marathon trumps yankees

Ah, baseball postseason and fall marathon season.  Why must you clash?  Yeah, considering I didn’t have the Yanks to watch in last year’s postseason, I’d be glued to the TV nonstop this time.  Not so…not only did I crash during Friday night’s ALCS Game 1, but I did the same thing during Saturday’s Game 2….now to be fair, it was an extra-innings “marathon” that went into the wee hours of the morning, and I had a run the next morning.  And I was told by a certain someone afterwards that I woulda gotten a scolding had I stayed up for the game…hehe. 

And I did get a mini-lecture of sorts on Sunday from Runner26 for showing up to the ‘last 10 miler” in the cold, rainy weather (well maybe it wasn’t really a “lecture”, but thought I’d throw the teacher reference in.)  OK, maybe running outside was not the smartest thing that day, but I didn’t wanna do 8 miles on the dreadmill and I was honestly OK once we were moving…and I didn’t plan to be standing around in the cold in wet clothes when done with the run-made a beeline to Starbucks, then home for a hot shower and some quality time with the Snuggie.  Anyways, run was good, me and Runner26 ran together for the most part (I cut out after 8 miles) and Lam even joined us for a bit.  Was fun, though we got semi-lost in the Bronx trying to figure out the new course…and wound up running more of the old course.  Didn’t matter so much for me… πŸ™‚

And yesterday the game started at 4:15 and of course I was working (though still following along via the Internet)…and by the time I got home and saw an inning or 2 it looked like it was gonna go into extra innings yet again!!  But I had plans to hit the gym to do a yoga class and foam roll the sh*t out of the (sh)IT Bandβ„’.  Once again, gotta prioritize and the priority is whats gonna make me feel better on marathon day, right?  And besides-NYSC had the game on all the TVs in the gym anyways…but all the good that did, as the Yanks dropped one to the Halos…

So Game 4 is going on right now and I am watching but multitasking…eating pasta, blogging, doing laundry…plus flipping to Dancing With the Stars during commercial breaks since I wanna see who gets eliminated tonite…I know The Hills and The City will get rerun a million times so I can live without seeing those 2 shows tonite.  But if this one goes into extra innings…sorry pinstripers, I do need to get my beauty sleep πŸ™‚

And can it just be race day already?  I’m very antsy and nervous πŸ™‚  But thank god, one more day of work and I’m free for a few days…then I can really concentrate on obsessing!!! πŸ˜›


One thought on “marathon trumps yankees

  1. i was just looking out for you πŸ˜‰

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