in transition

I guess thats how you can describe these last coupla weeks.  being in transition.  Work-wise, still trying to wrap my head around all the changes going on, trying to learn new things and get up to speed quickly enough while wrapping up current projects.  (Of course it would have helped if the departed were given more than a half hour to leave and actually allowed to help with transition, but whatever.)  So no real WTF moments this week, at least none I want to write about.

But lotsa “reply alls” flying around about Corporate Challenge T-shirt designs!  Yep, after 6 years we’re coming back to the always-crowded 3.5-mile race.  Actually, its sort of a good sign that people give a sh*t about what the t-shirts look like, interest was pretty lax in the past.  (though if it’s 90 degrees and humid, I will most likely have to make some adjustments to the shirt.)  Not sure who or how many people will be walking or running, all I know is my plan is to get there early, get a decent spot and race it.  I ran 27:40 back in 2006 and hope to improve on that, even a little bit…

But in order to get there, gotta work on my speed, no? 🙂  So I liked my trial workout with Urban Athletics so much that I did go ahead and sign up, and had my 2nd workout this past Tuesday.  3 x 1200m, varying terrains.  First one (5:04, 6:47 pace) was a straight shoot on that downhill mile 5 of Club Champs.  Second one (5:15, 7:02 pace) on a twistier course!  Third one (5:20, 7:09 pace), 2 laps of a rolling hills loop.  Felt good the whole time, had a great group of people to really work through the intervals with.  I know it may look like I went out too fast but I think the first repeat is deceiving, due to the mostly downhill nature.  And I never felt like I did after the first repeat of last week’s workout (where I went out too fast and felt it)-“ran within myself” the entire time, actually had enough left in the tank to negative split the last 1200.  Anyways, another good one and looking forward to many more 🙂

So no running Wednesday nite in order to rest the running muscles…instead did an abs class (which I’m still feeling now!) and a yoga class (which did incorproate a lot of ab work too)  And in the latter class, thats where I viewed what can only be a “gym attire WTF moment.”  Please, please, everyone.  I’m begging you…do NOT, I repeat DO NOT show up to the gym wearing tight shorts that are so threadbare-and with holes in a certain area…especially if u are not wearing underwear and everyone can see your “Britney” (or “Snooki“, as someone else I know likes 😛 )  Scary.

Thankfully changing the subject-again, Brightroom only seems to get pics of me when I look like crap :-p  Hence the multitude of pics from Sunday’s monsoon.  Here are some of the top picks:

are we there yet?

paceleaders in sync.

all smiles. maybe because i'm done.


i don’t wanna cry

This post title has been brought to you by some old-school Mariah Carey.  Yeah, the days of the “Best New Artist” Grammy, the days when she was banging Tommy Mottola…before she graduated to the likes of Derek Jeter (though doesnt he, to this day still deny it?) and Puff Daddy/Puffy/P. Diddy/whatever his name at the moment is…and of course, way, way before the career mistake known as “Glitter.”

Moving away from that for a second-no you’re not seeing things, the bloggy did get an Extreme Makeover over the weekend.  Yes since I’m not running, I have too much time on my hands, I know I know.  But also, my old-school template wouldn’t let me take advantage of any of the newer, cooler Blogger features & gadgets…and I guess after 3 years, was time for a change!!  Don’t like it?  Tough luck.  I’m keeping it.

So back to the title and what it has to do with everything?  Well the fact that I haven’t run a step since October 25th has something to do with it.  And if it were the winter OK maybe it wouldnt be so bad, but the fact that NYC has had 2 beautiful weather days in a row and I haven’t been able to enjoy it, have had to take it indoors.  And as I said before, I don’t mind cross-training too much, but I really have to enjoy it, and that took a hit when spinning was banned as the (sh)IT band didn’t seem to like it too much.  Yoga is fine and good, but the elliptical is just boring.  45 minutes on it yesterday and it felt like work!!  I really can’t believe how out of shape I’ve gotten in 2 weeks…not good 😦

But it’s just I have had other things in my life lately that have either brought me to tears, or close to it…matters of the heart (i may be biased, but I don’t think I know anybody more unlucky in love than myself)…changes a-coming at the office (i will still have a job, but…things are happening where communication is shit, no real game plans in place except just “winging it”, attitudes flying, the wrong people IMHO being on the receiving end of it…long story, aint going into it here)  Yeah, I know having a coupla grain alcohol margaritas at a cool Murray Hill Mexican establishment with a cool friend can help 😉 but I’ve learned after my infamous 9-day drinking streak that it’s (drinking, that is-not girl talk!) just a temporary escape.  I miss being able to lace up the Brooks or Asics and being able to hit Central Park for a few miles, listen to some cool music on the iPod, seeing everyone I know or not seeing anyone, but just being able to forget my troubles for a little bit…sans hangover 🙂  And I think it’s really getting me down, cross-training doesn’t seem to be cutting it in that department.

Or I’ve read other blog posts about post-marathon depression…I think I dealt with it back in 2006…going from a high of a great first marathon back to reality which was a total mess.  Last year I don’t think I dealt with it but it does seem to be making a return appearance this year-and I didn’t even finish my marathon!  I’ll reiterate what I said in my previous post-I have finally come to terms with the events of October 25th-for whatever reason that I can’t comprehend just yet, it wasn’t meant to be.  But I want to look ahead, I do have a couple of races in mind for next year, but I just need this damn (sh)IT band to heal-not just for that, but for my overall sanity as well…

Well as the post title says, I don’t wanna cry, I want to be tough, I want to be strong, but sometimes there is only so much I can take.  And before anyone says it, I am aware things can be a lot worse.  But I just want to see that light at the end of the injury tunnel and all I see is dimness and uncertainity.  I don’t know what these next few weeks are gonna bring.  But I do hope that my next post title can sing a happier tune.

who needs a pointless race anyway

As some of my other teammates who showed up for the “fun run” on Saturday morning told me, the road conditions were actually fine for a race, the roads were clear…even though this was pretty much $20 down the drain for me, I do still think NYRR made the right call-partially-with this one. I definitely agreed with them not making this a points race…not sure what the temps would be at the time, if it were below freezing, there might have been black ice on the ground…which wouldn’t be good for those racing this uber-aggressively (the top guys finish this race at a sub-5 minute pace!) As for turning this into a fun run instead of keeping as a scored race…I dunno, I actually agree with Runner26-that after the Chicago debacle, NYRR was erring on the side of caution…in any case, I don’t blame them for making the decision when they did-as all the local team people needed time to update their teams, etc…

As for me, I did originally think of signing up for a spin class, but didn’t feel like setting the alarm, and actually did a run in the early afternoon…the lower 5 loop of the park was definitely clear, not icy, conditions were great for a run with some flurrying at the very end. Oh-one thing I noticed-on the 102nd street transverse, there were a LOT of clipped red chip ties on the ground-more than I’d think there would be, considering the chips weren’t being used…

Then today, a Flyer teammate held a “Yoga for Runners” class at Practice Yoga-a cute little yoga studio (definitely a far cry from the classes at NYSC!!) Runner26 and Crazybandanahead were there, in addition to other teammates. This was a quite fast-paced class (power vinyasa)-but having done a good majority of the poses for the past coupla months, I actually was able to follow along pretty easily, and do some of the more intermediate/advanced versions of the poses-this one (shoulder stand) is actually my favorite. However-as much as I tried-I could not do the crow pose-don’t think my arms can support this much padding :-\ After the class, I said I felt like a “human pretzel.” :-p And Runner26 and I decided that a cupcake was in order and hit up the UWS Magnolia Bakery and sung the praises of lavender-frosted cupcakes. 🙂

And finally-for some laughs (or not)-this is the latest “most annoying commercial that I can’t seem to get out of my head.” You all have my co-worker to thank for this, after mentioning it on his Facebook status. Tristate areaers-I apologize, but I have to show those who live outside the area what they are missing :-p