oh MTA, you amaze me…

why, oh why, when it rains, and rains hard, the whole subway system goes down.

I am writing this while working from home…minute I heard the subways were out, I just turned around. I knew I wasn’t gonna get a bus or a taxi. Why did I know this?

Why yes…same thing happened 3 years ago.

Glad to know my $76 a month is going to something.

BTW-those who can’t get onto the MTA site to check service updates…try this link instead.


happens once a year…

This nonstop rain we’ve been having has made its way into our subway system. I actually saw it raining on the local tracks at 34th street. freaky…

Anyone else remember when this happened last September? Or better yet, back in the summer of ’99 when rain knocked out all subway service in Manhattan during morning rush hour?

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