Race Reports


NYC Half-Marathon-3/18/12

Cherry Tree Relay-2/19/12


Ted Corbitt 15K-12/17/11

Join the Voices 5M-12/4/11

Dick Meighan 5K-11/24/11

New York City Marathon-11/6/11

Staten Island Half-Marathon-10/9/11

Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly Half-Marathon-9/18/11

NYRR Club Team Championships 5M-8/6/11

Central Park Conservancy Run for Central Park 4-miler-7/16/11

Party With Purpose 5K-7/12/11

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M-6/15/11

New York Mini 10K-6/11/11

Brooklyn Half-Marathon-5/21/11


Chicago Marathon-10/10/10 (BQ!):

NYC Marathon 18-Mile Tune-Up-9/19/10

New Haven 20K-9/6/10

Sunset & Suds 5K-8/26/10

NYRR Club Team Championships 5M-8/7/10

Party With Purpose 5K-7/13/10

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M-6/17/10

New York Mini 10K-6/12/10

Brooklyn Half-Marathon-5/22/10

City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks-4/18/10

Scotland Run 10K-4/3/10

Cherry Tree Relay-2/21/10

NYRR Gridiron Classic 4M-2/7/10

Marine Corps Marathon-10/25/09

Philadelphia Distance Run-9/20/09

Sunset & Suds “5K”-8/27/09

NYRR Club Team Championships 5M-8/8/09

Party With Purpose 5K-7/14/09

New York Mini 10K-6/7/09

Ridgewood 5K-5/25/09

Newport 10,000 (10K)-5/9/09

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler-4/5/09

NYRR 8000-3/14/09

Cherry Tree Relay-2/22/09


Holiday 4-Miler-12/13/08

Joe Kleinerman 10K-12/7/08

New York City Marathon-11/2/08:

Grete’s Great Gallop-10/4/08

 NYC Marathon 18-Mile Tune-Up-9/28/08

Philadelphia Distance Run-9/21/08

NYRR Club Team Championships 5M-8/16/08

Party With Purpose 5K-7/15/08

New York Park to Park 10K-7/13/08

Need For Speed Relay-6/8/08

New York Mini 10K-6/7/08

Wall Street Run-5/20/08

Healthy Kidney 10K-5/17/08

Broad Street Run-5/4/08

Run as One 4M-4/13/08

Colon Cancer 4M-3/9/08

Joe Kleinerman 10K-12/9/07

Queens Half-Marathon-9/23/07

NYRR Club Team Championships 5M-8/18/07

San Francisco (2nd) Half Marathon-7/29/07

Naples-New York Park to Park 10K-7/14/07

WABC Fight Against Prostate Cancer 5M-6/17/07

Need For Speed Relay-6/10/07

New York Mini 10K-6/9/07

Wall Street Run 3M-5/22/07

Healthy Kidney 10K-5/19/07

Thomas G. Labrecque 4M-4/29/07

Coogan’s 5K-3/4/07

Snowflake 4M-2/24/07

New York City Marathon-11/5/06:

Staten Island Half-Marathon-10/15/06

NYC Marathon 18-Mile Tune-Up-10/8/06

Grete’s Great Gallop-10/1/06

NYC Half-Marathon-8/27/06

NYRR Club Team Championships 5M-8/19/06

Dash and Splash 5M-7/15/06

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5M-6/21/06

WABC Fight Against Prostate Cancer 5M-6/18/06

Need For Speed Relay-6/11/06

Circle of Friends NY Mini 10K-6/10/06

Healthy Kidney 10K-5/20/06

Queens Half-Marathon-4/29/06

Thomas G. Labrecque 4M-4/9/06

Brooklyn Half-Marathon-3/18/06

Colon Cancer 15K-3/12/06

Snowflake 4M-2/25/06

Gridiron Classic 4M-2/5/06

Manhattan “Half-Marathon”-1/28/06


Joe Kleinerman 10K-12/11/05

Race To Deliver 4M-11/20/05

Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5M-10/30/05


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  1. I am impressed!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! Thats a LOT

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