will run for fashion

So remember that long run I was supposed to do last Sunday?  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Let it be known that NyQuil is evil when you need to be somewhat productive the next day.  But again, given that I was really trying to get rid of that damn cold ASAP, a long run may not have done me any favors.  The one downside to winter training-seems like it takes longer to shake out illness than it does in warmer temps.

So I threw myself back into it this past week.  Coach T took a little mercy on me on Tuesday and had me do 600s as a “rust-buster” type workout instead of the 1000s that the others were doing.  Which was perfect, my lungs did not feel up to 1000s.  My original plan was to try and run before work as there was the annual Flyers Chinese New Year celebration, and given that it was the Year of the Dragon (my year!) I sorta had to go 🙂  The snooze button won out but I was still able to get my workout done, and me and my workout-mates made it to the festivities in time (well…maybe a little fashionably late!)

Happy Year of the Dragon! Words to live by...and others that I can hope are reality?


And then in the middle of the week, the word was out that a certain coveted jacket was available on the Adidas site.  And of course inquiring minds had wanted to know for a while…what will the colors be?  Will it be embroidered or not?  And the answer is…

Once again, a departure from the traditional Boston blue/yellow, but I’m really loving this color! 🙂  I can’t wait to get mine…though I know I won’t be able to wear it til the afternoon of April 16th…bad luck!!

So I guess making sure I will be able to wear said jacket was what got me out the door on a rainy Thursday evening for a tempo which I felt I came up short on, but all things considered, was just glad to get it in.  And even though I got a late start today due to not being able to tear myself away from the Australian Open final, still banged out 17 and change miles (including not 1, but 2 loops of the Harlem Hills.)  Though dear god, if I am as tired after 17 miles in 11 weeks as I was today, the Newton hills are gonna be a world of hurt.

Busy week this upcoming week with final preps for the Flyers awards gala Saturday.  I expect to see lots of Flyers (myself included!) out running long runs Saturday…if last year was any indication, a long run will definitely not happen on Sunday.  In fact, I predict Flyer attendance at the Gridron Classic will be quite low…


week 17 wrap-up

ahhhhhhh!!!!! it’s now race week!!!  when did this happen??? 😮

So of course, taper week 2 is not without being packed with excitement…yeah if you can call it that.

So track was 8 x 400…no more 1000’s or 1200’s, just short stuff from there on in.  I hit my usual 1:35-1:36 with a 1:34 thrown in there….so while the workout was status quo, of course drama has to come from the loose soccer balls, which one unfortunately nabbed me in the shin-thank God I had my compression sox on!!

Wednesday I knew I had to get my recovery run done in the AM, as between an all-company meeting and the annual celebration of Oktoberfest at work, I knew it was gonna be a wasted day, no pun intended, and that no workout was gonna happen after work.  Sure enough, after sampling all 4 of the CFO’s varieties of home brew I hit the bar afterwards with some other colleagues…yep that was a late nite.

Thursday nite was cold and very rainy.  Cold I can deal with…but no need to be a weather hero so close to game time.  So I bailed on that nite’s workout in favor of some much-needed rest.

As for the weekend…did anyone imagine that it would snow in October?  Yeah, when I saw the forecast a coupla days out I didn’t believe it.  I mean, I didn’t see a low of 32 degrees or lower anywhere.  Boy we were in for a surprise on Saturday!!  My original plan to do a short run including the 5th Ave hill was scrapped in favor of the dreadmill and a yoga class.  On the topic of the dreadmill, I’m finding I actually don’t mind the Woodway brand too much…there’s usually 1 or 2 at the NYSC locations, so if I absolutely have to resort to the dreadmill, I hit up one of those!

So as Central Park was closed for part of yesterday, I hit up the West Side path for my last long run-8 miles with 7 @ MP.  The conditions on the path, post-snowstorm were pretty good.  It wasn’t too cold (I was actually wearing shorts!) though it was pretty windy-the big downside to running along the water, as it meant running into headwinds…and I’m sure you can tell which were the headwind miles.

Running into the wind, those first coupla miles were slower than I wanted.  And even though overall I hit the time, of course I couldn’t help but panic that if it is windy on Sunday, then I am screwed… 😛

Oh yeah how does that weather look?  I know there’s time for it to change, but…

Actually-a little warmer than I would like (ideal for me would be in the 40’s) but compared to this past weekend-I’ll take it!!

say hello to my (new) little friend

Soooo…I mentioned the other day that Mr. Garmin had his final run on Sunday. Who is his successor, you wonder?

None other than the Garmin 310XT.  Thanks to a 15% discount and having a lot of $$ in the form of gift cards to spend at JackRabbit, I was able to pick this baby up.  Why did I go with this as opposed to the models that look more like a watch?  Well first off, I hate the touch bezel.  And the screen is too small-I like having 4 fields on the screen.  The model with the touch screen looks cool, but since it’s so new I’m sure it’s still sorta buggy.  This model got good reviews.  And it’s water-resistant!  And I love the wireless transfer-beats the hell out of the USB transfer, which was giving me nothing but problems for awhile…

I tried it out for the first time at the track and was pretty easy to use.  I wish I could say the workout was as easy!  Another workout of 1000’s…keeping with tapering, lessening the volume, not the intensity.

Interval Time Pace
1000m 4:11.73 6:45.12
1000m 4:11.91 6:45.41
1000m 4:08.90 6:40.57

quite similar to last week!  just over 4:10, then get just under for the last one.  Glad this workout was short and sweet, as I headed uptown to have some drinks with the Flyers, where I modeled one of my newer apparel acquisitions.

 So yesterday I got to test how water-resistant this thing is, as it was raining.  The downside was that it seemed to take forever to get a signal-something I thought was improved over the 305 with this model!  Not exactly fun when it’s raining 🙂  Anyway, it finally locked and I banged out some easy miles.  The device held up well (not that it was raining super-hard) and when I got home I downloaded a device software update hoping it will help the satellite problem…

Looks like it did, as it located the satellites in less than a minute.  Wow, I think that may be a record, especially in midtown Manhattan! 🙂  More 1000’s on the agenda tonite-though tempo.  5 x 1000, minute rest inbetween.  Shoot for 4:30.  (tempo splits outlined in red below.)

I think this was the first time-at least in a very long time-that I actually nailed the tempo.  Could be because it was cool and not humid for a change, or maybe everything is finally coming together, but I was definitely pleased!

So far, so good, I think me and my new Garmin friend will be very happy together.  Though it needs a name, can’t use Mr. Garmin again…any suggestions? 🙂

week 15 wrap-up

3 weeks to go! And you know what that means…

Hey on the topic, might as well throw in some MC Hammer for your listening pleasure…

Getting back to business.  Yep, this was not an easy week at all.  Even 2 days later, I was still feeling my race, but me and my compression socks sucked it up through a set of 4×1000’s.  There was an option to add on another 800 at the end, but Coach T said for me it wasn’t optional.  meaning he was saving me from myself and cutting me off after the 1000’s.

I was supposed to hit 4:10’s…got there eventually 🙂

Interval Time Pace
1000m 4:11.64 6:44.98
1000m 4:11.10 6:44.11
1000m 4:12.32 6:46.07
1000m 4:10.82 6:43.66

Thursday was hills, then Sunday was the last 20-miler-the “3 Bridges Run Redux.”  Once again, I’d be leading the “niners.”  Difference this time was a much earlier wake-up call!!  As this run brought around 500 people, it had to be split up into multiple waves as opposed to the 3 waves of 2 weeks ago.  What does that mean for me?  The 9 minute group would be departing for run at 6:45.  AM.  Yes you read that right.  The sun was barely up when we left.  But hey, it means we’d get back earlier to shop at JackRabbit (the run meeting place), right? 🙂  (and definitely was fortuitous that this run left from the west side JR!  meaning no transfers, no MTA fails!)

So anyway, we were blessed with another nice day, albeit a little windy, especially in the early miles on the West Side Highway.  Mental note-if it’s windy on race day, draft off of someone taller 🙂  I was the sole leader for the group this time around, though pretty much everyone stuck together and a couple others helped me at times.  Another great group to work with!  The pacing went well as usual-only miles that were slower were the headwind and bridge miles, and not by much.  In fact, at the water station at the 10.5 mile point in Brooklyn, Flyer PN who was manning the station with his wife said that my group was within a minute or 2 of the expected arrival time.  whoa.  how good is that? 🙂  We hit a bit of traffic in the park, as there was some huge walk going on that was taking up almost the entire 72nd street transverse and the east drive.  Found a clearing and crossed in order to hit the Great Lawn and get over to the west side and back to where we started…though we did have to do a little bit extra around the block to get exactly to 20 miles! 😀  But we were DONE!! 🙂

And the splits:

Mile 2 had the major headwind…and I’m sure you can tell where the bridges were 🙂  But all in all, not bad.

Sooo afterwards I did some shopping…yep I had quite a bit of $$ to spend at JR, since I got gift cards for pacing both 3 Bridges runs and my baby brother got me a gift card for my B-day too.  I’ll eventually reveal what I got, but I will say that Mr. Garmin took FOREVER to get a signal before the run.  He must have known it would be his last outing or something 😛  (and it was a good thing my group was one of the first to finish-no lines!!  By the time the later groups finished, the lines were insane!)  And I hit up 16 Handles because of course, it’s never too early for 16 Handles.  Even at 11 AM.  Especially after running 20 miles 😛

Thankfully not really sore today…compression socks FTW!!  I think the hot pink CEP’s are gonna be part of the marathon outfit again 🙂  Did get a much-needed massage today for good measure!!  And for the next 3 weeks?  It’s all about staying uninjured and hoping to not catch whatever is going around in my office.  Let the taper madness begin!

week 14 wrap-up

considering I haven’t posted since my last “week-in-review” post, I guess I have been just a little busy this past week? 🙂

Considering going right from a 20-miler to a Yankee game and sitting in a stadium seat for hours…no time for ice bath, etc., is not the most ideal form of recovery, my legs didn’t feel so horrible when doing reps at the track a coupla days later.  (though it did take a little while for the calves to respond.)

Interval Time Pace
400m 1:36.66 6:28.90
400m 1:37.80 6:33.48
400m 1:36.65 6:28.86
400m 1:35.30 6:23.43
400m 1:36.90 6:29.86
400m 1:35.95 6:26.04
400m 1:35.65 6:24.83
400m 1:34.77 6:21.29
400m 1:34.47 6:20.09
400m 1:32.18 6:10.87

Was a little slower overall than the last time we did 10 x 400 but finished pretty strong.  (of course it didn’t hurt that guy from NBR was cheering me on during the 8th interval…always a sucker for impressing the guyz!)

Hit the Great Lawn for tempo intervals on Thursday.  You know it’s gonna be torture…no, not even when hearing what the workout was!  Nope, it’s seeing one of these at the south end of the Great Lawn.

Ohhh the waffle truck was tempting all of us.  But dammit, it was gonna be closed before we finished our workout.  And unfortunately we couldn’t indulge then and there, as that was not quite the carbo-loading the coaches would have in mind for us.

So it was a tolerable tempo workout…6 x half-mile with a very very short jog inbetween…so pretty much continuous.  (others had to do 8 or even 10, but I was let off the hook due to racing this past weekend…)

Interval Time Pace
0.48 mi 3:28.75 7:15
0.48 mi 3:48.78 7:57
0.48 mi 3:42.00 7:43
0.48 mi 3:34.22 7:27
0.48 mi 3:37.75 7:34
0.48 mi 3:33.95 7:26

I was all over the place here…was supposed to be shooting for 3:40 but came up fast most of the time…Mr. Garmin was saying it was short.  Not sure if he was right (it has given me some flukey readings on the oval before) or if I really was going too fast-I’ll take it though.

And it was a little chilly afterwards, so I put this lovely apparel item on:

Yes, I’m a dork and couldn’t wait to buy a “Boston Qualifier” item 😛  However, the way I see it…it’s no different than, like, making sure I keep at it to still fit into my awards gala dress?  I’m gonna need all the motivation I can get to train through the winter! 🙂

Coming up in my next post will be a report from today…my first race in my new age group.

keep holding on

it started last week, just continued into this week.  Now i’m at the point of training where all the miles and the hard efforts are really starting to build up, and the result is having to push through runs and workouts on very tired legs and just try and hold on til taper time…even though I was sort of hoping to escape that this time around.

This week’s track workout was 6 x 800, I had to aim for my normal 3:20 per interval.  Obviously my legs had other, not so good ideas.

Interval Time Pace
800m 3:19.15 6:40.63
800m 3:23.15 6:48.67
800m 3:24.45 6:51.29
800m 3:24.22 6:50.83
800m 3:21.15 6:44.65
800m 3:19.24 6:40.81

Obviously I wasn’t happy with this one, as I used to be able to crush 3:20 in workouts.  Was the half-marathon still in my legs?  I don’t know.  It did seem, however that everyone across the board was struggling.  Then again, others who did both the Fifth Avenue Mile and the 18-mile Tune-Up back to back had an excuse…not sure I did.

So as I was in NJ for the holiday and couldn’t make Thursday’s workout, I had to consult Coach T for an alternate workout…I figured I’d have access to the track at the local high school and I knew the minute I mentioned that it was 200 meters, that he’d suggest a repetition workout and sure enough I was right.  However, I was surprised when I saw that the 200 meter track was no more and instead it was replaced by a brand-spankin’ new 400 meter track!  The high school field hockey and soccer teams were practicing there too, but it was cool, we all stayed out of each other’s way…oh what a difference than McCarren Park, as this time I did not have to dodge a single soccer ball!!  Anyway, threw myself into the 200s and 400s…

Interval Time Pace
200m 0:46.05 6:10.55
200m 0:47.40 6:21.41
200m 0:48.92 6:33.65
200m 0:46.52 6:14.33
200m 0:46.40 6:13.37
200m 0:45.97 6:09.91
200m 0:44.96 6:01.78
200m 0:47.03 6:18.44
400m 1:37.55 6:32.48
400m 1:36.88 6:29.78
400m 1:38.57 6:36.58
400m 1:35.57 6:24.51
400m 1:36.55 6:28.46
400m 1:34.77 6:21.29

Plan for the 200’s was to start out at 46/47, take it down to 45/46…and for the 400s to start at 1:37 and take it down to 1:35.  So for the most part it was fine, though I don’t know what happened with the last 200, and I had to take a little more rest for the last coupla intervals.  Was just glad to get it in before the torrential downpours that hit later in the day.

Another 20 on tap this weekend.  And this will be after attending the Yanks playoff game tomorrow nite!  This oughta be, uh, interesting 🙂

week 12 wrap-up

Boy, this week was actually a tough one.  Couldn’t rest on my laurels from the half, still had work to do.  Lotsa mileage up in here!

So track this past week was a ladder.  2 x 200, 400, 800, 1200…then repeat in reverse.  I was granted a little bit of mercy and was allowed to swap the second 1200 with an 800, as long as I did the one 1200 under 5:05.

Interval Time Pace
200m 0:46.97 6:17.95
200m 0:47.22 6:19.97
400m 1:38.22 6:35.17
800m 3:19.47 6:41.27
1200m 5:03.10 6:46.49
800m 3:19.37 6:41.07
800m 3:19.32 6:40.97
400m 1:37.61 6:32.72
200m 0:47.08 6:18.84
200m 0:45.06 6:02.59

So all were under target, except for the 1200, the original target was 5:00 but I’ve had trouble hitting that as of late…especially with legs that just ran a half 2 days earlier!  Hence the deal that was made 🙂

Thursday was the total opposite…as I had a Flyer event in the evening and had to miss the group workout, my assignment to do in the morning was a 4-mile tempo at 7:35-7:40 pace.  That definitely did not go as planned.  Yeah, it was dreadfully humid, but my legs were definitely tired…I knew it when I tried to do a couple of strides and my legs weren’t responding.  But I threw myself into it anyway, and wound up with 7:53 pace…the first 3 miles barely under 8, but picked it up for the last mile, which was 7:43.  And my heart rate data even backed things up-was much lower than it should be for a tempo effort, meaning the legs were tired.

So the legs felt better for today’s 14-miler, which I did in the park while running in the opposite direction from the 18-mile Tune-Up race…and it was good to cheer for and chat briefly with other teammates and friends, but boy the humidity was deadly.  Even though I took my gel somewhere between miles 7 and 8, by mile 12 I felt under-fueled and my legs felt shaky-had a feeling it was a fueling error I had committed before.  With the humidity, I probably needed 2 gels instead of 1, or I needed to have taken Gatorade and not just water.  But really, I hope this humidity takes a hike soon-so glad I did my half last weekend instead of this one!

But got it done, and had the afternoon free to enjoy the Yankees game…ah a nice victory over the Sawx!!  But oh boy, crazy how the Sawx’s playoff hopes really lie in the Yankee’s hands this week-literally!!

And the men’s marathon world record fell today in Berlin!  (and Haile falters once again…I think he’s done)  But wait a minute, they used pacers…so it shouldn’t count!!  Hey after all, women aren’t allowed to use male pacers.  Yes, I think this new ruling by the IAAF is ridiculous.  It’s one thing to do this going forward, but previous records should NOT be voided. That said, in my opinion…I don’t know why it matters if a record is run in a mixed or women’s only race…pacers or no pacers, their legs still had to do the work. A pacer can only do so much-they don’t run the race for the athlete.  And I’m not sure if the USATF is gonna follow suit, but if they do…I feel more bad for Deena Kastor than Paula Radcliffe-at least the best time in a women’s only race that can count for a world record does still belong to Paula…Deena would get stripped of a record entirely.  (Looks like the USATF does keep track of records set in women’s-only races as well as mixed races…though I think the time they have for the marathon is outdated, shouldn’t it be Kara Goucher’s 2:25 in NYCM 2008?)  I’m sure the Chicago marathon organizers are pissed about this too…their race is in 2 weeks, there is no separate women’s start, so now their race can’t count for any women’s records?  Anyone want to take bets on how long this ruling will last?