“nice package!”

okay, now that I have your attention… 🙂

So I actually showed up to three Flyer group runs this past week.  Three!  Who am I? 😛  In addition to Monday’s run, I also showed up Wednesday, knowing the leaders are pretty laid back and that there would be an option to do less than 6 miles, which was appreciated, and the pace was nice and relaxed.

Then this past Saturday, the Flyers were presented with an opportunity for some free swag of sorts, courtesy of New Balance.  All attendees got a free pair of NB’s new NP Shorts to try out for a run (and keep!) and give feedback on.  And these were pretty nice shorts!!  I know the mens’ version was a little long for some peeps’ tastes (kinda like basketball shorts), the women’s were a nice length-not too long or too short.  Unfortunately by the time I got there, they had run out of smalls…which I thought may not be that bad, as I thought that NB runs smaller?  (at least that was what I remembered with the first generation of their running skirts, and another pair of their shorts that I had a few years back)  But as it turned out, the medium was a little big, but I solved that by folding the waistband down-perfect.  So maybe NB tweaked their sizing since I last checked.  Material was very nice and lightweight (similar to my beloved Sugoi “naked shorts”) and there is a side pocket-always a bonus!! 

Of course free swag would mean record turnout for the Saturday morning group run (which I will admit I haven’t attended in a long time-partially due to injury recovery, partially due to not wanting to set the alarm if I don’t have to.)  So that meant lotsa company.  I ran the loop with Flyers CK, KM and KB and we had a pretty good run…pace maybe a little quicker than I would have ideally liked, but was still chatty.  And we were laughing about all the signs that New Balance put up around the park to advertise this new NP collection…guess they want to make their image “sexier” or something?  For god’s sake, one of the signs said something like “NP means Nice Package” or something similar, I kid you not.  And the free swag didn’t stop with the shorts, also got a free NP singlet-really nice material (though once again, no smalls left…but hey free is free, right?  It’ll shrink in the wash…)  Thanks to New Balance, and everyone in the Flyer camp who organized this-was definitely a treat!

And I was looking to use this as part of my long run for the week.  Initial plan was was to front-load beforehand…but the snooze button won out, so I was only able to get in one mile while running to the meeting place.  So afterwards, I ran home to drop off some of the stuff, grabbed the iPod, and did a 4-mile loop…13 for the day.  Rewarded with some ice, a nap, and a cookie (mmmm…Levain Bakery chocolate chip walnut!)

So this morning, I just wanted to get in a short run, nothing more than 4 miles.  So figured I could get it in while watching some of the 4-mile race in Central Park this morning.  And I also used it to try out my new trainers…the Brooks Defyance 3!  Which thankfully I liked as much as their predecessors, if not more.  (Which never happens with shoe “upgrades”!  At least that was the case with Asics…)  And wow, what it took to track these down.  I had gone to 2 locations of Jackrabbit Sports early last week and neither location had these in-apparently it’s been quite a hot item!  But was able to nab a pair this past Friday (and finally use the gift card that I had gotten for Chanukah!)  So anyway tried them out…thumbs up.  Watched a bit of the race and then had a nice brunch with a good friend 😉

So far, things are still on track…taking it week by week.  I had originally planned to race a 5K next Sunday, however a last-minute family obligation may throw a wrench in the works and force me to resort to “Plan B” and a different race…stay tuned!!


7 thoughts on ““nice package!”

  1. Sweet! Free swag is the best! I was spinning around the bridle this morning and caught some of the race. Georgous morning to run.

  2. Gotta love free swag!

  3. glad you got some freebies from NB! and now I know what “NP” stands for 😉 also–yay for the levain cookies!! they are the best!

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