what to wear, what to wear…

No, I’m actually not talking about attire for a change, be it running/race/marathon apparel or “dress to impress” apparel.  Nope, I’m actually talking about running shoes…figure while I’m still 2 months out, I can ponder what shoes to wear on marathon day.

So in my first 2 marathons, I wore my regular trainers (Asics Cumulus 7 in 2006 and the Cumulus 9s) in 2008.  I do have a pair of lightweight “performance” shoes, which I use specifically for speedwork and races-up to the half-marathon distance and I love them (so much that I just got another pair, even though they got discontinued last year!)  But…I’m sorta thinking about wearing those on marathon day…

So without further ado, here are the contenders:

In this corner, weighing 9.1 ounces…the Brooks Defyance 2-my “everyday” trainer (which I do love as well!)
And in the other corner, weighing 7.6 ounces…the Asics DS-Trainer 13-my lightweight “performance” shoe

So I’d love some input from the masses…providing I do a 20-miler in them and it goes OK, is a lightweight shoe like the DS-Trainers OK for the marathon distance?  Or is it better to be safe and stick with the regular trainers, as the marathon distance would require a more substantial shoe?  I have a lofty time goal in mind for MCM, as you all know, so it may mean taking some chances (within reason, of course.)  Any words of advice one way or the other greatly appreciated…I’m sure there are quite a few of you out there who have more experience with this than I do!!

And I looked at my mileage for August…holy sh*t, I ran 198 miles in August!!  (to be fair, there were 5 weekends instead of 4, meaning 5 long runs.)  If I had run on Monday, I could have gone over 200 miles for August…but I scrapped a run (but moved it to Tuesday) in favor of a yoga class-as my bod desperately needed the stretching and the quads were still feeling last week’s race and the 20-miler a little bit…so decided to listen to my body instead of chasing a number which…how significant really is it?  Either way, still my highest monthly mileage total ever…


4 thoughts on “what to wear, what to wear…

  1. the lighter shoe. i run in a lighter weight trainer for anything over a 10K up to a marathon.Up to and including a 10K i run in a 'racer' (or some call them racing flats). I ran NYC in my lighter weight (Nike Skylon) and they were wonderful and so light! however i hate the newer model…Junebug

  2. a certain "friend" 😉 of mine has actually encouraged me to explore racing flats for the shorter distances…part of me does want to, but the other part of me is scared of injury.

  3. I am contemplating this exact decision for an upcoming half marathon. I don't even have a pair of lightweight shoes so have to buy a pair soon to break them in. Too afraid of injury, though!

  4. no idea re: shoes, but it seems a lot of people had mileage PR's this august (including me ;)) congrats on that! and good luck with the shoe decision.

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