dancing with what?

Crazy week ’round these parts.  Anyone feel sometimes that the Thankgiving weekend is sometimes more than a curse than a blessing-trying to cram things in before Wednesday?  Or in my case, Tuesday as I need that Wednesday off to decompress a little before family overload.

So a late nite at the office Tuesday meant rest day for me, which was fine as I got to watch probably the most shocking elimination of this season on Dancing With the Stars, if not all seasons!!  More shocking than Audrina’s boot, and Rick’s…take a look as Brandy gets “Joanna’d” (look at season 9 to see what I mean)

Actually, some of the still images say it better.

Jennifer is pissed. Derek is like "WTF?"

Kyle's trying to hide his expression, but doesn't look happy. Lacey's halfheartedly clapping.

Carrie Ann and Len aren't happy with what went down. Bruno begs Brandy to come back anyway next week and freestyle for him.

So why was this shocking, you ask? Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture? (Literally.)

Can anyone tell me who doesn’t still belong in the competition?  Thought you could 🙂  I’m going with the judges’ choice and not America’s choice on this one 😉

Oh and just to throw something remotely running-related in here (because seriously, who doesn’t love checking out new running clothes?):

All Chicago Marathon apparel is on sale on the Nike website!!  I was waiting for this to happen and I couldn’t resist picking up a coupla things as the race was a good one (I was afraid to get more than 1 shirt at the expo!)  So I got the blue cold-weather top on the left and the white short-sleeve in the middle.  I wanted to get the hot pink cold-weather top but they were all out in my size.  So I got a non-Chicago hot pink top (on the right) on sale at Urban instead 🙂

Back to the grind!  Talk to all you bloggy peeps again in another week 😛


marathon recovery mishmash

I guess feeling like I’d just be causing more controversy by commenting on the 2 B’s (Boston and baseball), I haven’t had much to discuss the last few days.  Not even enough for an actual post, so here’s a mishmash of sorts…

Running…it has been happening.  Only 3 times last week, and a maximum of 8 miles for my “long run.”  Did make it to Urban last nite to test the waters with regards to speed…and I missed everyone since I hadn’t been there for a few weeks 🙂  Wasn’t really a tough workout as it was geared towards those who were tapering for NYCM.  Marathon pace with 3/4 mile after a short rest.  I just paced my friend to run 8:30s during the MP part.  The tempo part was kinda sluggish…I guess partially because my legs aren’t fully back yet, and it was also disgustingly humid last nite.  Didn’t Mother Nature get the memo that it is fall…

Since any racing plans for 2011 are up in the air right now, thinking to the end of 2010.  I just need one more race to get in my 9 (and I have the +1), which will probably be the Kleinerman 10K.  Also pondering the Ted Corbitt 15K 2 weeks after that, only because I really need a new 15K PR.  The first 15K of Chicago was run in 1:17:23, which is faster than my actual 15K PR (1:17:39-set in 2006.)  Not to mention that I’ve since ran 10-mile races, a 20K and several half-marathons at a faster pace.  I guess because 15K is such an uncommon race distance…usually only 2 of them on the annual NYRR calendar.  Obviously I will be passing on the $40 races on marathon weekend and in Prospect Park  😉 (though I really feel bad for the Brooklyn-ites about the latter one.)

Soooo I saw a shirt at Niketown that I really want…it has a cool design on the back very similar to the one I got in Chicago

As I think the shirt only says “Run NYC” on the front with no “Marathon”…that would make it OK for me to pick up this baby at the NYCM expo even though I’m not running the marathon?  Right? 🙂

I think last nite’s elimination on Dancing With the Stars has got to be the “most shocking elimination ever.”  How did someone who finished second in points for the week (Audrina Patridge from “The Hills”) get eliminated?  Something doesn’t make sense.  Didn’t think Kurt Warner had that big a fan base…enough to get saved (then again, there were a lot of people boo’ing at the judges, as they thought the judges scored his dance too low.)  And forget what I said before about The Situation, Bristol Palin is actually this season’s Kate Gosselin.

Came across this YouTube video that someone actually took while running Chicago!!  Nice way to sorta re-live the memory of the day.  And it is noticible how strong the sun was in the 2nd half of the race and how it had heated up…

All she wrote for now!!  🙂


Well if there is anything last nite’s “NYRR Tuesday Night Speed Series” revealed to me-it’s that I am not cut out to race crazy short distances.

So I mentioned before what the dealio was for last nite-mile time trial, on the track at Icahn Stadium.  Sounds like fun, but no one anticipated the crap weather.  I still decided not to bail, as the forecast did say that the weather would clear up around race time (7:30-ish)  Unfortunately, I decided to pass on trying out my brand-spankin’ new racing flats, as I figured a slick track surface would not be ideal to try them out…went with the DS-Trainers instead.  (The Adidas Tempos are resting up for Saturday 🙂 )

So I actually got to leave work “early” (aka 5 pm) for this (and my boss said “is tonite the Corporate Challenge?” when she saw me in my running gear.  a month too early…)…headed up to Urban, then whoever was there divided and conquered…or in other words, split up into small groups so the very nice peeps who volunteered to drive could, well, get us there 🙂  Unfortunately we hit a LOT of traffic….man, who knew so many people would be heading to Randall’s Island…this meet is really drawing a crowd…oh wait, the traffic is actually heading to the Bronx and most likely Yankee Stadium…my bad!!  And the Google Maps on the CrackBerry actually had no clue where we were…said we were in the Bronx when we were actually still in Manhattan 😛  Finally, the traffic cleared up once we got past the toll plaza, and we got to the stadium not too long later (though had to drive around in circles to find out where to park!)

yes, this was what we had to run in.

So luckily, there was a covered part where we could warm up and hang out til the mile race started!!  And there was a possibility it would start earlier than expected…the rains drove the crowds away, meaning 1 combined-gender heat for the other events.  And during this time, I changed the shirt I was gonna wear for the race 3 times…had a singlet on originally, but changed to short-sleeve, then eventually to long-sleeve.  Pin the tag on the shirt and put the bracelet on so we can get our happy hour drink specials…I mean to show that we were not bandits 😛

Before we knew it, was time to split up into heats….I think usually they separate by gender, this time they just did mixed-gender heats, separated by predicted time.  Not surprisingly, I would be in the 2nd heat…so 5 more minutes to warm up…all the good that would end up doing.  The first race finished (with some exciting close races in there!) then our heat lined up.  A coupla words of wisdom from the coaches, then the gun sounded.  All I could do was run hard, but not too hard that I’d choke at the end…I was getting passed, but let them go.  I think I finished the first 400m in 1:40…so around pace for a 6:40 mile?  The 2nd and 3rd laps felt harder, and I was really feeling the head winds…I wasn’t taking splits (I had Mr. Garmin set to take automatic .25 mile splits, but they didn’t look accurate)…but from what I heard being called out as I passed by the start each time, I was definitely slowing down.  (ugh, and to hear the gun for the “bell lap” before I’ve even reached the last turn of my 3rd lap!)  I was able to pick it up for the last lap (estimated 1:42)…I heard the announcers counting down, and knew I had to hustle or I wouldn’t even make it in under 7 minutes!!  Made it by the skin of my teeth-6:56.  Estimated splits:

Lap time Cumulative time
1:40 1:40
1:46 3:26
1:48 5:14
1:42 6:56

Update 5/25/10-to add more insult to injury, the official times are posted and mine was actually 6:57.7.  Ugh.

Was I disappointed?  Hells yeah.  I just felt rain or no rain, it should have been faster.  I mean-I ran a 6:58 final mile in the 4-miler last month, I ran 6:33 in the 5th ave mile in 2004 and supposedly am in better shape now-yet all I could come up with last night was 6:56?  And even said 4-miler predicted a 6:31 mile.  Several peeps (including the coaches) said that the times were most likely 10-25 seconds slower than normal.  But then there are those who say I shouldn’t be using the weather as an excuse for a crap race!!  Devil’s advocate, I hate you.

The head coach did write us all a nice email today saying how proud he was of all who showed up, that it “spoke volumes to your dedication and toughness”…and yes the times were slower but “for the real results, see above.”  Made me feel a little better.  Just a little though.  You all know me, I don’t like to “just show up”, I want to run my best and yesterday just was not it.  What will make me feel better?  Running a nice, easy half-marathon in Brooklyn this Saturday.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be racing it, but it will seem nice and easy compared to racing a mile!!

Changing the topic briefly-one good part about the rain meant I got home in time to watch Dancing With the Stars (while having 1 1/2 glasses of nicely chilled Riesling…meaning watching Evan Lysacek dancing the encore for the week, the one that got him the perfect 30 (and definitely my favorite dance of his this season!)


Evan FTW!!! You heard it here first 😛 Next week’s final will be interesting…will it be the golden boy or the ringer Pussycat? 🙂

i pity the fool

And today’s post is brought to you by no other than Mr. T…yep “First name: Mister; middle name: period; last name T!

Sooo it’s April Fool’s Day.  And thankfully, no one was able to pull one over on me.  Yet. 🙂 

But I’m sure everyone in the running community has seen the following link today…be it on Facebook, Twitter, Daily Mile, message boards, blogs, what have you…  http://mybaa.org/BostonMarathon/2011.html

And so when you click on the link…well looky looky here:

Oh wait…it gets better…here is that box that the arrow is pointing to, enlarged:

Now I really didn’t fall for this one (I think the fact that almost every other link on that website was broken is a dead giveaway of sorts) but I know others did.  But dear god, this would be my nightmare.  3:30?  No chance.  (Though I wish if the qualifying times are gonna be changed, that it be announced soon…I mean, I should know what marathon time I need to train for and target…no?)

Getting away from running, I wish that the results of this week’s Dancing With The Stars was an early April Fool’s joke!!  How the hell did Kate Gosselin not be in the bottom 2?  I really hope that the viewers aren’t keeping her around just to watch her be a trainwreck…someone deserving of staying around another week shouldn’t have to take the fall for her.  But Evan’s still around, so I’m happy…

And back to running just briefly…debating what shoes to wear for Saturday’s 10K.  Take a chance with the almost-new, once-worn Adidas Tempos?  Or stick with the tried and true Asics DS-Trainers?  Though this is not really a goal race for me, I wouldn’t cry or anything if I happened to run under 50 minutes…

the (new year’s) situation

ahhh…first bloggy post of the new decade.  only took me 5 days! 🙂

so where did I leave off…oh yeah…fun and drama-free New Year’s Eve.  may not scored an invite to the real big party of the night, but me and others held our own on the other side of the East River 🙂  Just knockin’ back some good wine and champagne, not to mention laughing our a$$es off at the new episode of Jersey Shore.  As you can see, I couldn’t resist making a reference to “The Situation” in this post title 😛  That show is such a train wreck, but now I am unfortunately addicted.  This show definitely has the makings of inspiring another drinking game…drink whenever someone says “situation”, whenever the “duck phone” quacks, whenever one of the guys reminds us that he’s “not here to fall in love at the Jersey Shore, just here to hook up”…I’m sure there are a lot more we can think of 🙂  But getting back on the topic, was a nice way to say goodbye to the old and bring in the new.  Thanks, “cool friend” 😉

And if the last few days have been any indication…looks like 2010…well at least the winter of, is gonna be a brutal one.  Almost makes me glad that I’m not training for a spring marathon right now…or that could just be me telling myself that to make myself feel better.  Still keeping it short for now…can actually do the lower 5 loop (clockwise-don’t have the nerve to hit Cat Hill just yet) with the (sh)IT band holding up.  (And I will share again an extreme-cold weather dressing tip of mine for the ladies-running skirt (the kind with shorts instead of briefs) over tights!  It actually does work…)  And yesterday I wanted to join the Flyers for the downtown “First Monday” run (plus it’s good to get to run on the flat surface of the West Side path every now and then)  But I’m not quite up to their distance of 6-plus miles…thankfully Flyer EG also wanted to run shorter-4 and change-with me which worked out well-and we got to hit the bar first 😛  But after getting nice and warmed up indoors, getting back to the gym where my stuff was stashed was a rude awakening…brrrr!!  Man how 9 blocks seem so long…oh and being in the part of the city where numbered streets are mixed with named streets just seemed to taunt us so!!

So yeah, still just taking it day by day for now.  I do get my new orthotics later this week though…yay!!  Hoping they will help some.  Besides all that, I’ve just felt like hibernating…is it me, or does dealing with the freezing cold just suck the life out of you?

Oh-and a bloggy question for you all.  I’m pondering a switch from Blogger to WordPress (the free version).  From what I see, there seems to be more flexibility with the layouts/designs, can create pages (e.g., I can have a page for all my race reports instead of cluttering up the sidebar, or having to create a post dated way way in the past), and maybe is more stable than Blogger?  For those of you who use that/have used WordPress…or have used both Blogger and WordPress-which do you prefer/think is better and why?  Thanks in advance 🙂

the next move is yours

Maybe “the next step is yours” or “the next run is yours” would have been more appropriate but I just felt like using another episode title from The Hills.  I just love how K-Cav got asked on last nite’s epsiode why she doesn’t go after any guys besides Brody and Justin Bobby.  Uh…maybe because they are seemingly the only 2 single guys in LA?  And Heidi and Spencer seriously deserve the title of “Dumb and Dumber”…yeah brilliant plan Heidi-Ho, to “surprise” Spencer by going off the pill and trying to get pregnant to spite him.  They truly deserve each other.  And after last nite’s episode of The City I feel like I need to slap some sense into Whitney, didn’t she learn her lesson in Miami that hanging with Roxy is career suicide?  And am I the only one who’s on Team Erin and thinks someone needs to put Olivia in her place?  And as for the third show on Triple Tuesday, reality-style, Dancing With the Stars…Joanna and Derek (not Jeter or Rose, hehe) wuz robbed!!  Alright, enough reality TV talk for now…

So the recovery progresses.  3 days in a row of yoga and weights…maybe make it 4 tomorrow?  Leg presses, leg curls and the hip adductor (sp?) machine have become a regular part of the routine.  Doing my PT homework daily.  Hope this will all pay off in the long run (ha ha).  And oh yeah-I actually did 15 minutes on the dreadmill on Monday!  This is where I get annoyed at my physical therapist.  So I see her Monday morning and she asks me if doing spinning has still aggrevated the knee…uh you told me not to do it!  I said I wouldn’t try spinning or running until given the OK…I’m trying to be a good little girl here!  And I actually got the OK to try to “run a few miles” but of course I know better than to do a few miles now.  But I really wanted to see where I was at in terms of recovery, so i figure the dreadmill was safe, in case I needed to stop before 15 minutes were up.  And thankfully I didn’t…there was some improvement, but not really 100%…still don’t feel like I’m out of the woods just yet.  But no lingering pain yesterday or today.  So if 15 minutes every coupla days is what’s gonna keep my sanity during this recovery period…I’ll take it.

But really, right now I’m kinda biding my time til November 30th, when I have my follow up appointment with doctor #1 and if he gives me another prescription for more PT, I do intend to switch.  It’s just really frustrating to not really feel like I have a game plan for recovery and for building back up…this is why I’d prefer to see one who is more familiar with runners.  But this is nothing that I haven’t already talked about before!  So we wait…

"on to the next"

And this latest post title has been brought to you by the latest episode of The Hills.  Is it me, or has this episode finally brought back the show we all hate to love, or love to hate?  How staged was K-Cav and Jayde’s catfight…I know there is only one club in LA and of course they will run into each other, especially when Kristin is with Brody, but still!  And I thought Audrina and Lo would “never be friends”…and now they are BFF’s?  And WHY, for the good of all humankind, could Spencer have just gone through with getting neutered??? 🙂

I guess that title is just appropriate for lots going on lately.  Of course, the running stuff, but I’ll get to that later.  Earlier this week, I had to let go of a wonderful guy who has been very near and dear to me for the last few months-well this was kind of a mutual “letting go.”  (And he has never gotten a blog mention before…well at least not in the context of dating, so you know I was really into him and that it was going well! 😉 )  My heart said “stay” but my head knew what was the right thing to do, if we wanted to salvage any kind of a friendship…which I am optimistic about.  But it’s tough all the same-we really shared a lot…between running and outside of running.  He’d be the first person I’d call/text when something good happened…or even when something bad happened and I needed consoling, or just someone to talk to.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t overdependent, but there is that comfort in knowing someone is there.  Luckily, it did end on a good note and we are still speaking and not arguing…so I am hopeful! 🙂  So in this case “on to the next” is not so much the next guy, but more the next phase of our relationship…never know where it can take me/us.  And some of you…and you know who you are 😉 …this does not give you free reign to immediately fix me up with your coworker/cousin/neighbor/random acquaintance/doorman/etc. 😉  Just need time right now…and as Natasha Bedingfield says in her song “Single”-I can’t “romance on demand!”  (On that topic, has anyone ever checked out the lyrics to that song, and then to Natasha’s song “Soulmate”?  Talk about one singer having opposing points of view!  The latter is a beautiful song, but I swear I can’t listen to it without getting teary-eyed!)

And as for the running thing, I swear I really am trying to move “on to the next” as well!  Whatever that may be.  As I said in my previous post-I do have 2 races next year that I am tentatively penciling in as goal races (yes, one is a marathon but it won’t be til the fall though.)  Little hesitant to post what they are now, so wait and see.  I have my follow-up appointment with doctor #1 at the end of this month, so I’ll see if there is any positive progress made.  One thing I do want to explore, which was mentioned before, is new orthotics…my current ones are 5 years old and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of the culprits.  Unfortunately, I have different medical insurance now and I don’t believe they will be covered, so it would be pricier this time around…but if it’s something that will save my running future (and my previous ones did!) it’s a worthwhile investment…especially stretched out over a few years.

And keeping with “on to the next”…I’m thinking I might like to switch physical therapists too.  My current one is nice, don’t get me wrong, but…I’m feeling like there should be more progress by now, and I’d love to find one who is more familiar with runners.  I don’t know if I can do that without another prescription for PT from the doctor, but if is indeed what he prescribes, that may be the way to go.  So NYC-area runners-if you have any recommendations for me, I’d be very grateful to hear them!!  Only prerequisite is that they must take insurance 🙂

So there you have it-I am honestly dwelling less on the past and trying to look ahead.  But I do still feel I need a little help getting there…more with game plans than anything else!!