i pity the fool

And today’s post is brought to you by no other than Mr. T…yep “First name: Mister; middle name: period; last name T!

Sooo it’s April Fool’s Day.  And thankfully, no one was able to pull one over on me.  Yet. 🙂 

But I’m sure everyone in the running community has seen the following link today…be it on Facebook, Twitter, Daily Mile, message boards, blogs, what have you…  http://mybaa.org/BostonMarathon/2011.html

And so when you click on the link…well looky looky here:

Oh wait…it gets better…here is that box that the arrow is pointing to, enlarged:

Now I really didn’t fall for this one (I think the fact that almost every other link on that website was broken is a dead giveaway of sorts) but I know others did.  But dear god, this would be my nightmare.  3:30?  No chance.  (Though I wish if the qualifying times are gonna be changed, that it be announced soon…I mean, I should know what marathon time I need to train for and target…no?)

Getting away from running, I wish that the results of this week’s Dancing With The Stars was an early April Fool’s joke!!  How the hell did Kate Gosselin not be in the bottom 2?  I really hope that the viewers aren’t keeping her around just to watch her be a trainwreck…someone deserving of staying around another week shouldn’t have to take the fall for her.  But Evan’s still around, so I’m happy…

And back to running just briefly…debating what shoes to wear for Saturday’s 10K.  Take a chance with the almost-new, once-worn Adidas Tempos?  Or stick with the tried and true Asics DS-Trainers?  Though this is not really a goal race for me, I wouldn’t cry or anything if I happened to run under 50 minutes…


7 thoughts on “i pity the fool

  1. Okay, you can call me gullible! I probably was the only one who got excited by that false BAA announcement. It would have been the perfect motivation/incentive to shoot for sub-3 marathon. So I was a little disappointed that it was only a Fool’s Day prank.

    But honestly, I expect the standards to be dropped soon. (Maybe by 5 minutes, not by 10). The race is getting too crowded and people who qualify with the later marathons are getting shut out of next year’s race. This is not so fair if you ask me. Not only for the individual but for the later marathons, because some people might not want to run knowing that Boston registration has already closed.

    I don’t know. Tricky situation. But I guess that’s a discussion for another day!

    • I just thought about it again-and realized that the standards can’t be changed for 2011-it would not be fair to those who qualified in late 2009 and got shut out…as those qualifying times are supposed to be good for 2011 too. I think any changes would have to be for 2012 going forward. I can possibly deal with a 5 minute tightening of the standards…maybe I can squeak out a 3:35:59. Maybe. (and of course, I age up for 2012, so I’d get another 5 minutes there.) But I’m just very doubtful that i can run a 3:30.

  2. Good luck tomorrow in the Scotland 10k……….whichever shoes you opt for!

  3. Great post, but use fewer smiley faces.

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