pumped up kicks

And on the topic of pumped up kicks, I haven’t had a shoe post in awhile!

Well first off, a warning out to those who love the Adidas Adioses as much as I do.  I heard awhiles back that the “upgrade”-the Adios 2’s-would be more of a lightweight trainer and less like a racing flat.  Not wanting to deal with having to deviate from the perfect racing flat, I immediately stockpiled a few pairs, which should last me til next year I think?  And it was a good thing, because I actually got to try out the Adios 2’s a coupla weeks back when an Adidas rep came to our workout.  My suspicions were confirmed-felt like a totally different shoe…more substantial and not as flexible.  (of course, this was also 2 days post-NYC Half…)

And my marathon shoe?  Well even though I talked about the Brooks Launch here as being my marathon shoe…i dunno, for whatever reason I fell out of love with them.

Enter the Brooks PureFlows.

I had heard very good things about Brooks’ PureProject line, and I actually had my eye on these shoes even before NYCM (but figured it was too late to switch then)  These felt awesome from the minute I tried them out-like how they had the feel of a racing flat but are substantial enough for a marathon.  And yes, these will be my Boston shoes.  Well not this pair exactly…as I had to get a fresher pair for the big day and so I had to go with the color update…

I guess these shoes won't clash with the hot pink socks? 🙂

And of course, one of those shoes will be wearing my lucky Yankee charm on race day 🙂

Shifting to running fashion-I got to give a shout to lululemon for my new favorite shorts-their Shorty Shorts.

yeah, this obviously ain't me.

These have the stamp of approval to be my marathon short-I wore these on my Palisades 20-miler and they worked liek a charm-I had wanted a pair of fitted shorts with pockets, and these have 5!  (well actually 7, but I don’t quite trust the 2 on the front of the legs)  Plus they did not ride up once (thanks to some grippy silicone at the bottom.)  So I got the shorts and shoes-jury is still out on the pink socks-if it’s warm I may ditch them, just gotta decide on the top.

And I have my post-race apparel all ready to go…right now just hanging up in my closet, waiting 12 more days to be worn 🙂


too tired to think of a title

but just felt like writing down my random thoughts before i forgot…

  • purple running tights are a major fashion don’t. on that note, purple head-to-toe is a major running fashion don’t. The Barney look hasn’t been in style since…has the Barney look ever been in style??
  • it is never a good idea to laugh and make fun of runners. because, ya know…you could be some dude dressed up in green in the midst of st. patricks day. and in your drunken stupor, drop your phone and wouldn’t you know it…one of those runners you made fun of found the phone and graciously returned it to its rightful owner.
  • it truly sucks to tell someone something in confidence, and then find out that information is used as ammunition at another time.
  • it sucks more for the other people who unfortunately took the brunt of the abovementioned.
  • but sometimes, a rave review pops up when you least expect it.
  • sometimes the phrase “hope for the best, expect the worst” makes sense.
  • and yes, i am being cryptic. for a reason 😉

vanity has no place in cold-weather running. or does it?

yeah yeah yeah we’ve come across the first real cold snap of the year. (not hard, considering this is the first week of January.) I’m sure yesterday, NYSC and other assorted gyms across the NYC metro area were filled with more than just the “resolution” people.

Me, I debated going for a run outdoors-specifically for that reason, I’m sure I’d have to wait forever for a cardio machine, or that the spinning classes would be full, etc…so I went to Engineers Gate to see if any other Flyers were showing up for the group run. If there were, great, if not-or if the ones there were planning on going too fast for me, at least I had my iPod so I can just continue on as long as I was out there.

Thankfully, a couple of fellow bloggers were there and we did the lower 5 nice and relaxed. It was actually a very nice night to run (despite both thermometers near Columbus Circle reading less than 20 degrees)…

…and I do partially have the apparel to thank for that!! Looks like the layering job I did was just right-and actually looked pretty sharp too 🙂 This Sugoi jacket (in red) and tights (both of which I got on sale-especially the jacket, no way was I paying full price for that!!), and under the jacket was this top in black (I got that majorly on sale too-thanks to being a Flyer) and a black long sports bra, also wore my Mizuno gloves and I decided to pull out my old Midnight Run 2004-2005 black fleece cap 🙂 And that combo was almost perfect-might have been able to use another layer on the bottom, but I dealt with it.

For good cold-weather pieces, I always look for good deals on the high-end gear…it’s so worth it. Shop around, both online and in the stores…some of the NYC are especially kind to the local runners and give discounts!! 🙂

and now, for the running fashion portion…

it’s crazy, with fall fashions out in the stores now and I buy more running clothes than street clothes. I guess that shows where my priorities are 🙂

But I tried out an awesome new find yesterday…I was quite annoyed during a long run last weekend when my trusty RaceReady shorts (the ones I wore in the marathon, no less!) kept riding up and chafing the hell outta me.

While doing some shopping, I noted another style of RaceReady shorts that I hadn’t really seen/considered before…I tried them out and wouldn’t you know it, no chafing, no riding up!! (And they actually don’t look half bad on me either…I usually try to shy away from tight shorts like those.)

And I’m about to test out a new running skirt…stay tuned, I will be writing my own running skirt roundup shortly 🙂

a brief clothes shopping rant

please ladies, let me know if I am imagining things here…

so i wanted to do some clothes shopping…primarily, I wanted a new pair of jeans, as I have seem to have outgrown some of my older pairs…

and I went to Express where I tried on a pair of jeans-in a style that I already own and fits perfectly…so I tried on the same exact size…and they did not fit at all. Needless to say, I was so disgusted I left the store empty-handed.

Is it me, or are the clothes manufacturers fucking with the sizes again?

And why is it that the only styles of jeans or pants I see in stores are “slim fit” or “skinny fit”? (which neither would fit since I am neither slim nor skinny…even when I weighed 20 pounds less than I currently do, my hips and thighs were always a problem area.)

I just find it frustrating…yeah, it’s great that fashionistas want to ban too-thin models from the catwalk to set a better example for us all…but what the clothes manufacturers do-only designing clothes that don’t fit a majority of the population-feels like a little bit of a slap in the face. Stop confusing us, please!!!

red is the colour of winners

look what i got in my pretty little hands tonite during tonite’s Flyer exec board meeting…

new red flyer singlet-front new red flyer singlet-back

i was the first Flyer to order our new red-hot singlet (or actually, “throwback” may be a better term-we did have a limited edition red singlet long before my time and we decided to give them a revival in ’06) so only fitting (no pun intended) that i’d be one of the first to receive it…

can’t wait to model this at the next points race (the Healthy Kidney 10k) in 2 weeks.

i’m such a clotheshorse. i get way too excited about new fashions, be it street clothes or running wear 🙂

now playing: “if you could read my mind” ~ stars on 54

skirt mail call!

i had a nice surprise in my mailbox when i got home yesterday, my SkirtSports running skirts had arrived!! i couldn’t wait to try them on…

and since i promised a review, here it is.

both styles looked great out of the envelope…the all-black color looked very sleek and the material was very nice too-kinda silky. in terms of sizing-i had gotten a medium in both, since with my New Balance skirt-i have a small and a medium in that, the small fits but the medium fits a little better.

first I tried on the MarathonGirl…was quite short-maybe a teensy bit shorter than my NB one?-looked cute but the “spankies” underneath (which are kinds like the liners in running shorts-except more fitted) did not cover quite enough…there’s no way i’d feel comfortable running in this. i know the website says that the black skirt runs small, but still… (is the assumption that all girls that run marathons have no backside to speak of? :-p ) this one will be going back.

next, tried on the GymGirl…much, much better!! length was perfect, shorts underneath fit well, looked very cute with covering just enough. plus, it goes perfectly with my Flyer singlet-i think i may actually wear this skirt to my race on Sunday…if so, i can give a first run report then 🙂

so there you have it, ladies (and any interested gents.) what to wear, and what not to wear.