10-mile dress rehearsal

nope, didn’t run 10 miles at speedwork!! but did 3 x 1.05 miles (1.05 mi=5 laps of the Great Hill track) at 10-mile pace. Which was honestly a perfect workout for me with Broad Street in 2 1/2 weeks. The McMillan calculator suggested a 10-miler at an 8:10 pace based on my last 4-mile race…so tried to aim for that, give or take and wound up with this…

1st “mile”
8:31 (8:05 pace)
2nd “mile”
8:28 (8:02 pace)
3rd “mile”
8:15 (7:50 pace)
Time Pace Time Pace Time Pace
1:43 8:09 1:43 8:09 1:40 7:54
1:40 7:54 1:42 8:05 1:39 7:50
1:43 8:09 1:41 7:59 1:40 7:54
1:43 8:09 1:41 7:59 1:40 7:54
1:42 8:04 1:41 7:59 1:37 7:40

Not bad, right? And no being the rabbit this time too. 🙂

In other news, I finally got my March Madness payout!! A cool $150. Of course, I would have gotten $350 had I only picked Memphis over UCLA to make the final…but still, $150 is nothing to sneeze at!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “10-mile dress rehearsal

  1. I’m looking forward to Broad Street. Have you run it before? It’s one of my favorite races. This will be my third year.

  2. I hadn’t run it before, but heard very good things about the race, I had never done a 10-mile race before, I wanted to do a non-NYRR race this spring so why not? 🙂 I’m definitely looking forward to it as well!!

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