me lucky charms

Well with another race on the horizon and of course having to partake in a pre-race ritual or 2…kinda gave me an idea for a fun post.  Everyone has their “lucky charms” for race day.  What are some of mine?

Yankee shoe charm:

I bought the Yankee charm, in addition to another (which stays on my regular trainers)  at the More/Fitness Half-Marathon expo from these peeps.  The Yankee charm goes on my racers for luck.  Specifically, on the right foot, as I had the ITB injury on my right leg, so I figure that leg can use a little more magic.

Watermelon candy-pink manicure:

So I like to get my nails done before races.  My color of choice used to be OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, a la Kara Goucher in NYCM 2008 (not quite black nails, but close enough) but I sort of tired of it this year.  So starting with the Mini 10K, I made my color of choice Watermelon by Essie-as it went with the pink accents in my green Adioses, and still looks good with the newer neon pink pair.  And there is something a little more upbeat about this color.  But as everyone knows, “when I do up my nails in watermelon candy color…you know I mean business! :)”

Though I leave the iPod behind on big race days, I do like to have some songs to listen to beforehand to get myself pumped up to race.  The songs pretty much vary by year.  (e.g., 2008’s songs were “Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield and “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay, 2009’s song was “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas.)  Here are some current favorites:

“Give Me Everything”-Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer.  Come on, this *was* like the summertime anthem of 2011.  And hey when you race, don’t you wanna give it everything?

“Club Can’t Handle Me”-Flo Rida/David Guetta.  Because the race course can’t even handle me right now 😛

“Walking on Sunshine”-Katrina & the Waves.  An oldie but goodie, I dare you to not want to run fast after listening to this song.

Blue Moon:

Seriously.  Yes I’ve had at least one the night before my last few races…not sure if that helps or not but hey doesn’t hurt to have an excuse to indulge in a cold one, right?  (not sure I’m gonna get to tomorrow but don’t fear, i’m getting it in tonite.)

White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter:

By Peanut Butter and Co.  Goes on my pre-race bagel before the big races.  Yes, I even pack it to bring with me when traveling to races 🙂

Starbucks Coffee:

A Pike Place Roast with a shot of vanilla syrup.  Kinda randomly stumbled upon this combo before the 2007 San Francisco Half, now this is a favorite “go-to” when traveling for races.

I’m sure there is more, but that’s what come to me off the top of my head.  So those are my lucky charms/lucky pre-race rituals-what’s yours?

And good luck to all racing this weekend!  Catch you on the flip side-hopefully with some good news to tell!


love potion no. 9

OK, “love” potion may not be the right term, but you have to admit it’s fitting with the picture.

I’m addicted to this new coffee place that just opened up in Chelsea Market this week…their lattes are probably stronger than Starbucks*, and how can you not love the fact that the baristas would pour the steamed milk in so that it forms a cute design on the top?

*Strong coffee was definitely needed this morning. After an absolute killer fartlek speed workout last nite that just knocked me out so early that I couldn’t watch most of the Roddick-Federer match, I was still tired this morning!!

heat wave, record heat, blah blah blah

yeah, i guess we’ve all seen the headlines in every newspaper, on every news website, hell, on every blog that has been updated today. (and NY1 reports that the mercury has hit 100-yowza.)

last nite our coaches made the executive decision to cancel that evening’s speedwork, and tonite the Flyers group run is canceled as well. smart decision on both parts, considering last nite i was hot and exhausted just walking. and today, i have yet to go outside since getting to work-to quote one of my colleagues “the only way i’m going outside is to go home.”

even though it was a relatively “cool” 83 degrees this morning, the 3 miles i ran were probably the slowest 3 miles i have run in an extremely long time. don’t know if it was the heat (doubtful, if i did speedwork in the same weather the day before, but who knows?), or if it was because i left it all out there in yesterday’s workout (please tell me that was the case) or if i’m just tired between the heat, work, or whatever else…i’ll just say thank god i was running solo this morning, no one would have been able to put up with my snail-like pace.

yeah, maybe since today’s run was so short i probably should have just sucked it up and done it on the treadmill…but it’s tough when you’re within stumbling distance of the Central Park reservoir and bridle path-in fact i’m closer to that than I am to the nearest NYSC! much, much easier and quicker to hop on over to the park.

on a positive note, my shoes arrived today!!! yay yay yay. now I have 2 pairs of Cumulus 7’s that will last me from now til after the marathon…one white/purple, and another white/orange pair. (and the Axioms went back to the store yesterday…)

and if I didn’t already love Starbucks enough…tomorrow they are providing complimentary iced coffee between 1 and 3 (or so the ad in AM New York said) at participating locations in the NYC metro area. now that’s how you help people beat the heat 🙂

c is for cookie-or not!

arrrgghh!! my favorite cookie place in Chelsea Market is closed til the end of this month!! The place that has the half-price cookies after 6pm and are a welcome treat on those days when working late…

but come to think of it, that may actually be a good thing. i do not need to be stuffing myself with cookies during marathon training…right? 🙂 (i know a couple of my readers don’t agree with that though 😉 )

rest day today. thank god, since it’s like a friggin monsoon outside. i’m cranky enough since the caffeine from my venti Starbucks vanilla latte hasn’t kicked in yet. :-p

starbucks does it again

so, the lastest starbucks indulgence is the Marble Mocha Macchiato. and of course, i have to at least try it out. (white chocolate!! how can i resist!)

verdict? good as usual, but very, very sweet. i’m glad i only got a tall instead of my usual venti. and i dont think i’ll be getting this one again. was the same reason i stopped getting the white chocolate mochas awhile back…too much sweetness (in addition to the calorie content, even with skim milk!) i prefer on a regular basis, to stick with the skim lattes with a little flavor-perfect combination there…little bit of sweetness with the coffee kick.

mmm, coffee

found this quiz on PartyRunner’s blog:

You Are a Frappucino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you’re craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

Not sure how accurate this is…I’m a Starbucks addict, but don’t like Frappucinos. And my caffeine addiction is much higher…I can’t function without it.

Then again, how accurate are these quizzes ever anyway?

(edirted because the mispelling of “Frappucino” was driving me crazy. damn copy/paste thingies.)