chase a guy, any guy!!

OK-after tonite’s workout, I am forbidden from running after guys in the first repeat of any workout. And here’s why…

Time Pace Comment
1 3:28 6:56 wowza!! was this really a half-mile?
2 3:42 7:24 ok-that seems more realistic
3 3:45 7:30 still on target…
4 3:50 7:40 i’m paying for that first repeat.
5 3:39 7:18 last one…give it all you got!

For reference sake-the workout was 5 x a half-mile…target around 7:30ish pace. What happened in the first repeat? Well-everyone started at once…and I think some of the faster runners “sucked me in” for at least the first minute…and well, it just happened that most of them were guys, so it probably looked like I was chasing the guys :-p I looked at my watch at the end of that repeat and was in disbelief-and hoped it wouldn’t bite me in the a$$ later…and as you see, it did for repeat #4…

But-on the other hand, that was the first time ever that I have ever done a half-mile in a workout at a sub-7 pace…and I was still able to kick it in at the end so not all was lost.

But honestly-it wouldn’t have been the first time i’d be “chasing guys” in the first repeat 🙂 I remember one or two Tuesday morning workouts with the 6 am crew, where I was clearly letting the guys pull me along, and the group leader even had to warn me to pull back. I guess some things will never change!! 🙂

And today was the maiden voyage for my brand-spankin new DS-Trainer 13s…were sitting patiently in the box for 3 1/2 months and finally got used today!! And I like em. I like em a lot. 🙂 Asics has been forgiven for messing up on the DS-Trainer 12s. Hey who knows, it could’ve been the shoes today as well…


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