trainwrecks and tempos

Is it me, or lately has NYRR’s Facebook page been more of a trainwreck than ever?  It seems like every single post on the wall deteriorates into some type of pissing ground (check out the one with about 50 replies-that one is awesome.)  I mean, to get to the point where they have to initate “posting guidelines”…how old are we again?   I will admit, sometimes I do have the urge to comment…but instead I choose to bite my tongue and talk about it here on my blog.  Much better! 🙂

So that was the trainwreck part of the post, now for the tempo.  3 x the Harlem Hills loop.  In the heat and humidity.  I bet it hurts just reading about it.  But we got it done.  Was all in the pacing.

Loop Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 11:11 1.4165 7:54 150 170
2 11:05 1.4165 7:49 155 173
3 10:57 1.4165 7:44 158 178

Overall, this was a little slower than the “suggested” time for me for the loop which was about 10:50…but then again, those weren’t triple-H (heat, humidty, hills) adjusted.  But the point of the workout was to negative split, finish strong, so was all good.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my race report.  I’ve given myself a coupla days to cool off.  For the record-this was not a crowded race (516 finishers according to NYRR) and the weather…70 degrees and 53% humidity isn’t exactly chilly, but it’s much better than what we’ve had here as of late (and I believe comparable to last year’s conditions for this race.)  I think what happened may have been one or both of 2 things: last year I didn’t do speed the week before the race whereas I had that long workout last Tuesday and that I’m at least 5 pounds heavier than I was this time last year (I don’t know why, but I’m really struggling with it more this year.)  5 x 2 seconds per mile…theres the 10 seconds per mile difference from last year.  And honestly, I think I was spoiled the last 2 years with the racing going well and it feeling too easy…figured I’m due for a year where I have my work cut out for me 🙂

Coupla more race pics…damn why am I heel-striking in both of them? :-\

me and Bridges Runner right after the start

nearing the finish


let’s play a love game, play a love game

it’s complicated and stupid
got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid
guess he wants to play, wants to play
a love game, a love game

(who knows, maybe Lady GaGa knows what she’s talking/singing about…)  I would be lying if I didn’t say I was happy that today is February 15th.  Meaning the most dreaded day of the year (and indeed complicated and stupid)  is behind me again…until next year.  And every year I say “next year will be different”…never is.   Of course, the everso lovely Facebook didn’t exactly help matters much, as the theme of the week was “change your profile picture to one of you and your significant other and tell how you got together.”  Or as one of my friends put it “Remind all your single friends how alone they are by showing us how happy and in love you all are in your profile pic…”  Yeah, thanks SO much, Facebook!!

I think I really started to hate Valentine’s Day back in 2001, when the Ex-Boyfriend emailed me on that day, and in the process was sorta bragging about how great things were for him-at a time where things were not going well for me. (like jeez, great timing…)  It takes a lot to make me cry at work…well congrats to him, he achieved that.  And I guess ever since then I’ve been reminded of that.  And for the record, I could care less about receiving actual gifts on February 14th.  Flowers eventually die.  Candy will just make me fat.  All I want is companionship…is that honestly too much to ask?  I know its hard to achieve…but can’t a girl believe?

So instead of sitting at home with a bottle of wine or going to some meet-market type Jewish singles event, I just went around the corner to my fave Mexican place and had a coupla margaritas while sitting at the bar and watching the Olympics.  Not exactly the ideal way to spend the evening, but I just didn’t feel like being alone at home.  And there was indeed a Jewish singles event that night but I really wasn’t up for it.  Oh, and I discovered that I really need to be banned from drunk texting and/or emailing on February 14th.  Think I need a breathalyzer for the CrackBerry…or something like Gmail’s “Mail Goggles” feature.  Anyway, sorry about that, “certain person.” 😉

Anyway, different topic…oh yeah, the Olympics.  Can’t say I am as emotionally invested in these games as I am for the Summer games, but still nice to watch.  And gotta love NBC and their spotty and/or tape-delayed coverage once again!  (Did they not learn anything from Beijing 2008?)  And poor Canada…between the techincal malfunction in the opening ceremonies and the not-so-winter-like weather…they’ve got their work cut out for them for the remainder of these games.

And speaking of winter weather, can Vancouver please take all the snow that we’re getting here in NY?  Seriously, they need it, we don’t want it-there, perfect solution.  I mean yeah, it was nice to have a shortened work day last Wednesday (our office closed early that day due to the weather) but enough is enough already…can you all tell that I’m not a winter person? 🙂

And thanks to everyone who voted in my poll and commented on my last post…I’m pretty sure I know what I am gonna do but I’ll just leave you all in suspense a little while longer 😛

getting on base

And so we go from football to baseball in my post titles.  Funny thing, as I am typing this, on ESPN Classic is the infamous 1986 World Series Game 6…the one that broke the Sawx’s hearts…hehe.

So the title kinda refers to what I will be doing the next month or 2…base-building.  My PT is helping me with a game plan…nothing really crazy, still only running 3 days a week for the next few weeks, still with 1-2 strength train days in there.  Throw in the 2 short races this month…we’ll see how that goes.  Oh-and will also be getting a VO2 max test next week…will be very interesting to see what the results are.  I still use my HRM to train, but I’m sure right now, my max heart rate is no longer 188 (achieved at the end of a 5K-and the uphill end of a 10k-last year.)  So my ranges may need to change…

What else…oh yeah, found out another social media faux pas…never, ever friend a company bigwig on Facebook and then play Farmville during business hours!  I’m innocent tho…I blocked that app!!  (in addition to Mafia Wars.)  And a meeting earlier this week…all I can say is I don’t know how some people can sleep at night.  (or maybe they don’t.)

so yeah, crazy week.  thankfully good weekend…friend’s bday drinks tomorrow and then Saturday is my favorite event of the year-the Flyers awards gala!!  And again, more fun and more drama than the Oscars and the MTV awards combined.  Who will rock the red carpet?  Will someone pull a Kanye West during the awards presentation?  The excitement is mounting 🙂

winter is long

So yeah, here is that “longer blog post” I referred to in yesterday’s “welcome to my new blog crib” post 🙂  And rumor has it there may be other bloggy peeps looking to make a blog software switcharoo and join me here…ahhh once again, I am a trendsetter 😉

So first off, how about those Jets?  Wasn’t sure how their chances would be yesterday, as I’m sure the Bengals gave them last Sunday’s game just so they could choose their first-round opponent, so to say.  And there was some sloppy playing yesterday, but it all came together in the end.  (And I just also have to mention that Mark Sanchez is good eye candy 😉 )  So they take on San Diego next week…can they repeat the magic?

And now that the new year has started…yeah winter really seems long…everything seems long(er).  Last week was the first 5-day week I worked in awhile and it just killed me 😛  Well not really.  Though of course, the week cannot pass by without incident…well, besides being in an all-day training session for an online reporting tool and feeling so unproductive for one day, there’s a quasi-crisis on one project (thankfully was not my fault, and did not get fingers unfairly pointed at me!) and then I had to save someone else’s ass, who doesn’t follow directions when being told “re-map yourself to the new shared drive and don’t use the old one.”  Friday couldn’t come soon enough…

And on that running thang, I got my new orthotics in and have started breaking ’em in…not sure if they are drastically different from my old ones, but they do feel good and seem to be better made.  And my PT is starting to kick my ass-literally-with squats and lunges…I think I am gonna have a chronically sore butt for the next few weeks 😛

And a topic that I’ve mentioned briefly before, but just feel like raising the question again…what is the etiquette on family members being friends/keeping in touch with ex-boyfriends?  Like do I have any reason to feel bothered by the fact that my ex-boyfriend (who I havent spoken to in forever) is Facebook friends with my brother and I see him posting comments on my brother’s status?  (I give it 2 weeks before he friends both my parents…)  Never the mind that for 2 years after I broke up, my mom still had a picture of the 2 of us in her office…and would probably still have it there today had I not seen it that one time… :-\

The weather is supposed to get into the 30s this week!!  Break out the running shorts…

bloggers block

the last coupla days i thought about blogging but just couldn’t press the “new post” button…haven’t had much interesting stuff going on the last coupla weeks to write about!! but now here’s enough for a mishmash…

was a lazy runner last week. partially due to recovery from cherry blossom, other partially due to passover and assorted seders with la familia, and my snooze-button loving finger.

this week going a little better. and yesterday, i not only got the opportunity to lead a speed workout, but i actually led the workout. let’s see if anyone gets what i mean here 🙂

The Hills!! It’s back. And Spencer is even more of a douchebag than before. Such a trainwreck. I’ve really been getting into Dancing With the Stars this season though…rooting for Melissa and Tony to win-sentimental favorite after what happened with “The Bachelor.” And Amazing Race!! How the hell can the stuntmen be so dumb to get time penalties on 2 consecutive legs??? Saved by the non-elim…meh. And didn’t these guys learn anything from last season when one team lost their passports?? I’m rooting for the lawyer brother/sister team to win…

both of my parents are now on facebook. god help us all. and my dad thought he screwed up my mom’s profile when supposedly his picture was showing up on comments my mom was making. ummm…did either of you look to see who’s name was at the top of the screen, and logged in? or even think of logging out when you have a shared computer? too funny.

Brooklyn Half registration is up, but not sure I’m really up for a half right now. I’d rather keep my race efforts short and sweet for now. (I am signed up for the Mini 10K, but not counting on it being a great time if the weather is a repeat of last year.) Thinking a non-Central Park/NYRR 10K may be good!! Why? Well…take a look at my top 5 10K times:

1. 47:06-Kleinerman 10K 2008
2. 47:38-Kleinerman 10K 2004
3. 48:37-10K split in Philly Distance Run 2008
4. 48:56-10K split in Cherry Blossom 10-miler 2009
5. 48:59-Mini 10K 2004

The fact that 2 of those are 10K splits in longer races…I need to get the heck out of Central Park for a 10K just once. Anyone have any suggestions of good 10Ks in the area?

MCM is 98% full as of today!! Glad I registered when I did…

Alright-enough blogging, back to watching 13 Going on 30!! 🙂

running more forgiving than life sometimes…

so, the baby bro finally broke down and joined Facebook (though he swore up and down that he never will.) and i was shocked to find on his friends list…was the Ex-Boyfriend. (and apparently the Ex found baby bro via the “email friend finder”…meaning they must still keep in touch. why my brother keeps in touch with someone i broke up with 8 years ago, i will never understand…) So yeah, I had to sneak a peek at his friends list…which of course included his wife…and some other peeps I remember from college, some with their shiny married names, others with their babies as their profile picture…

and it’s not just that, it seems whenever i browse the listings of people I graduated high school and college with, that’s all I see-peeps with married names, or either their babies or wedding photos as their profile picture. And I think “my god, that’s so many…what’s wrong with me that I’m just not there yet?” Yeah, no matter how much I may have accomplished so far, there’s a part of me that really feels like a loser that I haven’t settled down and started a family yet. I turn 32 in a month, it’s not like I have all the time in the world…

Then I get to thinking…ya know, we have runners in their late 30s winning Olympic marathons-as was the case this past weekend. Some runners run some of their best times as a masters or vet runner, in fact we’re told that improvement comes with time, especially in the marathon. Qualification standards are made easier for us, the older we get (at least for Boston and NYC.) Running is a sport, a way of life that seems so much more forgiving than…well, real life. There’s no “hurry up and do something by a certain time” (well, unless you’re trying to achieve Olympic qualifying standards, but that ain’t me!) Older runners are admired for their accomplishments, not looked down on. Guess in the race of life, I will always be trying to keep up, but maybe in this race, I’ll have more of a chance of winning…