the numbers game

with no prospects in the horizon, decided to tweak my JDate profile a little bit. we’ll see if anything happens with that, but related to that-and online dating-there was something on my mind…that I had also heard others talking about too…

Unlike most online dating profiles, JDate does have a spot where you can list your weight. I have always decided to plead the fifth on that. First off-it’s really no one’s business what my exact weight is (and can always change based on things like time of month, etc…)

But moreso…it seems like guys are so hung up on the numbers-they expect girls to be super skinny, won’t date someone above a certain weight or BMI…and honestly, considering I am probably 10-15 pounds heavier than what guys consider acceptable for my height (not due to laziness though-just bad genes)…I am sorta afraid that the number would be a turnoff. Instead, I hope the fact that I mention an active lifestyle (e.g., marathon running)-and that I have halfway decent pictures-would make up for that. Or does it?

Yeah I know. If a guy would judge me based on a number, I wouldn’t want to be with him anyway. But guys, please convince me you’re not all like that.


those who can’t do, write

The other day at work, I helped one of my colleagues write a profile. (Funny thing about said colleague-his profile showed up once in my JDate search prefs a couple years back-and vice versa. Back then I was like “oh shit” when I saw he viewed my profile, now we just laugh at it. I actually was surprised that he showed up in my prefs…back then we couldn’t stand each other, he’s gotten nicer now.)

I have never laughed so hard at one of those things. Basically, the point was to poke fun at all online dating profiles-that they all say the same thing and if anyone can see past the sarcasm in the profile, to contact him. (my favorite part that I contributed was saying that the last book he read was the “T & E guidelines and sexual harassment manual.” teehee.) Anyway, it all got past the censors.

Kinda reminded me of something of mine that didn’t get past online dating censors that I meant to blog about for awhile but for whatever reason, didn’t. On another site, I wanted to put up a running picture of me…but I wanted to make it one I actually liked (I’m not always crazy about all my running pictures) and one that I can easily white out the number and if I have a Flyer logo on, that it’s not easy to see. So I tried this one from last year’s Club Champs.

And wouldn’t you know, it gets rejected by the censors-due to showing too much skin in the picture. Excuse me? They can accept pictures of guys wearing nothing but Speedos…it’s not like I had a wardrobe malfunction in that pic or something, I was decently covered!!

Maybe I oughta try again-this time use a picture where I’m wearing the naked shorts. teehee.

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