"fun run" vs. "fun" run

Ahhhh what a difference 20-something degrees can make:
last Sunday-80-something degree hilly 13.1 mile “fun run”=torture.
yesterday-60 degree flat 11 mile “fun” run=awesome.

the unseasonable heat finally broke later in the week, however bringing rain with it. yesterday I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get a long run in…however after sleeping off my share of martini consumption from the previous night, I saw a window where I could get my run in and just went for it.

And what a 180 it was from the previous weekend…where I was struggling to maintain 9:15-9:30s. Maybe it was the cool weather, maybe it was the flat surface of the West Side Highway path, maybe it was the music on the iPod, maybe it was the bouncy new-shoe feel of my last pair of Cumulus 9’s on their 3rd run, but I was just clicking off very consistent 8:4x miles for the bulk of the run, without really pushing at all…just felt very smooth. Don’t plan on this being a habit…but hey I’ll take a good run where I can get it. Running can be heartbreaking like that, I don’t know if my next run will repeat the torture of last weekend or something like that…

And on the topic of last weekend’s “fun run”…there was lotsa heated discussion about that during the week…which included, but was not limited to…
If it was co-ed, would it still have been canceled? Uh…anyone remember Chicago 2007? (not to mention all the snowy, icy co-ed NYRR races that were made into fun runs…even distances as short as 4 miles!)
There was no notice…ok, I’ll give em that. As I said before, I think that as soon as the heat advisories went up, there should have been some notice that there could be heat-related adjustments to the race…live and learn.
NYRR should give them spots in the NYC marathon to “make up” for it…um…apples and oranges there.
Bottom line was that this was a “you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t situation” for NYRR. Yeah, there were (understandably) a lot of upset women-but I’m sure that if the show still went on and if, god forbid, a runner died or something else due to the heat-NYRR would have been chastized for not making it a fun run. Hindsight is always 20/20….

Changing the topic a little-I got new shoes yesterday!! The Brooks Defyance 2, which will hopefully, hopefully be the perfect replacement for my beloved Asics Cumulus 9s…as I am on my last pair and both the 10s and the brand-spankin’ new 11’s are a no-go. (Anyone else feel that Asics have made the heel units on their trainers a little too…busy or something?) With MCM training starting near the end of June, I want to get the shoe situation squared away long before then. And I give a big thumbs-up to the new JackRabbit store on the Upper East Side…the person who helped me was great, helped me try on several pairs and come to an educated decision…was between the Defyance and the Mizuno Wave Rider 12s, but the Brooks just won out by a hair (was that close!) Now I just need a dry day this week to try out the new shoes on the road….


2 thoughts on “"fun run" vs. "fun" run

  1. Omigosh, that’s my marathon/half-marathon racing shoes. I ran Boston in it 2 weeks ago for my 3:02 and my half-marathon in it today and PR’d so I’m hoping that the speed shoe bug in those Defyance 2’s become contagious.

  2. In that case I do hope they work out for me 🙂 (I wear my DS-Trainers in halfs, but these would be my marathon shoe if they work out…)congrats on the PR!! (now which race report are you gonna write first…this one or the end of boston?)

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