flipping quarters

Nope, not calling “heads” or “tails,” but more what Thursday’s workout was.  The theme for this week with the heat wave coming back was to cut the volume but keep the effort level as high as possible.  So Thursday would be “quarters”…about .25 mile with full recoveries, and I was cut off after 5 intervals (which was definitely a good thing!)  And it was…

Distance Time Pace
0.24 mi 1:29 6:10
0.24 mi 1:33 6:31
0.24 mi 1:32 6:24
0.24 mi 1:32 6:26
0.24 mi 1:31 6:25

Way too fast at first, but settled into some consistency. I still don’t like short intervals!! I can honestly say I’m looking forward to running a “nice, easy 20K” on Monday…that pace seems much more to my liking.

Went home to recover with a beer and the US Open (skipped Shake Shack unlike Tuesday nite though-grabbed a burger and fries after Tuesday’s workout since, well, I do pass it on the way home 😛 )

And tore into my “bag of goodies” that had arrived for me a day earlier…

OK I have to say, Running Warehouse rocks. Great prices, great customer service, super-quick free shipping and they throw in this cool bag for me to carry the goods home from work 🙂  So what did I have to buy?  First off, I was well overdue for a new pair of Brooks Defyance, as my current ones are over 400 miles and are close to retirement…plus I need to start breaking in the pair that I will be running Chi-town in (sorta leaning towards the Defyance instead of the Adidas Tempos, which I wore in the half)  And as for the other…

Ahh, a pair of awesomely obnoxious hot pink compression socks.  I have seen these CEP Compression Socks around before, and Shelby gave these a glowing review on her blog last month too.  And they felt absolutely awesome on my legs after the workout.  They are gonna get a test run during my last 20-miler…as they may very well be part of my Chicago Marathon “costume.”  More to come on that!

And in my next post…the last weekend of summer fun!!


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