and on the topic of chocolate…

found this one courtesy of Madame LaBlog…I guess the fact that this is my favorite type of chocolate makes this quiz somewhat accurate…

You are White Chocolate

You have a strong feminine side with a good bit of innocence thrown in.
Whether your girlish ways are an act or not, men like to take care of you.
You are an understated beauty, and your power is often underestimated!

there is such thing as being too rich…

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So even though I worked in the area for 5 years, and frequented City Bakery for things like coffee and cherry muffins, I had never sampled their famous hot chocolate until the other day.

OMG-was way, way too rich, even for me…like drinking a melted chocolate bar. I almost felt like I would go into a sugar-and-chocolate coma.

I think I will be sticking to the coffee and muffins from now on…

still in recovery


i’ve been quite lazy this past week and don’t feel any guilt whatsoever 🙂

well actually, I eventually will feel guilty if I don’t stop eating these limited edition Candy Cane Hershey’s Kisses (white chocolate with mint candy bits…this is chocolate candy perfection.)

It was a nice, semi-lazy weekend. Yesterday, MF and I got much-needed (and very appreciated by my calves/hamstrings) post-marathon massages, and did some shopping in Chinatown.Today was yet another get-together of the NYC running bloggers, this one in honor of Liam’s (and his son-who’s celebrating his 21st b-day!) visit to NYC. We all knocked back some beer (well most of us) and some food at Westside Brewery, and also in attendance were Sister Smile, jbl, Skylight, Runner26, Sara, BrunetteChicagoGal and Uptown Girl-and as usual, a great time was had.

Anyway, for the first time in awhile, it was nice to have a weekend go by and not have major mileage on the schedule. But my legs feel rarin’ to go, probably sometime this week, but ease into it.

So thanks to a certain couple of teammates, I am considering Chicago for next fall 🙂 I’ve heard nothing but great things about this race, especially the crowd support. Only concern I do have is the start. Not to sound like an “elitist” here-but one of the big pluses to NYC was that I had such a great starting position. In Chicago-unless they loosen the standards this year, the preferred start standards are 1:45 half/3:55 full. (I’m sure my 1:43 from Vegas-Jan ’05-would be outside the qualifying window.) So unless I get a 1:45 half next year, I’d be in the open start. Is that start a “free-for-all”-meaning there’s a chance I’d get stuck behind people doing 5 or 6 hour marathons-or is there some order? I know I have until next spring to worry about that, but it’s never too early to start thinking about these things 🙂

And once again, Brightroom hates me…as the pictures they got of me were crap-just “crowd” pictures. Little disappointed that for my first marathon, to not get any pictures of me actually running (well except for the 2 that I posted before.)

I was amused to hear this from a co-worker the other day-he wanted a client to take out questions about blogging from their questionnaire because “nobody blogs, or reads blogs.” Guess I live in quite a different world…

surprise, surprise

party favor-a fancy wine stopper resting next to a watermelon martiniso, my dad only gets one 60th birthday. and for some reason beyond all logical comprehension, my mom decides to throw him a nice surprise party at a nearby restaurant with dj, dancing, good food and open bar. but you understand, it’s almost impossible to get *anything* past him. we were all sure he’d find out. but as it turned out, surprised he was last nite to walk into the party room of the restaurant and see about 30 friends, family and loved ones. he expected that something was up, but not something that big!! so it was a good time. i was more sober than my mom was (she is never allowed to lecture me about drinking again, now she knows where i get it from!) my brother and i were not embarassed to be dancing with the other “adults” like we were at our bat/bar mitzvahs (as now we understand that they were all buzzed while dancing way back when.) we kept teasing my cousin about his 15 minutes of fame…it’s just the story that keeps on giving. my dad got appropriately toasted and roasted and showered with gifts. all in all, the evening was a success. (and my family is 2 for 2 in surprise parties this year-my brother and i threw a nice surprise dinner for the parentals’ 35th anniversary.) love ya dad!! here’s to many more!!
mint hershey's miniatures

And as if Hershey’s mint kisses weren’t enough chocolate temptation (and i noticed there is a petition to try and get them made permanent, cool) I discovered something even better-Hershey’s mint miniatures. mint milk chocolate, mint dark chocolate and-the absolute kicker-white chocolate with mint candy bits-i mean, how can you get much better than that last one?? man oh man…please someone remind me i have a dress i still need to fit into next month for the Flyers’ awards party…

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we’ll always have "dancing queen"

little background on the title. at a work party this summer, a coworker and i were playing around on the jukebox and for whatever reason, we both chose ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” therefore, at any future events-including last nite-one of us has to say the title of this post.

as for last nite…little mixed. music was good, had a fun time dancing. food was decent too. paced myself well with the drinks…yeah, that was a sore spot. seemed like everyone was watching me to make sure I wasn’t drinking too much or too fast or whatever. what…just because i was dancing and having fun, it meant i was wasted? not so. anyway, i thought i was imagining things, but no, the hr manager gave me a mini-lecture when i mentioned going to the after-party…at that point i was like “f*ck it, i’m going home, sick of being baby-sat.” you know, i will be the first to admit i made a mistake at EB’s party…but do you really think i want to re-live it? no.

plus part of me is thinking i am really outgrowing these work events…a good part of the evening i was thinking how i can’t wait for the Flyers’ holiday party and awards party and how much fun i will have at both those events.

fun stuff coming up this weekend…tomorrow morning, the flyers’ annual “toys for tots” event…i won’t be participating in the running, but will partake in the caroling and hospital visit 🙂 later that nite, will have 1 drink on the early side for my friend’s b-day (though other teammates are taking bets on whether or not i will be out til 3 am like the nite before the Mother’s Day 5k.) then the 10k sunday (which i’m feeling optimistic about…albeit cautiously) followed by brunch with the other nyc bloggers!! how cool is that 🙂
hershey's chocolate mint kisses
oh, and i stumbled upon what i consider chocolate perfection. Chelle has Coffee KitKats…Uptown Girl has peanut butter Hershey’s kisses…for me, it’s the limited edition Mint Hershey’s Kisses. And if i had any say, these would be available year-round…they’re *that* good.

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