random tuesday tidbits

yeah, i feel like being sorta random again. forgive me. 🙂

  • how ’bout those Great Danes, the little team that could? anyone else think they could possibly have pulled off the upset of all upsets on Friday nite-and wrecked everyone’s brackets (mine included, I had UConn winning it all!) in the process?
  • so, the biggest weather news of the day is that the northeast is due for a Katrina-esque hurricane. Gothamist was nice enough to post the link to the map of the hurricane evacuation zones. My apartment does not fall in an evacuation zone, but my office does. Doesn’t surprise me, considering how many times our office has been evacuated in the last 3 years (plus the fact that we’re pretty close to the Hudson.)
  • is it like, supposed to be spring or something? doesn’t quite feel like it. was it canceled or postponed or something?
  • for those watching the Apprentice this season-how sweet was last nite’s firing? without spoiling, i’ll just say, long time coming.
  • i let my match.com subscription expire. no luck there. so to JDate again or not to JDate again? (although i care a lot less now about finding a “nice jewish boy”…i mean, yeah, he’s got to be nice but i’m not sure i want to let the religion issue limit me…)
  • today i got an email giving me a heads up that registration is open for this year’s JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge. i was captain for my company’s team last year…and honestly, morale to sign up was pretty low-between people being away and the historically freaky weather (rainy in ’03, 90+ degrees in ’04.) only 9 people signed up, of those 9, only 6 showed up on race day. so i’m not too sure if i want to be a captain again this year. besides the fact i dont even want to run this “race” since it’s so always so damn crowded…but right now i’m at a point where i don’t want to commit to being either a captain or runner for my company…

now playing: “i wish i wasn’t (remix)” ~ heather headley


2 thoughts on “random tuesday tidbits

  1. The Hurricane thing, ya know it’s almost as if they want to create a version of “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” to a lessor degree (in real life). It’s nice that they want people to stay on their toes but honestly if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen…not like mother nature will listen.And JPMCC, my company was shut out last year because we registered too late!!! I notified our “captain” and we’ll be competing this year hopefully at the Thursday edition.

  2. or this may be comparing apples and oranges-but Y2K too (we will never let my dad live down the fact that he stocked up on 5 gallons of bottled water in case something happened on 1/1/2000.)i let some others know that if there even is interest for a company team, that im not sure i want to captain it this year…its funny, this was my first race ever, now…way too crowded for my liking. i think i’ve become a race snob or something. 🙂

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