bridges and arches-and celeb sightings too!!

This past Saturday, I participated in a annual Flyers tradtion-the “Bridges and Arches run”-an 8 mile jaunt over bridges, under arches, and discovering many hills that should probably stay undiscovered šŸ™‚ I was tapped to be one of the “shephards”-cute name for one of the run leaders šŸ™‚ I had done that 2 years ago and was glad to do it again! This is definitely one of my favorite runs and I was a little disappointed to have missed it last year when I was in San Francisco. And if the run wasn’t exciting enough, while at brunch we had a celeb sighting!! Check it out in the picture below šŸ™‚
recognize this satc celeb in the photo?
So…this run was the longest run of a 28-mile week (which also included 2 yoga classes and a spin class.) I will say though…the legs did feel tired by today!! Hope that is not a taste of things to come as marathon training begins one week from tomorrow!! In prep for that, I got new shoes…figured this week is as good as any to road-test the Asics Cumulus 10s…see if they feel as good on the roads as they did during the treadmill test run-or if I will need to stockpile several pairs of the 9’s. Better to know before training starts, right?

Non-running stuff in the last few days included…

  • happy hour with the coworkers at Red Sky Friday nite to welcome the summer interns-oh, and an excuse for an open bar too…
  • saw Altar Boyz today-absolutely hysterical. Go see it if you already haven’t. If you like boy bands-and/or mocking boy bands-you’ll like this šŸ™‚
  • Jury duty is over with, done with, won’t be buggering me for 6 years!! Came thisclose to getting picked for a case though…guess I said the right thing to not get picked! šŸ™‚

One more week to go before it’s time to get to work…man, it’s so so close!! Though can the weather gods please spare NYC of the constant thunderstorms? šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “bridges and arches-and celeb sightings too!!

  1. I saw that pic and wondered wtf? But now it all makes sense šŸ˜‰ Sorry to have missed that run–was out of town. Maybe I’ll show up at speedwork tomorrow (crazier things have happened).

  2. So I guess it was my turn this year to miss the great tour because I was in San Fran…bummer…sounds like everyone had a great time though.Okay, I must have been living under a rock or have gone away from the city for way too long, but I’ve been trying to figure out the pic for the whole day and still can’t come up with the answer. Yes, I’m a schmuck…I admit.

  3. I also did a WTF, only my WTF was, “Why the F**K is there a photo of a woman who looks like Cynthia Nixon?” Silly me.By the way, you have lost some weight, girlfriend. I noticed it in those photos from the B&R run! Nice work.

  4. runner26-yeah…havent gotten around to captioning the pics on the website yet…guess why that did not make sense! :)laminator-next year!! plus the maps of the run are posted in the forums, so you can try it out for yourself :)BCG-thanks-i gotta be in shape for the Underwear Run :-p

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