rock chalk jayhawk

Seems that in the even years, I have decent luck in my office’s March Madness pool!!

In 2004-I was tied for 3rd, but got bumped back to 4th via the tiebreaker…which was fine, as 4th still got a payout.

In 2006-I was tied for 4th-but as I mentioned back then, I got the payout as the guy I was tied with didn’t bother to pick a score for the final game tiebreaker.

And this year, going into the final game, if Kansas won, I’d win 2nd in the pool. (If only I had picked Memphis over UCLA…but what can you do.)

The plan last nite was to do a run with the downtown crew, then hit up Chelsea Brewing Company to down a pint (or 2, or 3) and watch the game. And in the meantime, the Yankee game was on and they were winning yet again…cool πŸ™‚

And the game started and boy-it was a real close one the entire time. Stressful!! Cherry Wheat beer and Checker Cab Blonde Ale helped with that-but not enough πŸ™‚ When Memphis started really building up their lead late in the 2nd half, I thought it was over…with about 4 minutes to go, I was like “I can’t watch this anymore…too heartbreaking” and left to find a cab home.

While in the cab, I checked on my Treo and saw what I couldn’t believe…the game was going into overtime!!!! What did I miss? A 3-pointer with 2 minutes to go. Wow. Holy sh*t, I still have a chance!! As soon as I got home, I immediately turned on the TV and stayed glued to it til the end…and what I saw was that Kansas took the lead and didn’t let it go til the final buzzer!!

And that, my friends, made me richer by a yet-to-be-determined amount (the pool man hasn’t let us know yet what the payout breakdowns are…)

However, I do have to give a little something to my mom, as she suggested I pick Kansas for the final. As my brother says, “usually those who know the least wind up doing the best in these pools.” And as my mom was the only one who picked Kentucky to win in 1998 (and wound up winning a pool that my brother was running!)…maybe there is something to that!!

(disclaimer-we have no affiliation with any of the mentioned schools in this blog post!! the choices were just dumb luck!! πŸ™‚ )


4 thoughts on “rock chalk jayhawk

  1. the 3 point was pretty amazing… final 4 were: jayhawks/mem/bruins/stanford and Bruins for the win…eff!!!!!!!

  2. My claim to fame was in 2003 when the ‘Cuse defeated Kansas in the final. My dad told me to put 20 dollars on the ‘Cuse when I was in Vegas. There were no brackets yet so it was strictly odds and the ‘Cuse were 20-1 odds. You do the math;-)

  3. my bad..i meant louisville not mem!

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