the season of excess

oh hi again!!  damn, i’m not even keeping up with my previous “once-a-week” thang.  but the last coupla weeks have been the weeks of the holiday party and other assorted goodies (yet not much running)

To sum up the last coupla weeks:

 So there being lotsa eating, drinking and socializing.  Which also equals hangovers, late nights, not waking up til the afternoon, lazy weekends on the couch.  I’ll actually be glad when January comes around and the party season has died down.  but don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun.  Work party was a good time, though this time around the CFO wasn’t even there, so a certain party tradition did not happen this year 😦  But what did suck?  Party on Wednesday, work on Thursday (couldn’t take off like I usually do since our group had a vendor take us out to lunch.)  Flyers party was a good time as usual, though some peeps were missed.  Throw in others here and there…then last nite I crashed the Flyers speedwork session (as UA is on hiatus this month) and partied at Rathbone’s afterwards (yum 2-for-1 Blue Moons…love their 2-for-tuesdays!)…sorta late night for a “school night” but still fun.  But man, I don’t know what worked harder yesterday, my legs or my lungs.  Short repeats on minimal running are not the best…neither was breathing in that cold, icy air.  Thinking tempo is better for the winter months…?

On the topic of running, no races on the horizon right now.  After that crappy job at the 10K, I figured a 15K PR would not be happening and decided to pass on that race.  (Turned out to be a good thing-as I didn’t leave a party the night before til after 3 AM!)  I had tossed my name in the ring for the NYC Half, but I got rejected…as did 90% of the tri-state area

Needless to say, NYRR’s facebook page blew up, and rightfully so.  Did I know there would be a chance of being rejected?  Oh yeah.  Did I know I wouldn’t have a shot in hell of getting in?  Hells no.  i definitely think that NYRR did not handle this well.  Between pushing off the lottery to mid-December (and leaving many in danger of getting closed out of other spring halfs) to disclosing all this information after the fact…I do appreciate that they sort of “came clean” but it’s also “too little too late.”  (And yeah, the truth does hurt.  Meaning about how they’ve strayed so far from their “base,” local runners (no I don’t mean local elite.)  As a friend of mine said (very well, I may say): “NYRR needs to remember their Charter and that the club was formed First & Foremost to benefit runners in New York City; The club was NOT formed to host triathlons, pay rabbits for professional track meets in CA, or to donate money to professional clubs in Mammouth Lakes or Minnesota.”  (There’s a good post on Joe’s blog too.)

So next year will be interesting I guess.  Especially since now NYRR is offering a guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC Half for those who complete 4 out of 5 borough halfs in 2011.  I feel they are just going to cause another problem to try and solve another.  (Oh and don’t even get me started about the $70 registration fee for the More Half-marathon-which is 2 loops of Central Park!)  First off, given that 2 of the 5 halfs are on Saturdays, if someone can’t race on Saturdays for work or religious reasons, or other reasons, they’re automatically out of it (same thing for Sundays too.)  Secondly, those who want to run the borough halfs just to run them (and not caring about NYC Half entry) may get screwed.  Brooklyn is already tough to get into, I see it selling out in record time this year. (you can bet i’m going to jump on registration once it opens!)  Not to mention how they are always changing around the dates of the borough halfs…

As for me, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get in, but it’s not the end of the world (there’s always the Brooklyn Half I guess.)  I’ve only done the NYC Half once and it was a bad race for me, so I thought that like Brooklyn, this could be a good race to “get revenge” on.  Guess only way I will ever get to run it again will be to have a qualifying time under my belt-and please don’t tell me that it’s so easy and everyone should be able to do it.  Those qualifying standards are no joke, even having my best half-marathon ever I still came up 36 seconds short…

Anyways, back to work…man, they’re still expecting us to work?  Doesn’t everyone go away for the holidays? 🙂


thing #256 that i hate about dating

okay, despite what the title may hint at, this post is not going to be solely devoted to bitching about the single life.  i just kinda liked the post title 🙂

so actually, this is a writeup about NYRR Club Night.  which as you all may know, is one of my favorite events, this being the 5th time I attended.  I’m always up for meeting others in the running community, and at an event like this, the atmosphere is actually a little more relaxed (unlike at a race where everyone’s out to get each other :-P)  Like last year’s event, it was held at the Hard Rock Cafe, but this time they were bringing back the post-awards ceremony dancing! 🙂  I was glad, I felt that was a better way for the clubs to mingle.  As I had mentioned last year-I felt the cocktail hour was more “find your teammates so you can sit together during the awards” than a chance to mingle with the other teams.  So thumbs up to NYRR for listening to our feedback!!

So contrary to what I just said, ther was actually some minor mingling going on during the cocktail hour/pre-awards.  I was hanging out with the other Flyers who attended, but I was able to say hi/catch up with friends from other teams too…while ever so often, looking at the flat screen TVs that showed a slideshow from the 2009 races to see if we could spot any Flyers (Lam-you were spotted!)

So…time for the awards ceremony.  As our men moved up to the “A” division in 2009, no award for them this year.  Our 50+/veteran women won 3rd place in their division…congrats ladies, I am sure you gals will be #1 in 2010! 🙂  And of course, watched all the individual age-group winners get their awards…as I helped with the awards process this year, not a lot of it was surprising to me 🙂  The ceremony ended with a pictorial “decade in review”…ahhh brought back memories.  And a couple of us came away with this with ideas to improve our own team’s awards…

Anyway, most of the other Flyers left right after the awards ceremony, but EF and SD stuck around…not surprising, they are the dancing king and queen of the Flyers 🙂  And let me tell you…I was definitely glad to have them around.  Here is the part that has some relevance to this post title.  I do go to these events with an open mind…not with the expectation that I will meet someone, but “you never know.”  But let me say, it is just disturbing how aggressive and “grabby” a few of the men were.  And that anyone considers it to be appropriate behavior.  And this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with it…I remember a Jewish singles event where the same thing happened.  But I’ll tell you, this is one thing I truly hate about being single.  I mean, I don’t think I was “asking for it”, I wasn’t dressed overly slutty (if anything, I probably am more covered up than when I am running!)…it sorta ruined what should have been my favorite part of the evening.  I mean seriously…if someone’s body language signals that not interested, feeling uncomfortable…just stop it for godssakes!!

The music was good, but I kept having to excuse myself…to either say I needed to talk to someone, or get another drink…was actually a little bit of a relief when the night was over.  And guys-I know you are all not like that.  hell, one of my teammates met her boyfriend at Club Night a few years back and they are still together now.  I just seem to be a magnet for the wrong guys I guess.  Next year, if I don’t have a boyfriend, I will need to bring a bodyguard or something… 😛

Oh, and can you believe it, the NYRR photographer actually caught me in action on the dance floor…

it had me in stitches

So…another year, another Flyers Awards Gala.  And unlike what others say, I do not consider this to be like a prom.  Let’s see…the prom, you have pressure to find a date.  And if you don’t have a date you don’t attend the event.  (That was me back in the day.)  This party…not so much!!  Plenty of peeps were there stag.  If anything, I think with all the glamour and fashion that graced the Midtown Loft, that this is more like one of those red-carpet awards shows…Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, MTV Awards, etc. (except thankfully, no Kanye West moments!) than a silly high school dance 😛

runner26, DD and me-triple trouble strikes again! 🙂

So anyway…I arrived “fashionably late” (less than a half hour after the real start time) to find the place already packed…well not a surprise, considering this event actually sold out this year!!  So I mingled with Flyers old and new (and tried to avoid a certain one who I have no idea why he even renewed his team membership-though is a good candidate for the “least likely to take a hint” award) and sipped some Cosmopolitans.  However-I did not partake in the food though in favor of mingling…but partially because I was a little bit wary of the food after the issue with the “Flyer Flu” last year (a crazy amount of Flyers got the flu after last year’s awards gala, and the food was one of the suspects)…but also I didn’t have the patience for the ridiculously long line.  And I did make sure to eat beforehand in anticipation…but as it turned out, that may have been an error on my part…


OK so time for the awards, which pretty much went off without a hitch.  All awards recipients were happy, those who we really had to keep the secret from (because they were involved in one of the awards committees somehow even though they were gonna receive awards) were truly surprised…and the crowning jewel of the evening was Crazy Bandanahead winning Flyer of the Year!!  (see his acceptance speech!)  Congrats Bandana-brain…well-deserved!!  Can’t believe it was only…4 years ago when we first met at the Chelsea Piers track meet…now you’re all grown up!!  my how time flies…

And time for my favorite part of the night…dancing!!  The DJ once again did good with the song selection and of course I had to request “I Gotta Feeling” which we were all just screaming along to while dancing…I think that song just may be the “SexyBack” of the 2010’s! 🙂  So anyways, the final 2 hours of the night flew by and before we knew it, was the “Last Dance”…

…but we had to keep the party going, and talk after-party, right?  So I approached the mike to make the announcement…and stupid me tripped and fell.  I know it was partially because I had too many Cosmos in me…but the floor was also slippery from everyone spilling drinks (apparently I wasn’t the only one who slipped during the course of the evening)…and I didn’t know it til later, but one of the tips of my heels was broken…but anyway, long story short, when I fell I got cut over by my right eyebrow and it wouldn’t stop bleeding…which led to a trip to the ER to get stitched up (thanks to my saviors for being with me…you know who you are 😉  I owe you both big time!)  So definitely not how anyone wanted the night to end…but could have been a lot worse.  (Note to self-in the future, do not be an idiot at open bar events.  And do eat something!  There, I’m putting it here to hold myself accountable.)

With the exception of the “mini-stitches” by my eyebrow, I’m fine now though (I think I had more headaches this week from work than the actual impact)…running did have to take a backseat this week…was a little nervous about running in the dark, or even on the treadmill too (knowing how graceful I am and that I’d likely trip) and just wanted to heal up.  (Still planning on running Sunday morning though, who knows how that is gonna go!!)

But despite the ending-the party was great…everyone involved did a fabulous job, as usual!!  Til next year…

spirit fingers

the red carpet photo :)(aka my well-overdue Flyers awards gala recrap. post title is a reference to the movie Bring It On. you’ll see why…)

Another year, another Flyers awards gala. Or as some people refer to it, the “Flyer Prom” (I’m not sure how accurate that is-I mean, there’s no pressure to find a date for this shindig. Or is there?) Another west midtown loft location, which us UWS’ers did not mind in the least 🙂 Once again, shared a cab w/ Runner26 and her hubby, and arrived around 7:30 to find the party already in full swing…why, oh why, am I not surprised. Everyone dressed to impress, looking fabulous, and lotsa red in the house this year, including myself!! (I think this may have been my favorite awards gala ensemble yet!)

So, a coupla hours of sipping cosmos (it went with the ensemble!), sampling the catered goods, catching up with Flyers old and new, it was time for the actual awards ceremony. It started off with the annual “Year in Pictures,” which I had a hand in choosing both the pictures (yes-I actually allowed the underwear run picture to stay in there!) and the music (well just one of the songs, but was still cool to hear!) Then time for the actual awards-and let me say, our MC’s did a great job, they were totally themselves, very entertaining. As I co-chaired the awards committee this year, the recipients were not a surprise to me…except one-the “Team Spirit” award.

accepting my award!If possible, we try to spread the awards out so as many people as possible can win, and someone doesn’t wind up taking home 2 or 3 awards. So when our original nominee for the Team Spirit award was actually slotted to win something else, was back to the drawing board. A couple of nominees were thrown out-including myself (nominated by someone else-I would never put myself up for an award, I think it’s not kosher when I’m heading the committee) and all of a sudden the email chains got quiet, until my co-chair sent an email to me and a couple of others saying we were in contention so we were left out of the discussion-so that was that until the actual awards ceremony. Honestly, knowing who I was up against, I was sure it was going to go to one of them (I felt they did more for the team than I do.)

So, back to the present…time for the “Team Spirit” award…and who will it be? RB starts the couple of lines about the awards recipient…as soon as he said “she” I was thinking “ohmigod…no way.” I knew. My name got called. Applause. Go up to the front and accept my award. Pose for the camera. Walk back to my seat to even more applause. Throw an arm up in the air in jubilation. Get back to my seat still smiling. And that all felt so surreal-like I was watching myself through all that. (Is that how the Oscar/Grammy/etc. winners feel, I wonder?)

Watched the rest of the awards winners, capped off by the Flyer of the Year presentation, which went to who I felt was a very deserving winner and was very happy to see her get it-and the outgoing Flyer of the Year presented it beautifully too. For the most part, the awards were great and I was proud of the job that the committee did. One thing did bring it down-one of my good friends had improved a lot last year and it was very close between her and another woman, but the other woman edged her out. Her disappointment kinda brought me down a little-I hate seeing friends upset like that, and I guess I felt partially responsible, even though I thought I did the right thing. (It did blow over by the end of the evening. But still…)

me, TB, runner26 hitting the dancefloor
Ahhhh time for dancing!! I don’t know what I was more buzzed on-the cosmos or my award, but the dancing was a great time as usual…I swear, this part seems to fly by quicker and quicker each year!! And at around midnight, I went to the DJ booth to request a song and they said “we’ve only got 2 minutes left” and “Last Dance” started playing and I think a lot of people were wondering…”huh?” as the dancing was supposed to go til 12:30!! If it was a misunderstanding, it got cleared up, and the music played for another half-hour, finishing off with “Sexyback”…a better way to end the evening 🙂 Afterwards, I followed the crowd that went to the nearby bar/lounge Stitch for the after-party…before I knew it, was around 3 am and was time to head home. (And needless to say I was not very productive the next day!! This chick has not stayed out that late in a long time…)

I say this every year, but I felt this year’s awards gala was the best one yet!! Do we really have to wait another year for the next one…? 🙂

those blue drinks are evil!!

me and crazy bandana-head holding the lethal blue moonaritas

See those drinks that me and crazybandanahead are holding? Those are Blue Moonaritas-just should be referred to as “just plain evil.” I hadn’t even checked in at the NYRR Club Night yet before I had one handed to me. Yep, just that alone shoulda signaled how the evening was gonna be.
Don’t get me wrong, I did have a great time. After a lot of efforts in the last month or so to fill the Flyer tables (it was tougher this year-partially because the price had gone up again, but partially because once again, it was too close to the awards gala)-we got there, and had a pretty good group attending…from the open runners to the super vets.
me holding the mens open team's award-a tiffany plate!Our team was the recipients of team awards yet again…our open men won third in their division, and our veteran women won second in theirs (and from what I heard-were very close to first!!) I of course initiated the screaming, I mean cheering when they were announced…congrats again, but next year I want to see both of you get first and get up on stage! 🙂
Then-the individual awards…and as everyone was quite antsy to get do the dancing, I do appreciate the efforts to move along this part of the program as quickly as possible. Our veteran superstar had won her age group last year, and was up again this year but unfortunately lost out (you’ll get em next year!!)

the one from the NYRR dancing with one of my teammates

And then came my favorite part…the dancing. And this year, I actually got nabbed on the NYRR site…with what is apparently my “signature arm in the air move” (as I was doing that same move in quite a few pics on the Flyer site!! Need a new schtick…) But by then, those damn blue drinks snuck up on me. Needless to say, there was no repeat of last year’s post party, and I was glad I had off from work on Friday 🙂
All in all? Another fun and inspirational evening (and bandanahead agrees) If I can be running my best times 10 or so years down the line I’d be happy…but next year, stick solely to wine!! 🙂

the best night ever

view from the loft space where the awards gala was

(post title inspired by title of an episode from The Hills Season 2. 🙂 )

Not sure about the “best night ever,” but last nite’s Flyers awards gala was definitely a fabulous night. After the last 2 years’s shindigs taking place at the Manhattan Club, it changed venues this year to SunWest Studios Loft-a very funky loft space in way west Manhattan which inside, had the appearance of a trendy NYC loft party, and awesome views of the city from both the windows and the outside balcony. Definitely give this venue change a thumbs up!!
Anyway, had a new dress for the occasion (which thankfully I was able to fit into-LOL!! I took chances by snatching it up on sale last June…) had all the accessories, shoes, hair and makeup all ready to go…I met up with Runner26 and her husband to share a cab to the party and by the time we got there, it was already packed!! Surprised…in the words of R26 herself “We don’t have to be fashionably late-just fashionable!” Guess everyone had the same idea-or just wanted to take advantage of the open bar…knowing my team, I think the latter 🙂
After about an hour and a half of sipping cosmos, socializing, posing for pictures, comparing formal attire (and who knew kilts were in fashion this year!! i spotted em on 3 of our guys…) it was time for the awards ceremony. The “Year in Photos” show was always entertaining, especially when I see pics of me in there…I spotted one of me and HC at Urban Athletics after the Snowflake 4-miler, me running up CPW during the Mini 10K (which another teammate commented to me that one seemed to get a lot of applause…), a team picture of Team Blaenjoying the party...and the open barck at Need For Speed…and oh yeah, one of my chest, I mean the Flyers logo (yeah Dr. Evil…sure thats the real reason for using that picture!!) After that, was time for the actual awards, and the two MC’s did a great job…usually the natives are restless during the awards part because they want to get back to the drinking and dancing, but they made the awards presentations very entertaining. Wasn’t a huge surprise to me, since I was on the awards committee and had a big part of choosing the awards, but was great to see the presentations, and so many deserving peeps win…including quite a few bloggers 😉


And very fittingly, the dancing started off with one of my favorites-“SexyBack” 🙂 the final 2 hours seemed to pass by in such a blur…everything from current dance, to 80s to 70s to salsa and then all of a sudden, “Last Dance” came on…mind you, I was not drunk, but I guess time really flies when you are having fun!! Not ready to end the night, we all attempted to come up with an after-party plan…and not surprisingly, Kanvas was chosen…since I think that was probably the closest place-but was way too packed. So…I think everyone scattered after that…I wound up with the group who ended up going nearby to grab some food and just discuss the great night that went by.
Thankfully not hungover, but useless today-didn’t get to sleep til after 3 and didn’t move from bed til around 2. Such a great weekend…between the gala and a great time at a friend’s b-day party on Friday nite…

And the dress was a hit, and I intend to bring it out again in a month at NYRR’s Club Night!! Looks like we are gonna have a very lively group there again and I’m excited for it. (And hope we reprise the post-party…heh heh.)

(partially) off the fence

In my last post, I mentioned 2 holiday things I was sorta on the fence about participating in. I’ve gone ahead and signed up for one (the Midnight Run)-due to the fact that it ties into other plans that nite…

As for the other-still wavering. What I will wind up deciding, will be revealed in a coupla days or so :-p

In other news, I think it should be known that the Flyers‘ infamous Dr. Evil makes the strongest cosmopolitans that I have ever tasted. This ain’t no chick drink anymore.