it’s gotta be the shoes…

OK, I don’t really think the shoes are to thank for my running lately, but I realized I haven’t had a running shoe post in quite awhile and since this time last year, most of my rotation has been pretty much overhauled.  So I present to you, the the footwear that will get me through this NYCM training season:

Brooks Defyance 4 (8.8 oz)-the “workhorses” aka my go-to training shoe.  God bless Brooks for not messing with a good thing (yes, I’m looking at you, Asics!) as this is the third model of Defyances I’ve worn and they still work and work well.  To be used on easy/recovery days.

Brooks Launch (7.5 oz)-my “in-between” lightweight trainer.  Pretty much a lighter version of the Defyance, I’m really liking these so far.  Great for longer tempo runs and I’ve used them on my last 2 long runs as I’m hoping on making these my marathon shoe.  (and didn’t those last 2 long runs go very well?  hmmmm)

Adidas Adizero Adios (6.1 oz)-my wicked fast and flashy racing shoes, also used for track workouts.  LOVE THESE.  If you remember correctly, i did try these on last year and they didn’t fit right, well what a difference they make with a women’s-specific fit.  Minimal but stable-perfect!!  And unlike any of the previous racers I’ve used, I’m already looking into getting another pair-now the only question is do i get another watermelon candy green pair like the ones I have now or the flashy neon pink (on the shoes in the link?) 🙂

So this terrific trio of shoes are working very well together-and I can only hope they stay in perfect harmony for the next 3 months and longer!! 🙂

And of course, I gotta give some credit to the recently retired shoes that are gone but not forgotten…

Brooks Defyance 3-I went through several pairs of these and they did me good.  These aren’t completely “retired” just yet, I have one pair that’s used on bad weather days (or if I’m running on muddy terrain)

Adidas Tempo-I don’t know why, but this year I kinda stopped liking them.  I wore them in the Brooklyn Half and honestly wasn’t feeling the love for it.  They have since been replaced with the Brooks Launches but still have a place in my shoe closet as the shoes I wear to the gym 🙂

Saucony Fastwitch 3-my first pair of racing shoes.  Good for my first pair of racers, but I always felt something better was out there.

Nike LunaRacer 2-they may have looked pretty, but after awhile I felt like my legs/ankles were too wobbly when i was wearing them…not enough support, even when wearing my orthotics.  (you can sorta tell in this photo…especially on my right side)

Saucony Kinvara-oh man….I really, really wanted to like these shoes.  After they’ve gotten such great reviews from teammates and friends.  They have less than 30 miles on them and yet…I have no desire to put them on any time soon.  Just another one that I wasn’t really feeling the love for.  That said, when I was wearing them it was wintertime and I wasn’t in the best of shape…wonder if I should give them another try?  (but why mess with the equation if I don’t have to…)

I sorta feel like Carrie Bradshaw, talking in such depth about the merits of all my different shoes! 🙂

Finally, this is blog post #800!!  This time it took me a year and 3 months to get from #700 to 800…maybe I don’t need a life as much now than I did when I went only a few months between century posts? 🙂


2010 in review, bloggy-style

For shits and giggles…

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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The busiest day of the year was October 18th with 206 views. (hmmm, what crazy event happened on October 18th, I wonder?)  The most popular post that day was chi-town…one week later.

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hot mess

Got me hypnotized, the city’s your playground
I watch you take a bite, at 5 a.m. roamin’ the streets
Drunk all night, you think you’re hot shit
And ooh I love it, I love it, yeah yeah

Stumblin’ but yeah you still lookin’ hella fine
Keep doin’ what your doin’ and I’ma make you mine

Well you’re a hot mess and I’m fallin’ for you
And I’m like “hot damn, lemme make you my boo.”
‘Cuz you can shake it, shake it, shake it
Yeah you know what to do
You’re a hot mess
I’m lovin’ it hell yes!

That’s exactly how I felt throughout most of this weekend. A hot mess. And thanking my lucky stars that I chose what I did in my Brooklyn-or-NJ debate.  Yeah, the weather could be hot for Brooklyn too, but at least there are 3 more weeks to acclimate, and a 7 AM race start will be helpful.  (On that topic-Public Service Announcement to those running Brooklyn, the start has been changed from 8 AM to 7 AM!!  You’re welcome 🙂 )  Plus I had an event to go to last nite which I really didn’t want to miss, and didn’t want to have to worry about an early wake-up call, or not getting enough sleep… 

So sleeping in today meant I got a late start on my run, was running in the heat of the day…hey, I do have to acclimate, and I’m gonna keep the effort easy.  My plan was to trek out to Prospect Park and familiarize myself with the hills a little more, especially the one evil one which always defeats me during the Cherry Tree Relay!  And just kinda help me with the game plan…like how much time will I lose, if anything?  So the plan was 3 + loops of the park…10 miles and change, 4 trips up the hill!! 👿

And it actually went well.  It seemed like whatever time I lost on the hill, I did make it up on the downhills so it was pretty much a wash.  Even the 2nd time up that hill wasn’t so bad.  3rd time I was struggling a little, but it felt more heat-related than anything else (though I was definitely hydrating-I had a water bottle with me that I kept refilling, and I took a gel after the 2nd loop).  4th time, picked up the pace (if anything, just to get it over with)…finished strong…averaged 9-flat pace for the run.  And I couldn’t wait to get back to Manhattan, down an iced caramel macchiatto, and shower 🙂  So I think this one gave me a little more insight into a game plan…just hope the weather gods will cooperate on May 22nd.

And for those of you who ran NJ, Long Island, or whatever else…half, full…congrats.  The conditions today were no joke-I would not have wanted to run any longer than I had to!!  I think the weather this weekend was only good for one thing…sipping drinks outside at the Boat Basin.  Oh Boat Basin strawberry margaritas, how I’ve missed you… 😉

And this is blog post 700 for me!!  About 10 months since post number 600.  Yes, I need a life. 🙂

mind games

OK, I know there are lots who say that Runner’s World is not a magazine for “serious runners”, that it just caters to the “casual jogger” set.  Say what you will, but I thought this article about Kara Goucher in the March 2010 issue was great.  Whoda thunk that one of the best in the world has the same insecurities about running/racing and fights the same mental demons that I do when it comes to this sport.  And I guess it once again touches upon the importance of having good coaching…good for the mind as well as the race times, I guess.  As I mentioned once before-I think lacking coaching in the last 2 months of my MCM training did play a part in things going down at the end.  Back in September, I felt insecure, doubted my training, and didn’t have anybody to tell me not to worry, or that my training was indeed on track.  Maybe if I had that help with the mental game back then, things may have turned out differently on October 25th.  But what’s done is done, all I can do is look forward to Chicago and just do my research in terms of coaching/coached workouts for now, so when June 7 comes around, I’ll be ready to rock and have a solid “team” behind me…

And with regards to that running thing, thankfully Mother Nature cut us a break the last coupla days.  so much, in fact, that I was actually a little overdressed for Monday’s downtown run.  Yeah, decided to join the group-cuz thankfully JG said he would do 4 miles at an easy pace which was exactly what I needed.  And a certain birthday girl joined along too! 🙂  So while most of the group did what seemed like a 6-mile tempo run, a nice group of us banged out an easy, chill 4 miles…and hey, that means we got to the post-run beer quicker too! 🙂  Post-run festivities were fun, especially learning someone’s aversion to Facebook…long story, guess you had to be there 😛

In other news, it has come to my attention that the content on my blog-specifically, the non-running content, has left something to be desired.  I don’t know what to say about that except I’m sorry!!  I wish I had more running stuff to talk about, but injury recovery doesn’t exactly make for fun and interesting posts, and stories about 3 or 4 mile runs are not that impressive.  Yeah, there’s Chicago training to talk about, but that’s not until June…meaning I’d need “filler” topics for 3 months!  And yes, I know this originally started off as a running blog, but somehow personal stuff got added to the mix when I just felt like writing my thoughts…what exactly is the etiquette of mixing non-running stuff with running stuff on a “running blog”?  Anyways, just doing the best I can…all I can do, I guess.

bring on the gridiron

So against my better sanity, I actually signed up for a NYRR race for next month. I figured that 4 miles is a doable distance…and for once the Gridiron Classic is not the morning after the Flyers awards gala so why not. I’m of course expecting to be very embarassed by my time…but at least I’ll earn the right to eat on Super Bowl Sunday, right?

Oh yeah, the Gossip Girls will also be reuiniting for the Cherry Tree Relay. For me its just for fun and an excuse to wear a cute running outfit that will include a plaid running skirt (completely serious!). I just hope my 2 teammates will forgive me for slowing the team down… 🙂

And getting back to the previous football topic-once again, I still have the Jets to watch-who woulda thought this would happen so late in the game? In appreciation of that, I figure I should post a shirtless pic of Mark Sanchez… 😉

OK…maybe I should post one of him actually playing football in Jet gear too 😛

GO Jets!!!

Oh and if any of you have figured out there is still post content below the pics and are still reading, I do have to give a thumbs up to the WordPress app for the Crackberry. I just composed this entire post while on the subway, and just saved it and inserted links/posted the pics when I actually got to a computer. Big improvement from having to post to Blogger via email…

winter is long

So yeah, here is that “longer blog post” I referred to in yesterday’s “welcome to my new blog crib” post 🙂  And rumor has it there may be other bloggy peeps looking to make a blog software switcharoo and join me here…ahhh once again, I am a trendsetter 😉

So first off, how about those Jets?  Wasn’t sure how their chances would be yesterday, as I’m sure the Bengals gave them last Sunday’s game just so they could choose their first-round opponent, so to say.  And there was some sloppy playing yesterday, but it all came together in the end.  (And I just also have to mention that Mark Sanchez is good eye candy 😉 )  So they take on San Diego next week…can they repeat the magic?

And now that the new year has started…yeah winter really seems long…everything seems long(er).  Last week was the first 5-day week I worked in awhile and it just killed me 😛  Well not really.  Though of course, the week cannot pass by without incident…well, besides being in an all-day training session for an online reporting tool and feeling so unproductive for one day, there’s a quasi-crisis on one project (thankfully was not my fault, and did not get fingers unfairly pointed at me!) and then I had to save someone else’s ass, who doesn’t follow directions when being told “re-map yourself to the new shared drive and don’t use the old one.”  Friday couldn’t come soon enough…

And on that running thang, I got my new orthotics in and have started breaking ’em in…not sure if they are drastically different from my old ones, but they do feel good and seem to be better made.  And my PT is starting to kick my ass-literally-with squats and lunges…I think I am gonna have a chronically sore butt for the next few weeks 😛

And a topic that I’ve mentioned briefly before, but just feel like raising the question again…what is the etiquette on family members being friends/keeping in touch with ex-boyfriends?  Like do I have any reason to feel bothered by the fact that my ex-boyfriend (who I havent spoken to in forever) is Facebook friends with my brother and I see him posting comments on my brother’s status?  (I give it 2 weeks before he friends both my parents…)  Never the mind that for 2 years after I broke up, my mom still had a picture of the 2 of us in her office…and would probably still have it there today had I not seen it that one time… :-\

The weather is supposed to get into the 30s this week!!  Break out the running shorts…

welcome to bloggy version 2.0!!

So I decided to make the move to WordPress…figured a new year/decade, a new “home” 🙂  And I’m liking this format so far!  🙂  (still leaving the old blog up just in an effort to prevent any broken links from old posts)

Any comments/suggestions about the new look/feel of the blog-let me know, would love to hear!!

In the meantime…I’m off in a little bit to watch the Jets in the first round of the playoffs…if you had told me 2 weeks ago that would be happening, I never would have believed it!

A longer blog post to come soon, but for now I leave you with this…