tempo in tempos

With a week and a half to go til the Brooklyn Half, last nite’s tempo workout could not have been better timed.  Perfect way for me to practice half-marathon pace, no? 🙂  But it seemed that this workout was also a lesson in patience…

Well first off was 2 x 600 with a little rest inbetween…to sorta gauge the pace/effort we should be running for the bulk of the workout.  Although I swear I was holding back, I ran the first 600 about 10 seconds faster than I was supposed to 😛  So I really tried to pull it back for the 2nd…hell, I was still able to chat!  OK, still a few seconds fast, but much better.

So the bulk of the workout was 1100 meter loops continuous…2 minimum with an optional 3rd.  Target per loop was 5:30, and the first 2 were dead on…I did have someone else to pace with, which was really good.  When I finished the 2nd loop, one of the coaches asked if I wanted to continue on for a 3rd and I was like “bring it on!”  And I was able to pick the pace up ever so slightly (hey dontcha always want to run negative splits in a workout? 🙂 ) and finish strong…of course, it may have helped being lapped by some of the speedsters near the end ;-)…maybe I was trying to stick with them?  (nahhh…)

The damage from last nite:

Again, it felt pretty comfortable…was even chatting during the 2nd loop and wasn’t breathing heavy.  So maybe sub-1:45 in Brooklyn is possible?  And if anything, this almost felt too slow for a tempo effort…or maybe this was just the coaches trying to save me from myself 🙂

Yeah, Brooklyn.  I think I’m ready.  Did my last long run this past Saturday…15 miles-7 hilly in Central Park, 8 flat along the West Side Highway.  Kinda sorta mimicking the half course 🙂  Felt pretty good, though fighting the wind tired me out.  And I apologize to everyone running behind me on the west side path, as I didn’t check the wind forecast and wore some very wind-unfriendly shorts (same shorts and effect shown here at Grete’s Half 2008).  So I guess I won’t be wearing those shorts on race day 😛  The outfit has not been decided yet, but I decided I will be wearing my Adidas Tempos…which I ran in to do the tempo run last nite (hence the post title 🙂 )

Though I did a little shoe shopping at Urban Athletics after the workout…as I finally found my gift certificate for free shoes for pacing the 3-bridges run last September (I didn’t redeem it right away due to the marathon and the injury, so I misplaced it for awhile…doh!) and I decided I wanted to buy a sweet pair of racing shoes for short distances.  So I tried on a couple and ran a little in them (even ran with a different shoe on each foot to compare and contrast!) and wound up with the Saucony Fastwitch 3…don’t they look nice?  (Lam, you will be happy with my decision 😉 )  And they feel nice too…I liked them from the minute I put them on-while I think the other pair I tried on, I was trying to convince myself to like because they looked cool (the Adidas AdiZero Adios.)

So my cool new shoes will get a debut performance on the track early next week…gonna be doing a mile time trial!!  Excited, but nervous.  On one hand, it’s gonna be hella cool running on the track at Icahn Stadium.  And I was assured that this would be a good tune-up for the half…hell if I run well, it will be a nice confidence booster heading into next Saturday.  But I’ve only run the mile once in my life…about 6 years ago.  And didn’t really feel the love for it.  But I guess I do have to remember that I wasn’t training smart back in 2004 and I am now…time and maturity has got to make a world of difference.  Or will it?  Guess I’ll find out in a week…

6 thoughts on “tempo in tempos

  1. Nice work on the repeats.
    Good luck w/ the mile time trial at Ichan,it’s a fast track but word to the wise,the wind on the back straight can be a beast,just be prepared for that,fingers crossed it won’t be an issue,it wasn’t last week when I ran the 1,500m

  2. Thanks for the cheer this morning.

  3. Hey – did I see you out there during Healthy Kidney? You had a Flyer singlet but were not racing. When I think I saw you, you were heading south on West Drive when we were heading north. 🙂

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