feel that beat

So last nite, I actually wore my Garmin to a spinning class…nope, I didn’t want to know how many “miles” i covered on the spinning bike 🙂 I actually only wore it for the HRM…I was curious to see what the heart rate gets up to in spinning class (and the instructor does make HRM references sometimes.)

The results were very surprising!! I honestly found it very hard to get my heart rate up…both the “easy” and “hard” parts were approximately 30 bpm lower than “easy” and “hard” running. Not quite sure what to make of that…is it generally harder to get the heart rate up when cycling/spinning? Is my heart stronger than my legs are? Or am I doing my runs too fast?

Speaking of getting the heart rate up, I haven’t lost hope yet for the Mini on Saturday…current weather report for 9 am Saturday says 74 degrees…and I checked back at the 2004 results, and sure enough, it reports 74 degrees-low humidity though. So maybe if the humdity stays low, it may not be so bad…I’m actually a little more concerned for Need For Speed on Sunday, the high being 90 degrees and me running my leg during the hottest part of the day. I’ve already warned my team that it may have to be an easier effort than we’d like…


damn those resolution people

OK, I just called up NYSC to get my name on the class list for tomorrow morning’s spin class at 9:15…so we’re talking almost 24 hours in advance.

And I wind up #5 on the waiting list…WTF??? C’mon, isn’t everyone supposed to be sleeping in on Saturday morning?

And this seems to have been the trend for the entire month. Yep, it’s the onslaught of the “resolution people”…the reason why I get shut out of spin classes or have to wait forever for a cardio machine when people don’t want to follow the 30 minute limit (and then give me a look when I remind them of said limit.)

I do respect the fact that people want to make changes for the better…but for those of us who work out year round, it is a little frustrating when routine gets interrupted due to people who most likely will give it up after a month. And the gyms don’t seem to meet the increased demand for that time either…

In previous years it hasn’t bothered me-but this time around, I’m more dependent on the gym than before!! (Thank god I never canceled my membership…)