entering red territory

Seems like red is a good color to sum up a lot about the 2012 Boston Marathon:

the official jacket for this year is red…

I guess I have to include them…the Red Sawx…I mean Sox :-p

And the weather forecast for race day?  Red hot.

You know, in a way I’m not surprised.  I had a feeling we were going to pay for the mild winter somehow.  But dear God, couldn’t it have waited for the summer and another Heatpocalypse? 🙂

And it’s just the final installment in the comedy of errors this training cycle was.  Between training not going as well as I had hoped, not to mention fighting a cold with a week to go (thankfully almost all gone!), now the weather gods joined in.  I’m sure someone out there thinks it’s karma for something I supposedly did or probably will do someday 😛

In a crazy way, it’s also coming full circle.  Remember Chicago 2010?  The marathon that earned me this ticket to Boston in the first place?  Also a scorcher.

Unlike the week before Chicago, I’m not freaking out about the forecast.  (it’s throwing my race day outfit for a loop, but that’s a whole other story :-p )  Only thing I can worry about is if the officials decide to black-flag the race at all.  Besides that?  It’s on me to be smart.  And I felt for the conditions, I ran a smart race in Chicago and will definitely tap on that experience during Marathon Monday.

In a way, this kinda lessens the expectations…and will most likely make me do what everyone has been telling me to do in the first place…treat Boston as a victory lap.  Embrace it.  This will be one for the record books and will have good battle stories to tell.  Those post-race drinks will just taste even better.  All in all, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend with teammates and other friends.  Which will start tomorrow at what is totally my candy store-the expo!!  A girl can never have too many running clothes 🙂

And on the topic of running clothes, my mom said to me before “after all this, it’s going to be too hot to wear the jacket!”

Don’t worry, mom.  I’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear it.

To all running this weekend (from mile to marathon), safe travels, good luck, etc.  And to those cheering, either with me or from afar, I thank you all in advance!!  All she wrote til I cross the finish line on Boylston St…

finish line pic i took last year. now it's my turn!


3 thoughts on “entering red territory

  1. Have a great race tomorrow!! 🙂

  2. I like it: your victory lap… good Luck and enjoy the race into town.

    It says 8 hours to go, that makes it 15h00 here so the winner will be finishing as I leave for the running club, and you? I’m guessing at 18h45 so maby I can be home by then, the race is on…

  3. Good luck out there today!

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