madness, indeed

well first off, thanks very much to everyone for their comments on my last post!!  Really appreciated 🙂

So I was sure that once Kansas lost, that my bracket was done for?  In addition to 90% of the brackets in this nation?  Guess again!!  Thankfully, this was the Tournament of Upsets…and others had worse bracket scenarios…and I actually picked Cornell to go to the Sweet 16!  Whatever the series of events, it meant I actually wound up 2nd in my office pool, and winning a cool $200!!  And-even funnier-my brother wound up in first!!  And NO, we were were NOT in cohoots!!  Did not copy each other’s brackets or anything like that 🙂  But I’m glad I kept up my streak in the even years, of finishing in the top 4, hence in the money…

And that fate was decided before the final game…so Monday’s final was sorta anticlimactic in terms of the final pool standings.  (Though Butler fans would think otherwise-oh, SO close to beating Dook at the buzzer!)  Did the usual “First Monday” thang with the Flyers…thankfully there were a coupla others who were up for a shorter route, as my legs were still tired from Saturday’s race.  But the Blackberry Wheat beer at Chelsea Brewery was worth it.

What else…oh yeah, my WTF work moment of the week (well actually a carryover from last week.)  Tell me, who actually says when they email their group that “due to deadlines and priorities, I will not be taking today as a vacation day.”  Guess what-we all take days off during crunch times.  Nature of the beast.  No need to invoke a guilt trip or anything like that…

And another WTF moment on Dancing With the Stars.  How-I repeat, HOW-did Kate avoid the bottom 2 AGAIN?  Whoever is skewing the votes in her favor…you’re on my list!!  And if Evan ever gets cut to save her, there will be hell to pay!! 😛

Finally, Brightroom actually got decent pictures of me from a race for a change!!  Check it out…

in the last mile and working hard!


the "after" pic


3 thoughts on “madness, indeed

  1. So jealous! I can NEVER seem to get good pictures! 😀

    And yeah… that coworker is interesting…. lol

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