madness, indeed

well first off, thanks very much to everyone for their comments on my last post!!  Really appreciated 🙂

So I was sure that once Kansas lost, that my bracket was done for?  In addition to 90% of the brackets in this nation?  Guess again!!  Thankfully, this was the Tournament of Upsets…and others had worse bracket scenarios…and I actually picked Cornell to go to the Sweet 16!  Whatever the series of events, it meant I actually wound up 2nd in my office pool, and winning a cool $200!!  And-even funnier-my brother wound up in first!!  And NO, we were were NOT in cohoots!!  Did not copy each other’s brackets or anything like that 🙂  But I’m glad I kept up my streak in the even years, of finishing in the top 4, hence in the money…

And that fate was decided before the final game…so Monday’s final was sorta anticlimactic in terms of the final pool standings.  (Though Butler fans would think otherwise-oh, SO close to beating Dook at the buzzer!)  Did the usual “First Monday” thang with the Flyers…thankfully there were a coupla others who were up for a shorter route, as my legs were still tired from Saturday’s race.  But the Blackberry Wheat beer at Chelsea Brewery was worth it.

What else…oh yeah, my WTF work moment of the week (well actually a carryover from last week.)  Tell me, who actually says when they email their group that “due to deadlines and priorities, I will not be taking today as a vacation day.”  Guess what-we all take days off during crunch times.  Nature of the beast.  No need to invoke a guilt trip or anything like that…

And another WTF moment on Dancing With the Stars.  How-I repeat, HOW-did Kate avoid the bottom 2 AGAIN?  Whoever is skewing the votes in her favor…you’re on my list!!  And if Evan ever gets cut to save her, there will be hell to pay!! 😛

Finally, Brightroom actually got decent pictures of me from a race for a change!!  Check it out…

in the last mile and working hard!


the "after" pic


the momentum shifts?

So I’m sure the lack of posting this week signaled that it was a very hectic week in Flygirl-land.  Well on the work side, definitely was…had at least one meeting, if not more than one, seemingly every day this week.  (oh, and the same person who endorsed weekend work here also wondered if someone who had taken a sick day was gonna still call in for a scheduled meeting.  what you see is my eyes rolling.)

Of course, this meant I was one tired chick this week, and it showed in my workouts…Tuesday I just did some easy miles before meeting the Flyers at a bar on the UES after their speed workout.  Thursday I put on the DS-Trainers, hoping to inject some speedy pickups into my run, but the legs were not having it…everything just felt tired.  Thankfully I ran into Flyer PD near 102nd and he kept me company and we chatted for about a mile or so.  Always nice to have unexpected company 🙂  And Wednesday I had planned to hit up a yoga class after work, but was absolutely beat and decided to just call it a night.

Needless to say, the batteries needed recharging this weekend.  Which started Friday nite at Tortilla Flats with some margaritas and girl talk 😉  Not to mention a, uh, amusing soundtrack of sorts in the background courtesy of the restaurant.  By the end of the night, I was inspired to dig up some of my old MTV Party To Go mix CDs and had memories brought back of of a certain someone in college who would blast “I Wish” by Skee-Lo constantly (and annoy the hell outta his suitemates.  I just found the whole thing amusing. 🙂 )

And even though I didn’t feel the drinks were that strong, I guess they did a little bit of a number on me, cuz I crashed not too long after I got home.  And I definitely needed a day to actually sleep in and not set the alarm…as my quickie on Saturday felt better than most of my others this week.  Quickie run…what were you thinking? 😉  3 miles and change on the bridle path, and I’m glad I never put the tights away because I needed them for this run!  (When did winter decide to come back?)  Topped that off with a yoga class to stretch everything out and prep for a long one…

So today, EG had arranged a long run with both 20 and 10-mile options down the west side to Brooklyn…the 10-mile option was perfect for me!!  Now of course the wild card, will the (sh)IT Band hold up?  Well as it turned out, it did. 

Was a nice crew running…some peeps I already knew in real life, others that I knew in the virtual running world and finally put a name to a face, and others that were brand new to me.  The weather was kinda crappy…capris and long sleeves were the order of the day as opposed to the shorts and tank tops of the previous weekend.  Oh and the weather people LIED!!  As it was rainy and windy during our run and didn’t wait for the evening.  Guess I should have wore the hat instead of the sunglasses?  Kept a nice relaxed pace of around 9:00, give or take a few seconds, and every few miles someone would ask if my knee was holding up ok-which I thought was nice.  And before I knew it, we were crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, running along the promenade, and down a steep hill to our final destination.  Nice run, and look forward to many more in the future…

So…close to 11 miles done.  And the (sh)IT Band seemed to hold up…legs did feel tired in the last few miles, but more endurance tired than hurting tired.  But just in case, the (sh)IT Band was still gonna have a date with some ice and the Quadballer later.  (Well after my hot shower…best hot shower ever.  Well, since this run.)

So maybe the momentum has shifted?  I can only hope it stays in this direction…gonna keep moving but still with a little caution.  This week looks like a little bit of a cutback…partially because of celebrating passover the next 2 nights with la familia, makes it a little tough to get workouts in unless I wake up early (doubtful!)  Plus the next 2 days look to be washouts anyway.  But on the other hand, may be a good thing to let the legs rest a little before Saturday’s 10K. (Though I never seem to run well on that course-rested or not!)

And on another topic-who would have thought that my bracket would still be in the running (ha ha) to finish in the money after Kansas was knocked out of it (and screwed up 90% of this country’s brackets, I’m sure.)  It sure has been the Tournament of Upsets…Saturday’s games are gonna be interesting!! 🙂

feelin’ spring-y

Three days (and a possible fourth) in a row of spring weather, even before the official start of the season?  Hey, the weather gods owed NYC a lot after this past winter…

So Tuesday night was my first run in my new lightweight trainers…yep, after a coupla years, it was time to bid the Asics DS-Trainers farewell…as a matter of fact, seems like I’m moving away from Asics completely…I just don’t like what they’ve been doing to the shoes…making the heel units too “busy” or something…it just completely changes the feel of the shoe.  So last week, I had stopped by Urban Athletics before the Flyers‘ board meeting, and tried on a coupla pairs of lightweight trainers before ultimately deciding on the Adidas AdiZero Tempo.  Hey, I like the name already…and look nice too.  Now all I needed was a non-rainy day to road test them, which turned out to be Tuesday.

So I had a hunch that the park was going to be a zoo, due to all the hibernators in addition to the teams who were regularly there on Tuesday nites.  Whatever, I’m running anyway 🙂  And I don’t know if it was the great weather or the new shoes, but this was the best run I had since before my injury.  Was listening to my playlist from Grete’s 2008…ahhh good songs, good memories.  I also worked in 5 x 1 minute fast (w/ 3 min recovery) to test the shoes and the waters with speed/pickups…paces for the pickups were 6:54, 7:15, 7:58 (had to do some dodging on the very crowded lower loop-slowed me down a little), 7:21, 7:04 (which included part of the hill by Tavern!)  Even a friend who saw me in passing during one of the non-pickups said it looked like I was “cruising.”  And once again, the (sh)IT band stayed quiet…maybe, just maybe have I turned a corner?

So yesterday, even though the weather was great again, I had planned to make it a gym day.  I think this is gonna be the toughest thing-forcing myself to cross-train indoors when the weather is nice but I gotta stick with it if I want to stay on the road to recovery.  So I planned to do a yoga class yesterday evening, as I didn’t have any St. Patrick’s Day plans-honestly I can take or leave it (unlike my brother, who took the day off from work-and he’s not even Irish!).  But the co-workers decided on an impromptu get-together at our usual favorite Brass Monkey…as it also was a perfect day to have beers on their roof deck.  So…compromise-I only went for one beer, and stuck with that plan…and was still able to make it to my class (well the fact that it was at 8:15 helped).  And surprisingly, the pint of Blue Moon consumed didn’t affect my balance at all…or maybe it wore off by then 🙂

And can’t have March without March Madness!!  Kicks off today (and my brother not only took yesterday off from work, but today and tomorrow…not just to nurse his hangover, but to watch the 1st round games!  talk about taking this stuff seriously…)  And yes, doing another pool in the office…and as it’s an even year, I hope to finish in the money once again 🙂

being a mid-packer

when it helps being a mid-packer…
surprisingly enough, the office march madness pool. i thought my bracket was dead in the water by the final four. however, i forgot that whoever winds up smack dab in the middle gets a small payout. and guess who that was? yeah, the payout was pretty small compared to the top 4 (especially the winner, who won $675!) but can’t complain about getting my entry fee back. 🙂

when it doesn’t help being a mid-packer…
OK, i’ve been annoyed at brightroom in the past for never getting any pictures of me at NYRR races, most disappointing being the 2006 NYCM, since that was my first marathon. But MarathonFoto didn’t get a single running picture of me from Cherry Blossom!! And honestly, I don’t understand it, since they seemed to get a ton of pictures of my other friends. And I was hoping for a nice running picture with the cherry blossoms in the background. talk about adding insult to injury…guess it really wasn’t my day!!

done writing for now. time to get back to watching the Dancing With The Stars results show!! 🙂

ankles are the new cleavage

yes, i figured the title would be good for a laugh or two. that is in reference to the latest ridiculous thing from office life. luckily, the reprimandee wasnt me this time, but another girl. her crime? showing too much ankle. i kid you not. capri-length leggings and a dress over it, which actually looked nice, but apparently, too revealing. can someone please explain to me, how is this more revealing and offensive than wearing dresses, skirts or capri pants? i don’t get it. needless to say, that was the latest joke on facebook amongst the work crew.

the rest shall be another mishmash post…

my ncaa bracket is officially dead in the water. shoulda picked louisville to win it all instead of pittsburgh, but hey i listened to my mom, who correctly predicted kansas last year…

now that march madness is all but over, i think there should be a new pool…
“when will brooklyn half registration be open?”
whoever guesses closest should get free registration courtesy of nyrr 🙂
speaking of the brooklyn half…i am…actually…considering this one. only thing standing in my way besides there being no set date, is not knowing how my calves are going to behave on the boardwalk (if they are going to cramp up again like they did both other times.)
and whats up with the rest of the calendar? no more NYC half (not that that one was a big loss for me), the queens half got moved to september 20th which conflicts with both the 5th ave mile and rosh hashanah. at the rate things are going, i am not getting in my 9 races this year…but thats ok because if things go well, i wont be doing a fall marathon in 2010…

the hills season 5 starts a week from tomorrow!!! yay for trash tv being back on monday nights. unfortunately the premiere clashes with the march madness final (mtv, what were you thinking?). thank god for dvr…

3 more days… 😉

not doin’ the shuffle

so i stopped by the Apple store by work today to check out the much-hyped new Shuffle.

Now it may be little and cute, but I dunno…don’t think I’m sold on that. I don’t like how the controls are in the headphones-since I hate the white headphones and wind up using different brands. And I even tried out the controls…meh. If I needed to play with the order, it could get annoying. Sorry Apple…as with certain other things, smaller isn’t always better 😛

In the meantime…getting a new iPod nano is very tempting…I do like the 4th-generation upgrade…

Other news-March Madness so far is breaking my heart…my bracket ain’t faring so well. Yeah it’s still early, but I’m doubtful my bracket is going to repeat last year’s glory.

And was Mother Nature f*cking with us today? First day of spring? Snow? Haven’t we suffered enough in the Northeast this winter…

12 more days…

10-mile dress rehearsal

nope, didn’t run 10 miles at speedwork!! but did 3 x 1.05 miles (1.05 mi=5 laps of the Great Hill track) at 10-mile pace. Which was honestly a perfect workout for me with Broad Street in 2 1/2 weeks. The McMillan calculator suggested a 10-miler at an 8:10 pace based on my last 4-mile race…so tried to aim for that, give or take and wound up with this…

1st “mile”
8:31 (8:05 pace)
2nd “mile”
8:28 (8:02 pace)
3rd “mile”
8:15 (7:50 pace)
Time Pace Time Pace Time Pace
1:43 8:09 1:43 8:09 1:40 7:54
1:40 7:54 1:42 8:05 1:39 7:50
1:43 8:09 1:41 7:59 1:40 7:54
1:43 8:09 1:41 7:59 1:40 7:54
1:42 8:04 1:41 7:59 1:37 7:40

Not bad, right? And no being the rabbit this time too. 🙂

In other news, I finally got my March Madness payout!! A cool $150. Of course, I would have gotten $350 had I only picked Memphis over UCLA to make the final…but still, $150 is nothing to sneeze at!! 🙂