"we hope this letter finds you in last place"

Episode 4 of Amazing Race All-Stars will forever go down in history as the best.elimination.ever.
(Moz…I know you agree!) Talk about karma being a bitch…now just please stay off the TV screen forever.

And let’s see…the Great Danes have bettered last year’s 16 seed, and the Terps have a better seed than Dook!! should be one interesting tournament…

hmmm…both of these things almost make up for the craptastic performance this morning. in case anyone is wondering, i am not doing a re-crap, it’s not exactly something I want to “re-live.” All I know is I am calling the doctor this week, as I cannot take any more of this crappy running…


5 thoughts on “"we hope this letter finds you in last place"

  1. will I see you at group run tonight?want some medical advice?

  2. no group runs for me for quite awhile…

  3. missed the episode…however….without Rob and Amber….who will be the villains?!?????!?

  4. your favorites…Mirna and Schmirna!! :-por the Guidos.or Eric and Danielle.

  5. HAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!! of course i am rooting for mirna and charla! they are friggin’ hilarious!Charla/mirna ALL THE WAY!

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