too little? too soon?

yeah, once again it looks like i’ve become a once-a-week blogger.  blame the post-Chicago downtime…just seems like there isn’t much to report.

I did trek to the Hobe this past Saturday to run a Halloween-themed 5K.  That didn’t go too well but there were some…uh…interesting costumes.

This was my favorite:

And gotta love that Batman is on the lead bike.

This one, however, I (and others from what I overhead) had a little issue with…(sorry!)

Now I will say, I do appreciate the creativity. However, this may not have been the appropriate place to be wearing a costume that included golf clubs and taking them out/swinging them on the run. Yes, I know it was Halloween and people just wanted to have fun, but the fact that the race organizers were giving out age group awards (and I believe money to the overall winners as well?) meant that quite a few people were going to be racing this seriously.  I passed them by around the halfway point and I’d be lying if I said I was not relieved.  Knowing my luck, I would have gotten hit by one of their clubs…

And as for my race…

Wasn’t my best.  I was hoping for a decent performance, given that it was the first time in lord knows how long that it hasn’t been 70 degrees or more and humid for a race.   Mile 1 was definitely slower than I wanted.  I had a feeling mile 2 was short, as I NEVER speed up in mile 2 of a 5K.  Refused to look at my watch for the remainder…took a split at mile 3 (yay for the marker being there) but didn’t look at the watch…but saw the race clock in the 23’s…meh.  And the heart rate info shows that I was nowhere near where I should be for a 5K (average in the high 160s or the 170s, max in the 180s)

Wasn’t in a festive mood afterwards, but stuck around to watch the awards (one UA guy was third overall, another placed in his age group) then headed back into the city and stopped by the downtown UA store, where I helped give out candy to the kids who were trick or treating in the World Financial Center for a little bit 🙂

As for my race, I don’t know.  Not sure whether to chalk it up to not being recovered from the marathon yet.  As others who ran the same marathon I did were already back at it and running well (and even PRing!)  Not to mention all those running both Chicago and NYC…I can’t even fathom that.  Or those who run other long races a week or 2 after their marathon.  Am I the slowest recover-er on earth?  What’s normal when it comes to marathon recovery?  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a PR, but I thought I could improve on the 22:48 that I ran at the end of the summer, if not match it.

And it almost makes me afraid to race…like I don’t want any more disappointment.


6 thoughts on “too little? too soon?

  1. Wow those gu outfits are intense, and I can’t imagine running with golf clubs for any distance-for fun or not.

    I’d chalk it up to some lingering gunk in the legs. Have you been running much, and how diligent have you been with icing, stretching, refueling? I’m sure these things can affect the 5k-twitch muscles. Don’t give up on racing!

  2. Dude…I did a 5K last weekend too and I felt like I got hit by a truck about 1.5 miles in. Time was about a minute slower than I was running this summer. I know I’m not all the way recovered yet. I don’t know about people who recover so quickly. I suspect it will be another month before I’m back to where I was in July.

  3. Considering you’re just coming off a marathon,not to mention a pr I don’t think you should be beating yourself up over a slower than hoped for 5k.
    It’s great that you wanted to race so soon after a marathon but I wouldn’t get too hung up on your time,as for other runners who recover quicker,as I always say”running is not one size fits all” not only do we come in all shapes and sizes but our training,racing and even recovey all differ from one another,like snowflakes we are all individually unique in our own way.

  4. Dude, don’t be too hard on yourself. A few years ago I did a Thanksgiving race a few weeks after the NYC marathon and I felt like DEATH. I’m pretty sure I was running 8:00+ minute miles. The 26.2 mile beast demands a lot from our bodies and minds!

  5. I think the question we should be asking is what running have you done since your marathon? If you have only been for a couple of slow runs, then I would say you had a great run and can be pleased with your time. Now next time get the legs turning over at a good pace as soon a possible (short reps to get the legs running quickly again, keeping the distance down and the speed up. You want to recover (low distance) and you want your speed back). And you will see you will recover fast and the speeed will come back and you will be running 22:30!!!

  6. Catching up…

    I’m right there with you with the post Chicago running misery. But I also think its okay. I mean, yeah there are people who run through that shit with no break…but quite honestly, I don’t know how long most of them can keep it up. The elites take long breaks for a reason. ::shrug::

    And yeah, golf clubs there? DOUCHEYMOVE.

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