even though they told people to “walk slowly” forward (this was after several of the marshalls had to tell us to stay put for a minute)…you think anyone listened?  Of course I ran…hey I still had to warm up!  And actually wound up with a decent starting spot.  I ran into one of the other girls who does speed with me at Urban and we chatted a little waiting for the start…even moved up a little bit more.  After all the pre-race “aerobics” and the National Anthem…we were off!!  And yay for a chip mat at the start line!  (For the first time ever, this race used chip/net time…this time with the chip readers on the back of the bib, first time I’ve ever had one of those!)

And thankfully, the first mile wasn’t horrible.  I did still have to pass people, but it could have been a lot worse.  Ansd weather-wise…little humid, kinda breezy, but not too bad, heat wise…prolly as good as it gets for a mid-June evening!  Tried not to go out too fast….first mile was 7:28 and I figured that was around what I expected (7:30-ish pace).  The turn onto the 102nd St transverse was in the second mile and actually, making the turn slowed me down a little.  I felt like I almost had to slow to a jog.  Maybe I should have been on the outside rather than the inside?  The Urban crew were on the right side of the transverse (as they did their workout in the northern hills to avoid the race) and they cheered for me-was glad they were able to spot me (it’s hard to spot people in the crowd, especially when they’re not wearing their team colors!)  2nd mile was 7:35…not surprising that I slowed a few seconds given the crowding on 102nd.

3rd mile was from East 98th to around Cleopatra’s needle, sneaky uphill…I was feeling tired, my legs were still really feeling Tuesday’s workout and I guess it showed in my mile 3 split-7:40.  But I think all things considered, I still kept it together.  I heard Dr. Evil & DD cheering for me in that mile, was good to see them!  A half mile to go, and a good chunk of it was Cat Hill downhill.  Obviously I saved something for this mile because I was passing people…got to the Boathouse and knew the end was near…just a right turn onto 72nd!  But as per usual in Central Park, the finish was uphill…did the best I could for a strong finish-last half-mile was 3:38.  Final time 26:21, 7:31 pace, PR of about 1:20 from my 2006 time.

After crossing the finish, just followed the cattle…er, masses to get water…I skipped over the coconut water, as I had a sample once at a previous race and that stuff is the nastiest shit I’ve ever tasted.  Got my shirt (ok design, yay for womens sizes though.)  I wanted to add on a little bit of mileage afterwards, so I first ran to the east side of the 72nd street transverse and was actually able to spot a coupla of my co-workers turning for the finish and I cheered them on.  And ran/cooled down for about 1.5 miles, so 6 miles total for me that day.  I then headed back to the NYSC to get changed and cleaned up and headed over to the east side to meet up with the work crew for some well-deserved beers! 🙂  (oh come on…like you’d expect anything less?  lol!)

As for my race, i was glad I beat my old time…I think I could have gone faster, but like I said, my legs were still tired from Tuesday so I think I did give it all I had both yesterday and Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I did not defend my title of being first in my company, as one of our guys beat me by about 30 seconds! 😦  Oh well, at least I was still 1st female in my company (with 2nd being about 8 minutes behind.)  Guess I’ll have to try and take back my title next year!! 😛

moving on to the next one

Thanks to everyone who commented on my race report.  After a few days, I’m officially done dwelling on that race, got bigger fish to fry in the weeks/months to come.

Which included a nice, easy 12-miler on the west side path on Sunday…my long run for the week.  I’m thinking that a good chunk of my long runs-not all of them though-should be on completely flat surfaces…to kinda get my legs used to using the same muscle groups over and over again instead of using the hills to change things up…

And I did do speed on Tuesday.  I was harboring a bit of anger from my day at work.  Two meetings that day, both sucky.  The first one, my boss interrupts me and finishes saying something I was gonna say…except not as nice as I would have though.  Not to mention her going off on one of the interns for making a mistake while he was learning the process…I swear, was like picking on kittens!!  Then the second meeting-total waste of my time (and the time of a coupla others there.)  Dontcha just love sitting through hour-long meetings when the only part that is relevant to you is in the last 5-10 minutes?  So glad I didn’t have other work that needed to get done…

So yeah, I had some frustration to take out on the dog track.  And it’s funny that I mentioned the “Devil’s Advocate” 👿 in my previous post…well some of our repeats were 666 meters!! (2 loops of the track, with 3 loops being about 1K)  Evil I tell ya! 😛  Anyway, this is how it went:

Why, oh why, couldn’t these legs have shown up on Saturday instead of Tuesday nite…oops I did it again 😛  But was a nice group out that nite…some good energy in the air.  Or something.  And the coach is trying to convince me to do the final Icahn meet this coming Tuesday!!  When he advised I do it…oh you could sense the fear I had.  Of getting owned by the track again.  (Just thought of something-kinda reminds me of the Kara Goucher Runner’s World article…the part where Alberto told her to run a 10K and she was like “no way”…due to some bad memories from a previous one.)  Then again, I do need to work on some weaknesses…I’ll think about it.

But first, gotta get through tomorrow’s Corporate Challenge.  I’m thinking  just defend my title of being first for my company, and beat my old time of 27:40 and I’ll be happy…not really expecting much more due to the crowds.  Maybe run with a friend or 2 if I run into them.  But I do still intend to get there early and get a decent spot…it’s a thing with me (plus also knowing my coworkers’ track record of actually leaving when they say they will…)

Finally, I wanted to post the one good Brightroom pic I got from Saturday (the rest were the usual “where’s Waldo”-esque pictures where you can barely see me.  I swear, those photogs don’t like me.  Thank god for our team photographers!)  Anyways…

carnation wars! 🙂