hot and cold, less and more

another mishmash post!! sorry, just full of em these days πŸ™‚

  • UCLA kinda sorta broke my heart yesterday. And Kansas did give me a tiny but of a scare, but prevailed. If Kansas wins tomorrow nite, then I get 2nd place (and some $$$-actual amount TBD) in my office pool. I will be watching nervously while sipping on a pint of beer.
  • Did my longest run in awhile yesterday, 10.1 miles (full 6, 2.5 mi bridle path, and 1 reservoir loop) and felt just fine-Philly I’m ready for ya (will sneak in one more beforehand though.) Was so nice out yesterday-shorts and short sleeve weather. Which of course crowded the park drives, bridle path-and especially the reservoir. No wonder each half-handing out water to a thirsty half-marathon runnermile of the rez (which was the end of my run) got progressively faster-the last half-mile was at an 8:15 pace!-because I just wanted to get the heck away from the crowds so bad!! (I don’t intend to make a habit of doing that though.)
  • The weather was the flip side today-chilly!! Good for those running the More marathon and half-yet a wee bit nippy for those volunteering, including yours truly. But did the water station thing for a coupla hours-this year got there early enough to see both the full and the half marathon runners!! And got in my volunteer requirement for next year’s NYCM guaranteed entry, yeah!! (now I just need to get in 7 more races this year…)
  • And headed off to Yankee stadium after my volunteering stint (well, after I got some Starbucks to warm my hands up!) to watch my guys kick the crap out of the Devil Rays-I knew they would since I was there :-p Was a fun game, though a bit chilly. And oh man-the crowds were ridiculous when leaving!! Here’s hoping the new stadium will have more room to move…
  • But I stopped by the Yankee clubhouse store yesterday because I didn’t want to wear my ARod shirt. While I was there-I was so glad to see that my team will never lose its sense of humor…

No mets discount


4 thoughts on “hot and cold, less and more

  1. You shoulda done the West Side Highway with me. Totally deserted. Was awesome.

  2. I’m almost positive I saw you on the rez on Sat–like the lower part right by engineers gate–were you with someone at that point? I was on the main loop. Nice run πŸ˜‰

  3. Nice run! Good to bump into you last week.

  4. peter-if only my calves liked that surface a little more and I didn’t have to limit my west side path time!!runner26-i was solo for the whole run…probably would have been on the rez around 3ish? so that might not have been me…i was wearing my NYC half shirt, if that helps :)josh-same here!! i’m actually surprised it didn’t happen sooner πŸ™‚

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