bubble bursted

That was the text message that my brother answered me with on Sunday evening. The question was “Any word on the Terps yet?” Tough news for him to take for the second year in a row, especially after being so used to the Terps being so dominant in basketball season. We have fond memories of drinking it up at ESPNZone and watching the Terps win the 2002 title…

But what he didn’t expect to happen-and a sign that we truly are in an alternate universe, was that my alma mater would be in and his not! Yes, the Albany Great Danes are making their first March Madness appearance-albeit a 16 seed that will most likely get blown out by UConn in the first round (hell, I’m not even choosing them in my March Madness pool!)

You’d think I’d be more excited about it but honestly I’m not. (Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s a great accomplishment for them!) Maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve really moved on from the whole college scene. Plus Albany was never a real “school spirit” school when it came to athletics-at least not when I was there…we didn’t go Division 1 til after I graduated. I guess I don’t see the same passion that other schools’ alumni have for their sports programs.

But I do always think March Madness is a fun time of year…the packed bars, the annual office pools…good times 🙂


3 thoughts on “bubble bursted

  1. Ohh nooo – sorry for the Terps – I’m a turtle fan , myself. And WTG for Albany – we have an Albany grad in this household too.

  2. I love March Madness! Last year I came within an Illinois victory of winning my pool at work!!Go ‘Nova! (my mom got her teachers degree there and I still got my philly pride)

  3. We also have a pet Villanova fan. Wonder if she reads this blog??????

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