hot mess

Got me hypnotized, the city’s your playground
I watch you take a bite, at 5 a.m. roamin’ the streets
Drunk all night, you think you’re hot shit
And ooh I love it, I love it, yeah yeah

Stumblin’ but yeah you still lookin’ hella fine
Keep doin’ what your doin’ and I’ma make you mine

Well you’re a hot mess and I’m fallin’ for you
And I’m like “hot damn, lemme make you my boo.”
‘Cuz you can shake it, shake it, shake it
Yeah you know what to do
You’re a hot mess
I’m lovin’ it hell yes!

That’s exactly how I felt throughout most of this weekend. A hot mess. And thanking my lucky stars that I chose what I did in my Brooklyn-or-NJ debate.  Yeah, the weather could be hot for Brooklyn too, but at least there are 3 more weeks to acclimate, and a 7 AM race start will be helpful.  (On that topic-Public Service Announcement to those running Brooklyn, the start has been changed from 8 AM to 7 AM!!  You’re welcome 🙂 )  Plus I had an event to go to last nite which I really didn’t want to miss, and didn’t want to have to worry about an early wake-up call, or not getting enough sleep… 

So sleeping in today meant I got a late start on my run, was running in the heat of the day…hey, I do have to acclimate, and I’m gonna keep the effort easy.  My plan was to trek out to Prospect Park and familiarize myself with the hills a little more, especially the one evil one which always defeats me during the Cherry Tree Relay!  And just kinda help me with the game plan…like how much time will I lose, if anything?  So the plan was 3 + loops of the park…10 miles and change, 4 trips up the hill!! 👿

And it actually went well.  It seemed like whatever time I lost on the hill, I did make it up on the downhills so it was pretty much a wash.  Even the 2nd time up that hill wasn’t so bad.  3rd time I was struggling a little, but it felt more heat-related than anything else (though I was definitely hydrating-I had a water bottle with me that I kept refilling, and I took a gel after the 2nd loop).  4th time, picked up the pace (if anything, just to get it over with)…finished strong…averaged 9-flat pace for the run.  And I couldn’t wait to get back to Manhattan, down an iced caramel macchiatto, and shower 🙂  So I think this one gave me a little more insight into a game plan…just hope the weather gods will cooperate on May 22nd.

And for those of you who ran NJ, Long Island, or whatever else…half, full…congrats.  The conditions today were no joke-I would not have wanted to run any longer than I had to!!  I think the weather this weekend was only good for one thing…sipping drinks outside at the Boat Basin.  Oh Boat Basin strawberry margaritas, how I’ve missed you… 😉

And this is blog post 700 for me!!  About 10 months since post number 600.  Yes, I need a life. 🙂

4 thoughts on “hot mess

  1. Wow that run sounds tough! Congrats!

  2. Girl, I’m still trying to rehydrate from NJ Half. What a brutal day! And to think, we have to train in this mess for Chicago. GAH!!!
    Thanks for the BK Half PSA because I certainly would have been tardy to that party 🙂

    • well don’t forget, we should be acclimated by the time Chi-town training starts…i think that was really the main factor of this past weekend, after the crazy cold winter, no one was acclimated to the heat. nice job toughing it out tho!

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