love at first sight

“And everything went from wrong to right…It was love at first sight…”

Hmmm…there hasn’t been any Kylie Minogue on the bloggy for quite some time, so figured I’d bring it back for a post.  And how, you may ask, does that tie into things?  Obviously it doesn’t refer to me meeting Mr. Right (not holding my breath on that one), but actually refers to these pretty little things:

Ah, the Nike LunaRacer 2’s. I’ll admit it. I’ve had my eye on these for awhile.  And last week I finally gave in and snatched up a pair (nothing wrong with my Saucony Fastwitches, but the model I had has been phased out…so ya know.)  Of course, the burning question…will they run as good as they look?

Running the mile over to Urban…so far so good.  Now how will they handle a combo VO2 max/tempo workout?  As it turned out, very well!

2 x 600 @ 5K pace:

Split Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 2:33 0.37 6:58 147 171
2 2:32 0.37 6:51 151 173

Maybe a little fast for “5K pace”, then again the one chance I had at 5K was in almost 100% humidity…but the good thing was that I felt like I had to hold back a little.  Save the legs for the tempo portion…

  Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
Lap 1 5:13 0.68 7:40 153 173
Lap 2 5:01 0.68 7:24 168 172
Total 10:14 1.36 7:31 161 173

Still felt like I was running within myself, felt a helluva lot better than the previous week’s tempo.  Despite last week’s fiasco, I actually like tempo work, I feel like I can run at that pace forever (well not really forever but you know what I mean.)  So I was a little disappointed when the 2nd tempo interval got swapped for an all-out one…but gotta roll with it anyway. 

Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
4:35 0.69 6:39 167 175

Oh this one was definitely hard, but just kept thinking to suck it up for less than 5 minutes and I’m done.  And had a decent kick at the end…of course that may have been helped by the coach yelling to “catch her up ahead!”  OK, I didn’t know if he was talking to me, or to the girl in front of me but whatever, at the very least it’s good practice for the last 200-400m of the Team Champs 5M next weekend 🙂  Cool down, run home, knock back a Honey Moon 🙂

As for the shoes-I know I seem to say this about every single new pair of shoes I obtain, but these are definitely the best I’ve had in a long time…I will admit for the longest time, I didn’t think Nike shoes were meant for “serious runners”-I sorta blame the Shox line of shoes for that.  But the LunarRacers definitely live up to the hype.  And how exactly did they feel during the workout?  Well I’m gonna borrow what a good friend said once last year about another kind of Nikes…because these words definitely apply in this case too:

“…it’s like riding on fresh bed of air.  It’s like the best first date you’ve ever had…ya know when everything is going right and you are saying anything and she is laughing…well, that’s this shoe…it’s perfect.  I felt like it gave back more energy than I was putting into it.   It seemed like I was already setting up my next stride without even thinking about it.   I will be interested to see how this shoe does a month down the road, but for today I can’t say enough good things about the Lunar Trainer.”

OK, change the “she” to “he” and “Lunar Trainer” to “LunarRacer” and you got my description of the shoe.  And gotta love that someone else does the running shoes/dating comparison too…hehe no wonder we get along so well 😉

Can’t wait to be sporting these sex-ay new racers at next weekend’s race 🙂


4 thoughts on “love at first sight

  1. I want to like those shoes so much…but for some reason they just feel weird on my feet! I love my Nike Frees, though!

    Nice workout! I envy people who enjoy tempo runs. I can do short track stuff for hours but tempos are mentally tough for me!

    • there are others that fell into that category for me…Saucony Kinvaras, the Adidas Adios…glad one of these worked out!!

      I used to really hate tempo runs, now I really like them. I think I’m more a slow-twitch than fast twitch runner. I get creamed so badly on short, fast repeats.

  2. A bunch of my friends run in the Nikes, but they always look like cartoon character shoes to me. But your rhapsodizing is definitely intriguing. I could give ’em a go.

    • A couple of my friends swear by the Lunar Racers…figured if they’re good enough for them 😉 Plus I kinda like that the racing shoes are bright…they sorta scream “fast.” I definitely recommend these to anyone (well anyone that they feel good on 🙂 )

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