feelin’ spring-y

Three days (and a possible fourth) in a row of spring weather, even before the official start of the season?  Hey, the weather gods owed NYC a lot after this past winter…

So Tuesday night was my first run in my new lightweight trainers…yep, after a coupla years, it was time to bid the Asics DS-Trainers farewell…as a matter of fact, seems like I’m moving away from Asics completely…I just don’t like what they’ve been doing to the shoes…making the heel units too “busy” or something…it just completely changes the feel of the shoe.  So last week, I had stopped by Urban Athletics before the Flyers‘ board meeting, and tried on a coupla pairs of lightweight trainers before ultimately deciding on the Adidas AdiZero Tempo.  Hey, I like the name already…and look nice too.  Now all I needed was a non-rainy day to road test them, which turned out to be Tuesday.

So I had a hunch that the park was going to be a zoo, due to all the hibernators in addition to the teams who were regularly there on Tuesday nites.  Whatever, I’m running anyway 🙂  And I don’t know if it was the great weather or the new shoes, but this was the best run I had since before my injury.  Was listening to my playlist from Grete’s 2008…ahhh good songs, good memories.  I also worked in 5 x 1 minute fast (w/ 3 min recovery) to test the shoes and the waters with speed/pickups…paces for the pickups were 6:54, 7:15, 7:58 (had to do some dodging on the very crowded lower loop-slowed me down a little), 7:21, 7:04 (which included part of the hill by Tavern!)  Even a friend who saw me in passing during one of the non-pickups said it looked like I was “cruising.”  And once again, the (sh)IT band stayed quiet…maybe, just maybe have I turned a corner?

So yesterday, even though the weather was great again, I had planned to make it a gym day.  I think this is gonna be the toughest thing-forcing myself to cross-train indoors when the weather is nice but I gotta stick with it if I want to stay on the road to recovery.  So I planned to do a yoga class yesterday evening, as I didn’t have any St. Patrick’s Day plans-honestly I can take or leave it (unlike my brother, who took the day off from work-and he’s not even Irish!).  But the co-workers decided on an impromptu get-together at our usual favorite Brass Monkey…as it also was a perfect day to have beers on their roof deck.  So…compromise-I only went for one beer, and stuck with that plan…and was still able to make it to my class (well the fact that it was at 8:15 helped).  And surprisingly, the pint of Blue Moon consumed didn’t affect my balance at all…or maybe it wore off by then 🙂

And can’t have March without March Madness!!  Kicks off today (and my brother not only took yesterday off from work, but today and tomorrow…not just to nurse his hangover, but to watch the 1st round games!  talk about taking this stuff seriously…)  And yes, doing another pool in the office…and as it’s an even year, I hope to finish in the money once again 🙂


7 thoughts on “feelin’ spring-y

  1. Damn,you bailed on Asics too!

  2. Sorry to hear about the break up,Asics and I are on a trial seperation!
    Chances are upping my mileage to 40-50 miles a week my new Under Armour shoes won’t be around for long………….like a lot of my real relationships LOL :0

    • I have to finally write that blog post about finding the perfect pair of running shoes being like dating…I mean, I’ve only been saying for about 4 years that I’m gonna write about it! 🙂

  3. I look forward to reading that!

  4. Is there anything better than getting new kicks and trying them out the first time? Also, Urban Athletics is a dangerous place … always can find things to buy there.

    Very nice intervals. 5x1s are no joke and your pacing was solid. Keep it rolling!

    • Actually, for me, road testing new shoes is actually somewhat scary…kinda like a first date (there’s that shoes/dating analogy again!) I’ve just been through so many different models (and a few times, have actually had to return the shoes after trying it out once)…I’m more praying that the shoes feel right from the get-go 🙂

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