the never-ending shoe saga

oy vey…here we go again.

So I decided to take the brand-spankin new Cumulus 10s for a 5-mile test run this morning. I really wanted to love these shoes. Would make (running) life so much easier, right?

But no…didn’t fall in love with them like I did with the 9’s. Didn’t really feel as responsive, felt a little heavier. But then again, that could have been my legs…even though I took yesterday off, it’s possible my legs still felt some tiredness from Tuesday’s workout…or maybe I was tired from all my wine consumption last nite 🙂

So, I wonder…do I give these one more chance? Or take them back to the store and start stockpiling the 9’s? Sorta leaning towards the latter…but man, I hate being dependent on a discontinued shoe!!

(And obviously the person at JackRabbit who helped me was new and I guess misinformed…according to her, nothing really changes with shoe model numbers and if one felt good, the upgrade should too. Um…yeah. What you said.)


2 thoughts on “the never-ending shoe saga

  1. Are you married to Asics, or have you tried others. The 9s were nice, but I recently switched to Brooks after getting into their sponsorship program, and really like the GTS for roads.I always go by first instinct…if I don’t like the shoes on run #1, I rarely give them another shot.

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m “married” to Asics, but I am somewhat loyal-they always seem to make the shoes that really “stick” for me (Cumulus 7 and 9, DS-Trainer 11 and 13)-at least til the upgrade! Tried Brooks once and was kinda indifferent. Mizunos don’t fit me well-no matter how much I size up, they don’t feel right.I’m leaning towards stockpiling the 9’s at least until after the marathon…after all, if it ain’t broke… 🙂

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