“daylight, save me” time

So the Northeast was once again pummeled with precipitation…and for a change, it was not snow!!  Nope, instead it was at least 2 straight full days of rain, wind, nor’easter, you name it.  And you know that, i feel lucky that all I took away from it was a busted umbrella.  Some of my parents’ friends in NJ didn’t fare so well, being without power, and even though my parents still have theirs, they’re being told to stock up on bottled water…

So, not a weekend to be outside I guess?  Well according to someone at work, the fact that the weather was gonna be so crappy this weekend meant it was a perfect weekend to get some work done!!  Anyone surprised that no one laughed at her “joke”?  We were all either rolling or eyes, or IMing to each other about how that wasn’t funny, that we couldn’t believe she said that (well in a sick way, we could believe it)…hell, I bet she was cursing losing an hour this weekend to Daylight Savings Time because it meant one less hour for everyone to work!!

Me, it meant one less hour to sleep!!  After a crazy week last week, I sure was feeling that lost hour today.  (I was so out of it, I didn’t even hear my landline ring and a message being left on the answering machine!)  Don’t worry, I didn’t spend the entire weekend sleeping (though it would have been nice!)  Decided to suck it up and hit the gym yesterday and actually did a coupla dreadmill miles plus a yoga class…there was no way I was gonna run outside-those winds were scary!!  Looks like a lot thought the same I did, after looking at the stats from the NYRR 8000…I can’t remember the last time that the number of finishers for a NYRR race was in the 2000’s!  (exception being Club Champs, of course.)

And today, I wanted to get a longer run in…thankfully there was a window with no thunder and downpours!  I still wanted to avoid the park since it was a little windy, so hit the West Side Highway with a little time in Riverside Park too…wound up with 9.3 thankfully pain-free miles…my longest run since last October, so maybe there has been some progress made?  I know this is not as impressive as those who have done major mileage this past weekend, but this is big for me.  Weather wasn’t half-bad either…was able to wear shorts and the rain was pretty light…was a bit windy though, fought some headwinds running north and my running cap almost blew off at one point!  (and mental note…wear the IT band strap for long runs…vanity be damned.)

Thankfully, not feeling any afteraffects just yet, we’ll see tomorrow…not running tomorrow just in case.   But hopefully with the days getting longer, and with some races on the horizon, may help me be less of a slacker…we shall see!

And non-running related (sorry!)…but am I the only one who is addicted to all of “The Cutting Edge” movies…both the originals and the spinoffs that they show on ABC Family?  Even though those spinoffs are made-for-TV types, and they all have the same exact storyline…can’t help but like them.  (yes, I was watching today when those movies were on one after the other 🙂 )Though there is nothing like the original…

"toe pick!"


2 thoughts on ““daylight, save me” time

  1. What a weekend, huh? My workout routine turned out similar to yours: Treadmill yesterday, longer run outside today. Lucky we’re not in NJ where the power went out for so many. Those who braved the storm for the rain today are my heroes for the day!

  2. Damn!Didn’t realize you worked at “Slave Drivers Are Us”??!!
    Congrats on the long run……………but god damn it wear your IT band,run smart remember,don’t make me stop off in Brooklyn on my way from The Armory Friday to give you a lecture!!!!!

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