first in line

my brand-spankin' new asics ds-trainer 13s

today I went to JackRabbit to do a little bit of shopping…and found out they had just gotten the new Asics DS-Trainer 13’s (so brand-spankin new that they aren’t on Asics’ website yet!) in that morning-and if I came back in a coupla hours I’d be able to try them on. Perfect, I had other shopping to do around Union Square. So I was back, probably first in line to try em on 🙂

I was really hoping these would feel OK, after absolutely loving the DS-Trainer 11’s…the fit of the 12s didn’t quite work for me. Last year I was still able to find 11’s, but now I can’t so it was time to upgrade. And thank god-these did feel good. The heel was able to accomodate my orthotics (the 12s couldn’t-they were too narrow) and they felt OK on the treadmill-next will be to try em out on the road. Only strange thing was that I really had to size up in these-needed a 9 1/2 (to put in perspective-I take an 8 in the Cumulus 9’s, and an 8 1/2 in the DS-Trainer 11’s.)

And I can’t seem to escape orange, right? As my 11’s were orange too…but these look snazzy. Nice little “XMas” present to myself 🙂

And on the topic of XMas-merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate!!

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