running towards the beer

I think that title pretty much sums up my running this past Wednesday and Thursday 🙂

Well first to start off…Wednesday’s tracky workout.  As you remember, I passed on this week’s track meet and opted for a track workout at the East 6th Street track.  And boy was I looking forward to revisiting that track!!  Ran a little over 2 miles from work to get there so I’d be ready to rock when go time came around.  So it looked like the bulk of the workout would be 800s.  We’d do two 200s to prep and gauge pace, then 4-6 800s, depending on how well we held up i guess 🙂  Even with the heat, I was pretty happy with my splits, and I was actually able to negative split most of the 800s, if not all of them (our coach was calling out times at the 400 meter point.)  I’m pretty sure I could have done a sixth 800, but instead we did one lap of the track…first 200 tempoish, last 200 all-out.  And here’s how it all went, by the numbers…

interval time pace
200 0:51.27 6:52.54
200 0:49.75 6:40.31
800 3:30.65 7:03.75
800 3:26.25 6:54.90
800 3:29.15 7:00.73
800 3:25.90 6:54.19
800 3:31.35 7:05.16
200 0:56.48 7:34.47
200 0:44.60 5:58.87

Well I obviously saved something for the end!!  Still boggles the mind that I ran a sub-6 anything!  And as for the rest of the workout, was all good.  Especially since we had to dodge the large Niketown groups on the track and I bet we all ran longer than the intended distance due to having to dip into lane 2 or lane 3 briefly (seriously people-track etiquette?  Hello?  Do NOT do recovery jogs or walk in lane 1!)  The whole group done good-we all really worked well together.  And earned those post-workout beers!!  We hit up Zum Schneider afterwards…partially because we were celebrating the birthday of someone in the group, but apparently it is the place to go after an East 6th St workout (as some guy sitting at the bar who looked to be a regular let me know!)  It was a fun nite-knocking back some good beers (the Weihenstephaner Weissbier was delicious-definitely recommended!), recapping the great sports stories of the day (only thing more newsworthy than the US advancing in the World Cup was that record-breaking 1st round match at Wimbledon-which still had to be completed the next day!) and just socializing-nice group, glad I joined these guys!!  (just speed tho!  I will always be a “diamond girl” at heart 🙂 )

Then last nite was the Wall Street Run…as two races in less than a week’s time was stretching it a bit,  I had decided to pass on this one.  Good thing I did-was brutally hot last nite (and once again, this race had no corrals!  Recipe for disaster, anyone?)  So my plan was just an easy run on the west side path, out of the way of the race, but end near the WFC.  I was so glad I wasn’t racing-just a so-called “easy” run was tough, had to really scale back the effort and stop of water quite a bit.  but at the end was my reward-the post-race party at the downtown Urban Athletics store.  Of course I was weak and bought a coupla running tops…never can resist a sale 🙂  Oh yeah, and the free beer too 😛  After spending some time at the store socializing (and while I was there, I tried on the Saucony Kinvaras…despite all the hype, i really didn’t love them!)-I headed to my next stop of the evening, meeting up with EG, TK, Ansky and some other bloggers, and yep another Blue Moon was consumed by yours truly 🙂  And at both places, I heard pretty much similar accounts of the race, which included but was not limited to “too hot,” “too crowded,” “brutal” and “that sucked.”

Today?  A running rest day but once again, the evening will consist of beer consumption…


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