why you should always read your emails carefully

well just as i predicted in Sunday’s post, our office’s March Madness pool had the order virtually unchanged by the outcome of the final last nite, and I was tied for 4th, with the tiebreaker being what each of us picked for the final score and whoever comes closest I guess.

but wait a minute…you’re saying the guy who’s tied with me just ignored the email sent out last week asking for a final score prediction in the case of a tiebreaker?

our final email update from my colleague who’s running the pool included this:

“Check out 4th Place, it pays to read your email and follow directions!
DK – flygirl thanks you!”

(names changed to protect the innocent, of course)

so yep, i won a cool $24. i’ll try not to spend it all in one place.

went out to Blondies to watch the final game last nite with HC and a few other Flyers…tradition!! Apparently it wasn’t as crowded as it had been in the past-guess that’s what a lot of upsets during the tourney will do (in addition to a final game that wasn’t even close!) was a good time though. and i got to see part of the Yankees’ opening day blowout too 🙂

3 thoughts on “why you should always read your emails carefully

  1. Congrats on your well-earned winnings!

  2. Congrats…paying attention to the small print can pay dividends sometimes:)I actually forgot the game was on last night. Oh well…it appears I didn’t miss much.

  3. muchas gracias :)you really didn’t miss too much by missing the game…i think we left before it was even over.

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