on the rebound

Despite what this post title may hint at, no this is not a dating post.  I have not broken up with anyone recently nor am i looking for a fling to tide me over.  (I don’t know about you, but dating on the rebound just never seems to work for me.  Or at least it hasn’t in the past.)

So actually, this post is about running (duh) and marathon training (double duh.)  As I had mentioned before, this past Sunday was the 3 boros/bridges 20-mile run that the Flyers and Urban Athletics put on, and would be my second 20-miler of this training cycle.  And after a crappy week, I wasn’t sure how this would go.  Especially since I would be leading the 9:30 pace group…oh the pressure!!

So bright and early on Sunday, everyone and their mother gathered at the uptown UA store (no I’m not exaggerating, it really was a huge turnout.)  And guess who’s group looked to be the largest…well lookie lookie here, it was mine.  Ahhh…more pressure!!  But thankfully I had Uptown Girl, and the other half of the “dynamic duo” TB in my group, and it was really good to have them there.

So we headed into the park, and then across 72nd…where we had to dodge several obstacles better known as the Race For the Cure.  Thank god we would not be in the park when the thick of it was going on!!  Then over to the west side path, where we got to enjoy running by famous landmarks such as The Frying Pan and the Standard Hotel-the latter being recently famous for exhibitionists showing off for voyeurs on the High Line…written up here, complete with quotes from my coworkers (sigh…so proud!!)  OK, getting off the topic again…

So on this run, I was testing out version 2.0 of the “naked shorts” (speaking of exhibitionists), otherwise known as the 42K shorts by Sugoi.  Faithful blog readers probably remember reading about and seeing the pictures from when I first road tested version 1.0 of the “naked shorts”…felt like wearing nothing and with the wind, looked like wearing nothing!!  Hence their name.  But at UA a few weeks ago I saw they had version 2.0 there and I couldn’t resist…tried out once and worked so far…decided to try them out on this 20-miler to see if maybe they would work in the marathon.  But a few miles in, I reached towards one of my pockets…to find nothing there, looks like one of my gels had fallen out!!  I still had 2 left (one in the other shorts pocket, the other in the back pocket of my running top)…will that be enough?  Guess I will have to space them out a little more and hope for the best…hopefully I can hold out til the 1st water stop at mile 8 and the downtown UA store.  Oh, and on the way there, there were 3 people who insisted on running way ahead of the group…we just let them go and as a result, they missed where the rest of us turned when we ran along the water instead of on the bike path…hey, that’s their problem, not mine.  Oh and we had to get back onto the bike path at the same spot where I got hit…thankfully without incident, and we made it to the first water stop without incident too…

So at mile 8, took my first gel…and oh yeah, the day before, mini-crisis when I only had 2 gels left, needing 3 for my run.  And it seemed like almost everywhere on the UWS was out of PowerGel, and even if they did have it, they didn’t have my current go-to flavor, tangerine.  So as a last resort, I bought a double latte flavored gel…it has double caffeine just like the tangerine does, and it’s probably the only flavor available that was least likely to make me feel sick.  And unfortunately, the gel that fell out of my pocket was a tangerine one.  So I had to choke down the double latte one…and boy, I really, really had to force it down.  I love lattes, but that don’t translate to gels.  But it’s done, now just hope it can last me 7 or 8 more miles…and away our group went, to head over to the next borough…

And remember when I mentioned a few people trying to run ahead?  Well a couple of them told me they were gonna take off by themselves, but one guy stayed with us, but still kept running ahead and “pulling” the group.  And I was none too happy, especially since I’m trying to lead, call out directions…for example, we had to make a right from Chambers onto Centre Street to get to the approach for the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian path, but having to run ahead, he crossed Centre Street, thank god others had enough sense to not follow him and listen to me when I said to turn right.  So I had to nicely remind group to follow the leader…I mean really… (to sorta quote a certain someone) they didn’t ask me to be leader because of my good looks…it was because I was good!!  Or at the very least, I could follow directions and know what I was doing 🙂  So we took on the bridge, being careful…holy zoo, and it was still relatively early!!  Made it to the other side without colliding with any bikers, bladers, strollers, etc…found the right route off the bridge (to the left, to the left!) and down the stairs.

OK-being that this was the first part of the run that I wasn’t 100% familiar with my surroundings, I actually had to refer to the map after we got off the bridge to give us direction-but once we found it, was smooth sailing up to the 11 1/2 mile mark and the 2nd water stop.  BC was there with the ObsceneCam™ taking picture after picture, and NS was lounging in a chair, wearing a J-E-T-S shirt and obviously looking forward to that afternoon’s game 🙂  And after a few minutes we were off again…to run through Williamburg and Greenpoint (and having to follow the other golden rule of this run-do NOT cross the BQE!)  And actually, on the stretch along Kent Avenue, Flyer RS caught up to us…apparently he had just gotten back from a vacation about an hour ago and wanted to try and still catch up to our run and he did…crazy!!  But knowing him, I wasn’t surprised 🙂  The group got a little strung out here…so I had to whistle and yell to let the peeps in front of me know to make the right turn onto Eagle St.  And yep, that same guy was the culprit, and he tried to lead everyone on the Pulaski Bridge…but he was like half-walking/half-running (guess not so good at hills?) and since we were all running single file, it looked like people were getting restless, so I made my move to the front and led everyone into Queens…

I could tell people were getting tired here, and thankfully I was still feeling good (especially thankfully since I had to ration my gels!) so I had no problems giving pep talks, being encouraging…ya know, like a good leader should be 🙂  The next water stop was near the Queensboro Bridge, and I think everyone was thankful to see it (myself included!)  A few minutes here, then we set off for the last few miles!!  OK, so we were at 11th St…and we had to turn onto 23rd St to get to the bridge, but then all of a sudden we see 21st St…hmmm how did that happen? 🙂  Anyways, the sooner we get to the bridge, the sooner we get to Manhattan…so was all good here. Up the incline, down the other side…BC was snapping pics again with the ObsceneCam™ as we ran down the off-ramp.  Oh and once again, I had to yell at the same guy what direction we needed to go in after exiting the bridge.  I give up…

Along 60th we go…and here I was like Little Miss Encouraging or something “2 miles left!!  We got this.  Only a mile to the park, you know you’re home free!”  Or if anyone was dreading Cat Hill “Just think, you will be running this downhill in the marathon!”  And indeed, once we hit the park it was smooth sailing….before we knew it, we were exiting the park at Engineers gate, making the left turn onto Madison Ave and were back where we started!!  20-and-change miles-DONE!!

And as you can see from the looks of mine, Runner26 and Uptown Girl’s faces…we were glad to be done!!  And I got a lot of thanks and compliments from the people in my group…really made me feel good 🙂  And of course I told them they rocked too-it sure helps to have a great group to lead and I did (well for the most part…there was an exception, as you all know…hehe.  Always one of those in every group I guess!!)  Oh, and Liz Robbins was at the store signing copies of her famous book…I actually already had a signed copy, but I said hi to her and thanked her for including me in a Times article she wrote about out-of-town fall marathons…always cool seeing your name in print 🙂  Didn’t stick around too much longer and then me, Runner26 and HM headed west…and if we weren’t tired enough from the 20, we had to run for the M96 bus!!  But we made it, and made it back on the better side of town…then shower, iced latte (“recovery” drink) and watching some tennis action for me 🙂  (the chilled glass of Riesling would wait til later…)

So what does “rebounding” have to do with this?  Glad you asked…I guess after a week of crappy runs, this one was a total 180, or a “rebound” if you will.  (And capped off a 54-mile week…wowza, how’d I do that??)  Fun run, felt good the entire time, even in the last few miles.  And found out that I can indeed do a 20-miler with only 2 gels-though if possible I would like to avoid that.  meaning that if I do wear the “naked shorts” in the marathon, I may not be able to utilize those pockets and use the back pocket on my top instead, like last year…anyway I am tangenting again here.  Even though both 20-milers went well, I’m still not convinced it will translate to a minute plus per mile faster for 26.2…hopefully I will find out next weekend!!

Special thanks to GW and Crazy bandanahead for setting up the run-nice work, guys! 🙂


4 thoughts on “on the rebound

  1. Great job on the runs, flyagal! Like I keep telling peeps who keep busting up the pace on long runs, it's call LSD for a reason. These runs are meant to be done slowly! (Maybe you ought to remember that so you can scream it to anyone who runs ahead of you when you're pace leading!) Anyway, you look like you enjoyed yourself in all the photos. Very nice! Good luck in Philly this weekend!

  2. Last time I saw a rebound that good it was the highight reel on "Sportscenter"!!!The 20 miler in a marathon builder is huge,sounds like you came through it w/ flying colors….no pun intended!!Good luck Sunday here in Philly.

  3. great. i havent been able to find tangerine, and i am out. so i bought the double latte due to the 2x on the caffeine. me thinks now i shouldnt have. AND GOODNESS HOW SKINNY ARE YOU GETTING!!!Junebug from TExas

  4. u can always pin some powergels to the inside of your shorts…or I noticed UA is carrying a number holder "thingie" that also has pockets for gels….UA stands for Urban Athletics, the finest running store in NYC. They have two locations…one in the World Financial Center and the other on Madison between 91st/92nd. Yes, cheap attempt at free advertising.

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